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Resolved! Oracle ZFS and FSA Archiving

I am curious if anyone has setup FSA for an Oracle ZFS appliance for CIFS. I am attempting to set it up but am running into some access is denied issues with reading the volume information during setup.  Any insight would be helpful is anyone has set...

Content within Archive Explorer page limit.

I currently limit the maximum number of pages available within a folder in Archive Explorer view within the browser is 100 pages.  My question is what is the criteria for this propagation of information?  For example, if I open Archive Explorer and I...

KLGATES by Level 2
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Resolved! EV 10 - Hardware spec for Sharepoint 2010 servers?

   EV - EV 10 SP2  Sharepoint - Sharepoint 2010  I have gone through EV 10 documents but did not find recommended Hardware spec for Sharepoint 2010 servers. Will there be any performance impact on sharepoint servers while performing archiving?  Recom...

Resolved! Validate EVPM Setting on Folder?

Is there a way to validate if settings from EVPM, (Archive Policy, Retention Policy, Delete Shorcuts, )   Is this stored somewhere in SQL that I can query? Trying to make sure that policies against a folder were applied... Without going to each Outlo...

Resolved! Symantec FSA

Hey Guys,   We are working on including FSA onto our Enterprise vault Server. We are currently using version 10 for evault. We have built a FSA server and working on adding it to Enterprise vault and setting up a directory inside of the server for it...

Archive Task is not working

I noticed yesterday that Archiving is not working at all. When looking around on EV I noticed that when I click the browse button for the system mailbox in the archive task or the journal task it gives me an error no mailbox found. Could this be my p...

Resolved! Journaling Mailbox Migration - Exchange 2007 and 2010

I am in the process of exchange 07 to 10 migration. All users and service mailboxes has been moved. I am wondering about journaling mailbox. What is the best approch to migrate journaling mailbox to exchange 2010. I am running EV 9.0.4 Thank you.

Resolved! Domino Mail File Reporter

I have done multiple EV installs for Exchnage but not for Domino. Where should the DMFR tool be ran, on the Domino servers or a remote system? Also, if the Domino servers are clustered, should it be ran against only the active nodes? Will there be  a...

dgt0328 by Level 2
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Resolved! Move back the archived mails to exchange

Hi,   I have a requirement of moving back the archived data to the exchange mailbox and decommission the vault servers. Please let me know the best the best way to do it? I also would like to remove the shortcuts once the archived mails are extracted...

Shaice by Level 3
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Resolved! EV 10 and Exchange 2010

    We are planning to have 1 EV site with 5 EV servers, 1 SQL server for targetting 5 exchange servers (2010). I would like to know that with the concept of DAG in exchange 2010 in which the databses can failover to any mailbox servers and after the...

Resolved! Export archives to their original mailbox size difference

Hello,   I'm doiing a capacity planning for our organization and I would like to get a vault users utlization report like If I use the  Export archives to their original mailbox method and unzip the archiced mails to the original mailbox what would b...

Shaice by Level 3
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Resolved! PLZ I need video link how to configure EV 2010 ?

Hi , PLZ I need video link how to configure EV 10 ? with Exchange 201O   Configuration VSA Configuration SQL Configuration System mailbox Task Archive Exchange Outlokk Add in   OR French documentation. Thank yoy for your Help

Archiving explorer page not found

Hi all, I installed Enterprise vault 9.0.4 and added two servers Exchange 2010. All archiving works fine. The only option that not working is the link on Archiving explorer and sometimes Search Archiving on OWA. There are two hub/cas role servers I i...

donk2000cl by Level 4
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