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Issue migrating EV databases to new SQL server

I am moving the EV databases between SQL servers and have hit an issue at the store reconfiguration stage. When entering the new SQL instance name I get the error:Could not get service statusEnterprise Vault Storage ServiceThis service is not running...

pj483 by Level 3
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Pass-Through Recall Folder

Hi,I had to restore the files through the command fsautility -b -s \\ folder-recurse. Successfully ended, however on the server you created a Pass-Through Recall folder with multiple .tmp files. Can these files be deleted?

jkoga by Level 0
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Scheduled archiving task doesn't archive

I see that some mailboxes go not archive in accordance with item age based policy. If I run manul archive on mailbox then it archives older items as expected. Reports show that scheduled task completes and mailbox should of been archived, but it is n...

yxm by Level 4
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EV 12.1.1 - Rebuild index question/procedure

Hi !sorry for my english, i'm french speaking and Google translate is not always good !!!We are using EV 12.1.1 and last week we got some problem with the search in DA.  So I tried to verify/synchronize some index volume.  Some finished OK, some fini...

Resolved! archive settings for deleted items

HI,I've got an archive policy that updates moved items.  It does not seem to be working for deleted items though.  When I click View Archive within EV, I see some emails in the inbox that have already been deleted.  Is there a setting I need to check...

Unable to ZAP the Archive || EVPM

Hi Guys,I am trying to Zap one of the Archive folowing the article - I keep getting the below error:Line number in error: 3Section in error: DirectoryAttribute in error: SitenameValue in ...

PRADiiP by Level 4
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Can I upgrade from EV 11.0.1 directly to 12.3.1?

I am preparing to upgrade our Enterprise Vault environment, and I was looking for version 12.3 to download. I am not seeing the download for 12.3, but see the download for 12.3.1. In the notes for 12.3.1, it says Do not upgrade to Enterprise Vault 12...

Partition Backups

We have EV 12.0 and NetBackup 8.1.We had our vault store partitions for mailbox and journal archives on a Centara, but now we are migrating to a Isilon.I have to backup the vault stores now and I'm having slow throughput <500kb\secI reading that I sh...

Resolved! Cannot expand Vault folder with "EVMSP.DLL" error

My PC installed WIN 10 Pro, Office 2013 Std 32bits, EV 10.0.4 add-in. When I open the vault folder on outlook, an error prompted as below.I have tried to run "ResetEVClient.exe" under C:\Program Files (x86)\Enterprise Vault\EVClient after I closed th...

Load EVMSP.DLL error screen.png

Cancelled EV continues emailing weekly reports

We stopped using the Veritas EV email archive in March 2017 but some staff continue to receive weekly emails "USW1-CA Customer Weekly Summary".  How do I get this cancelled as I no longer have a support agreement?ThanksDebbie

Debbie1 by Level 0
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Resolved! EV with Hitachi HCP retention problem

Hi @all,we have now a brand new Hitachi HCP.We want to migrate from our old centera to the new HCP.We have a problem with the HCP.One of our use cases in EV:We use Enterprise Vault to archive our user mailboxes. The users have always the possibility ...

Resolved! updating individual archive with new policy

HI,I have created a new exchange policy to update moved items.  Previously, there is a policy set to all mailboxes in the organization which doesn't have the 'update moved items' enabled.  When I created the new updating policy, I only added the one ...

Resolved! EV12.3 Holding folder - structure off?

Hello all, We're testing EV12.3 SMTP Journal Archiving. I'm seeing a weird issue, which some of you might have encountered also. I send a message today 13/09/2018, at 7:47 The meesage arrives on an EV server, and is stored in folder 13\5\47. The rece...

GertjanA by Moderator
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Resolved! EV 11.0.1 migration to 12.3

I'm looking for any guidance on migrating EV 11.0.1 thats targeted to Exchange 2010 to EV 12.3 and Exchange 2016.Migration StrategyBuild EV 12.3 Environment.2. Prepare EV 12.3 for SMTP Journaling.3. Cutover Journaling task from Exchange 2010 and EV 1...

Change retention category on archived items

I have multiple offices who are now requesting for different retention policies due to new compliance rules When I first setup EV, the default retention category was applied to all users and configured to keep items forever. Due to the compliance cha...

Resolved! Changing retention category from Forever to 3 years

Good Morning,Over the weekend we changed our retention period for Exchange archiving from Forever to 3 years. We noticed so far it has deleted over 8 million items but the disk space has not gone down? Does anyone know when will the disk space go dow...