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Resolved! !!Do not install Windows OS 10 July updates on Exchange servers!!

Hello all, FYI - do not install the Windows OS Updates of July 10th 2018 on Exchange servers. Updated packages will become available la...

GertjanA by Level 6
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Resolved! Server migration wizard partition error

Using the server migration wizard to migrate from Server 2008 11.0.1 to Server 2016 12.3.Got to the part where it verifies partitions, and one of my 5 partitions is giving an error. The partition is not the current open partition. The error message i...

Laura by Level 3
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EV Outlook Add-in in non-persistent VDIs

Hi, I would like to deploy outlook to my non-persistent desktops. I wish to set the OVRootDirectory to another location other than c:\users\%username%\AppData\local\KVS only for when a user logins to the specific VDIs in question. I have not been abl...

Backup mode for SQL database backup

Maybe this is a simple question but do we need to enable backup mode on EV when backup is running on the SQL servers?I understand this may not be needed as SQL databases also have transaction logs which doesnt need us to put EV in backup mode, but st...

Experiences with archiving googlemail & Groupwise

Hi there,we have a customer that uses a "grown" architecture, he has atleast 3 different Mailserver vendors.Does anyone have experience with archiving googlemail and Groupwise.How did you do it? Anything important to share?

CConsult by Level 6
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Enterprise vault license query.

Hi,I am new to this blog and enterprise vault. can anybody help me, how do I get enterprise vault trial license? I have registered and download the software and installed but I did not get trial license key. ThanksPrasad

Resolved! Where is Data Stored in Enterprise Vault ?

Hi guys im not technical person and just help my friend just simple questionwe have sql server also EV server, and then we want to archive email (Exchange), when we archive that email let say inbox or sent item or everything in mailbox user, Where is...

Upgrade V11 CHF5 to 12.3 SQL Collation Warning

Hello,we want to Update an customer to V12. The Deployment Scanner gives follwoing error.EV11 is running great at the Moment:At least one test for the SQL server collation has failed. SQL databases (shown below) contain entities with mixed collations...

Thomas_L_ by Level 4
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Remove Public Folders with Enterprise Vault?

Hi,we want to abolish our Exchange Public Folders. We use Exchange 2010 and want to migrate to Exchange 2016.Today we don´t archive any public folders with EV.What is the best practice to migrate our public folders to EV to use the mails and objects ...

Upgrade EV server OS to Server 2016

Hi,We have 4 EV archiving server (1 Email and 2 File archiving) and EV DB servers, all of them are running Windows server 2012 R2. Now we are going to upgrade the OS to Windows server 2016. my question is that can I upgrade the OS one by one (maybe u...

Y1251 by Level 4
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Resolved! 12.3 Office Mail App - Login Prompt

Hi there,I can't belive Veritas would have developed this solution to end up working like this so im expecting this is a config issue in my environment. We have enabled a handful of users for the Office mail App, we have a Reverse Proxy in the DMZ.Wh...

Resolved! Deleting mails older than 7 years

Hi,Guys,My company is planning to implement a 7 yrs. retention policy for all the users.Can someone please help me with a script that will show how much amount of data will be deleted after the policy is applied?Thank you in advance.

Resolved! EV12.3 - SQL AlwaysOn - question on configuration

Hello all, Initially I as glad to read I could use AlwaysOn in combination with EV, even if it ment a bit additional work for the DBA's. During pre-configuration however, we ran into issues with the Deployment Scanner not being able to consistently c...

GertjanA by Level 6
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Cloud Storage for Enterprise Vault

Hi All, We have recently published a white paper titled Cloud Storage for Enterprise Vault to delight our customers/partners. The aim of this detailed document is to guide our customers and partners who wish to configure Enterprise Vault with Cloud b...

Pradeep-Papnai by Level 6
Employee Accredited Certified
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