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Resolved! Active User count for Journal Mailbox v10.0.3

Good day, Folks!Need help in getting the Active Users  in EV 10.0.3. We are not using this EV for Journal Archiving anymore as it has already been migrated to O365 and archiving is currently disabled. However, the customer wanted  to continue the ren...

Enterprise Vault mail archiving options

Hi allI would like to expouse my business case, looking for any alternative using EV that would meet my company needs. I am not a technical expert, so I will try to explain it in my words.We are currently looking for an email archive solution, but, w...

EV 12.1.0 Renew ssl cert

Hi There,Our SSL Certificate's time ends soon. So we will set up a new ssl certificate.How can we setup the new SSL cert*

Resolved! IE 11 vs EV 12.4

Upgraded EV to 12.4 from from version last week.We never used the new search interface with version 11.Unfortunately people who use Internet Explorer 11 keep getting e.g."Enterprise Vault Search"Your search request failed."Wait and try ag...

FSA on W2016

Dear Experts!We set up the following POC environment:- Veritas EV12.4- FSA agent running on same machine- OS is: 2016- We are accessing one share as a target- We are accessing one share as a sourceWe set up one rule, which is migrating the content to...

paulo7 by Level 4
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Resolved! Unable to archive one mailbox in Enterprise Vault 11.0.1

We have a mailbox that used to archive but now only says "Partially processed: pass limit reached" on the archive report.The mailbox is enabled and not hidden, and it has been moved to a new database on Exchange.It is in the correct Enterprise Vault ...

Office mail app Add-in error in OWA 2016

Hello, Maybe you guys have any idea of what could be triggering the error attached when some (not all) users are trying to retrieve archived items via OWA. Basically the Office Mail App failed to load and returns this error. I have removed and redepl...

LorenaD by Level 3
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Enterprise Vault 12.4 and OWA 2013 CU21 ...

Hello, I have an issue with EV Office Mail App in OWA 2013 CU21 ... In the tab Enterprise Vault I can see "Initilization Failed" ... when I check in the Compatibility Chart, it's a know issue with CU18 to CU 21 ... but I search a workaround, have you...

Titoine31 by Moderator
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Resolved! EV Outlook Plug-in Inquiry File Size

Hi,What is the file size of the Outlook Plug-in of EV?Is is also creating Cache data file?How Big is the data file?Does it store data file Locally?How Big the data file Locally?Thank you in advance. Regards,Ton 

MSMQ and upgrade

EV UpgradeI am trying to work through the Enterprise Vault™ Upgrade Instructions 12.4, upgrading from version am at the step "Allowing the MSMQ queues to empty" (p. 33) but one of our four EV servers is taking a long time to clear its ...

Enterprise vault journal mailbox

Hi, We have concern regarding EV journal mailbox database. We have created journal mailbox database on local drive instead of storage drive.Can we move EV mailbox journal database to DAG to achieve high availability.  Regards,Hakim. B

Resolved! CAS Server

Hello,We noticed this morning during the synchronisation run of all the  Ev servers, that one  CAS( Exchange 2010) server was up to 100 % for few minutes.We looked and realized that all the tasks are running via the same CAS server.Is there a way to ...

log out option from enterprise vault search

enterprise web search becomes very powerful and stable with the enterprise vault 12x.i am looking for the logout option which missing from the vault search.  if you have any workaround solution, please share!   

Nishant_p by Level 4
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Resolved! "Manual" SMTP Journaling

Is there any way to move messages that need to be journaled into the SMTP Holding queue so that they can then  be journaled? My efforts so far have not worked....

Tank1 by Level 3
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SMTP archives permission

Hi!Is there a way to give specific permissions on all SMTP archives at once to a particular user?I know there's EVPM for Exchange and Domino archives, and I need the same for SMTP.Doing archives one by one takes ages.Thanks a lot!

Having issues connecting to Directory

Hello,In my dev environment I am all of a sudden not able to access VAC and get the following errors on all of the EV servers in the test domain. Any ideas would be very much appreciated!Thanks! I am running 11.0.1 on W2k8 R2 x64Perms are correct on ...

trpe71 by Level 4
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