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Resolved! EV8 reporting

hello, can anyone recommend any way of getting automated reports from ev8? is there a 3rd party tool out there or any scripts to get the info. ie. nightly archiving, etc.... thanks  

Microsoft Jan'13 patches breaks OWA plugin

Hello all, We are running Enterprise Vault 10.0.1, and Exchange 2010 SP2 (UR5-v2 applied) We applied Windows patches for this month (Jan 2013) and noticed that EV buttons for OWA were gone. We tried reinstalling OWA Extension, but that did not resol...

Resolved! EV client add-on for Outlook

I have a user whereby after installing the EV client add-on for MS outlook 2010, the EV tab does not appear in the toolbar of outlook. how do I enable the EV add-on to appear ? Under Outlook Options Add-in, I can see that EV add-on is already install...

yeow_km by Level 5
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Resolved! EV FSA - can not add any volume

Happy new year to all!   I am a little bit confused, because I have a problem, which I can not resolve nor I can see any reason for it.   I have an EV 10.0.2 FSA-only installation. Everything is installed as it shoud be (Deployment Scanner) and I hav...

Resolved! report on archive properties - permissions

Hi Does anyone know of a utility or script to report back on permissions assigned to archives - i.e. the information that shows on the permissions tab under achrive properties as in attachment?   Ideally the name of the permissioned user/group, but e...

pbix by Level 3
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Resolved! move a folder from a storage location

Hello all, We use mountpoints to give EV storage locations. I have one location which is completely full. Why is not known, we assume someone set the rollover value for the volume at 1% (or perhaps 0%). I have this location: G:\EVSTORAGESRVXXX\EVSTOR...

GertjanA by Moderator
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Resolved! How to copy archived old files from the fileserver ?

Hi, In my Fileserver that I'd like to migrate, how can I make sure that the files that has been archived by EV can be successfully copied not only the pointers but the whole file completely ? Please share the method and tools that I can use. Thanks !

Resolved! Placeholder timestamps do not match originals in vault

I'm doing some testing with fsautility and the -b function.  It is consistently restoring files with modify dates precisely 4 (or 5) hours older than the timestamps that were on the placeholders.  After some spot checking of files in the vault versus...

Resolved! Missing Enterprise vault TAB in Outlook 2010

Hi   I am missing the Enterprise vault TAB in outlook.   This is the log file: 09/01/2013 13:41:38.727[5160][H]: Log file created (level 1). 09/01/2013 13:41:38.728[5160][H]: Loaded UI Language Path: c:\program files\enterprise vault\evclient\languag...

Resolved! EV Backup - NAS based Partitions/NDMP

Hello All- We are running EV8, and have recently moved our EV partition from local storage to a NAS, with Netbackup as the backup solution.  Previously, the archive bit was being set by Netbackup and all was functioning swell - but since we've moved ...

w-roc by Level 3
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Resolved! Journalling on Mixed Mode Exchange 2003/2010

Hi I have an exchange Mixed mode setup.  I want to decomission the 2003 server that has the Journaling mailbox on it, replacing it with an Exchange 2010 server.  The 2003 server does journalling for other Exchange 2003 servers.  Can we have exchange ...

Alison_H by Not applicable
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Resolved! Strip attachments to non-shortcut items.

Hi all, So for some reason this is disbled on our system, and our users have started to notice the size of their calendars against their quota sizes despite archiving. So I am in the process of enabling this feature. My questions are: 1. I have not f...

Resolved! items in journaldelete have been reimported

I think this is just a sanity check. I have exported a mailbox to a PST, choosing the option to remove all items from the vault whilst doing so. This PST has then been reimported back to the same vault almost immediately, to creat shortcuts in the co...

Resolved! Enterprise Vault 10 and Exchange 2010 Environment

We are planning to have 1 EV site with 4 EV servers in order to Archive more than 13000 mailboxes in our Exchange 2010 environment. Our Exchange environment consists of 2 Mailbox servers and the plan of EV servers which i am thinking of putting in pl...

ZTag by Level 2
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Resolved! Unable to stop all EV services in File Server

Hi Everyone, Can anyone please explains to me as to why I cannot STOP all EV services in my Windows Server 2008 Enterprise cluster Fileserver ? I have tried in both nodes but so far I cannot stop the following services: Enterprise Vault File Blocking...

Resolved! Enterprise Vault Granular restore

  I am new to this and need help in retrieving archived mail from Symantec Enterprise Vault Version:, and to ssee if it is possible to do a granular restore from achieves as well as whole mailbox.  IF so are their any documents or help wou...

Resolved! Event ID 13360 & 8390 when deleting Storage Service

Trying to decomm an older EV 9.0.2 server from Site. It's running on a 32-bit Win2k3 Server. All of the archive data was migrated and remaining Indexes and Vault Store was deleted, although the Vault Store is still there but marked for deletion. A re...