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Resolved! FSA Strategy

We're still on Enterprise Vault 8 SP3, getting ready to upgrade to EV9.  We adopted EV with the primary objective of supporting e-Discovery requirements and a secondary priority of helping manage retention management.  The ability to offload older do...

KeithL by Level 3
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Resolved! EV9.0.4 with Lotus Domino 8.5.3

With the pending release of EV 9.0.4 can someone tell me if Lotus Domino 8.5.3 will be supported in this release? I have looked at the Compatibility Guides released June 20th and dont see any reference to this version of Domino. Will be dissapointing...

pclarke by Level 3
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Resolved! EV archiving report

Dear All,   below script failed to run again, it is showing debuging and running a very long time without and result. Output showing Auto-attach to process '[1868] [SQL] Server' on machine 'server' succeeded.     SELECT A.ArchiveName,        COUNT(S...

Resolved! Creating Archives -- Accounts no longer exist

I am moving tens of thousands of archives from assorted legacy EV implementations into a new, central one. Things are going well but there is one problem that I would apprecite some help with. Thousands of the legacy vaults are associated with accoun...

W_a_t by Level 2
Partner Accredited
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Resolved! Backup Mode

Is there a powershell command that gives you the status of the Backup mode state, whether the vault is in Backup mode or not?

Resolved! Exported Items count difference

I’m trying to export one of our users archived mails to PST, I have notice that the exported items is different from what’s there in the mailbox and archived explorer. Note: We have 2 vault stores (one open and second is closed) they are in different...

zalhaj1 by Level 3
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Resolved! Exchange Provisioning task not running by schedule

Hi, We have Enterprise Vault 9 sp1 I see that provisiong task not running by schedule I dont see any error (Event Log and EvExchangePolicySyncTask trace) I`m also deleting the provisioning task and recreating it and nothing change, It`s also runining...

Resolved! Domino Http task enabled

Hello,   I would like to know if it is required to enable HTTP task on all target for archiving Domino Mail Servers.   regards,   George  

GeorgeM by Level 4
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FSA Archiving error 40981 (folder attributes)

Hi all, I'm using EV 9.0.3 for archiving Exchange and FSA. I'm archiving data from 2 file servers. They are 2 filers NetApp Appliances running Data ONTAP Release 7.2.7. One of them is a FAS270 and the other one is FAS250. I have no problems archiving...

Resolved! EV10 SCOM Pack - availability without install of EV10 ?

I will shortly be upgrading to EV10, following which I will have access to the SCOM pack within the EV home directory.  However, in the meantime a colleage has requested the SCOM pack to include in part of a SCOM install/upgrade currently under way. ...

SYMAJ by Level 6
Partner Accredited
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Resolved! Event ID 6592 Catastrophic Failure

Hello All, We're currently using EV 2007 SP6 and recently we are getting a number of these errors: Event Type: Error Event Source: Enterprise Vault Event Category: Storage Archive Event ID: 6592 Date:  04/07/2012 Time:  07:58:45 User:  N/A Com...

EV9 FSA Agent - Install Failure - ISSCRIPT

I have upgraded an EV7.5 installation to EV8SP5, both FSA and Exchange.  There are 5 file servers involved in the FSA configuration, and I upgraded the FSA agent on one server only.  This was due to a reboot being required following upgrade - and as ...

SYMAJ by Level 6
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