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Powershell: Monitoring Exchange Journal Mailboxes

Hello EV Admins Attached is a custom powershell script written by myself to monitor health of journal mailboxes in our environment like Number of items, size of database, oldest/newest items etc. The script generages HTML report using various paramet...

AKL by Level 6
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Resolved! Set password for migrated PSTs

Hi, What should be the procedures to set password to PST migrated to Enterprise Vault 10?? I use client MS outlook 2010. Regards, Johny A.

johnyev by Level 3
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Resolved! Reporting & Co-existence with LiveLink

Hi , I am looking to get help with two questions I have. 1) Is there a way to extract a reprot from Enterprise Vault system on "User retreival performance". Our management would like to know the retreival rates ( 0-1 sec ) when opening archived email...

korivic by Level 3
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Resolved! journal archiving report by users?

Hi, I have an environment where I archive data after a period of time from user's mailboxes. I can get from the provided usage.asp page detailed info on how many items each archive contains, size etc. Now, I want to add Journaling to catch up every m...

Resolved! Error 13397 After change SQLServer Audit Database

Hello to all,  I just had this error after changing the databases from SQLServer regarding the technote     The connection 'P...

AG81 by Level 5
Partner Accredited
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Resolved! mistake in Tech Note title - TECH163851   at the moment the title is : 2 Error Events ID 2776 and 2245 are recorded when a user try to archive an item   where it should be: 2 Error Events ID 2776 and 2243 are recorde...

Resolved! Information about licensing of EV

Hi all, I'm looking for some information officially about licensing of EV for Exchange and related things such as licensing guide and price list, the link below is enough for me..

DucTH by Level 2
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Resolved! Some queries regarding EV

Dear Experts, We are running 9.0.3 and soon upgrade to 9.0.4. The archiving is happening for both Exchange and file server. Please help me in getting following answers. 1. Can we have EV mail box retention at mail box level in EV   2.If we expire the...

Calling all SharePoint Administrators!

Are You a SharePoint Administrator?   If your answer is yes, let’s chat. I’m collecting research so I can better understand what you do on a daily basis for SharePoint administration. For a 30 minute interview, I’ll enter you in a drawing for a chanc...

RMossi by Not applicable
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Resolved! Move individual Index directories

I've been reading TECH35596 that discuss "How to move Enterprise Vault (EV) indexes that are managed by the same EV server".  I'm wondering can I move 2 or 3 index directories to a new location to free up space on the current partition which currentl...

Resolved! sharepoint archive restore queries

HI all, require some explanations on restoration of the SharePoint archive. setup:- EV Server – Windows 2008 x64 R2 standard Edition EV Sql Server -  Windows 2008 x64 R2 standard Edition , Sql 2008 x64 EV Product version – 10.0.1 Production SharePoin...

chetan_k32 by Level 4
Partner Accredited
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Resolved! EV Storage

Hi Guys, We have been running EV on a SAN we have had for a while, the Vault stores are on SATA 7200 disks. We are looking at getting some new storage soon and we are thinking of getting a new tray and moving the archives onto some 15k FC stuff. From...

Resolved! Archives and Merge Data

  Hello to all,   I have the next question. The scneario is that there was archived some Volumes. For each volume: - the volume had a policy and a archive - There was archive folders in this volumen with different archive associated to it. The folder...

AG81 by Level 5
Partner Accredited
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Resolved! Symantec Vault Keeps asking for login credentials

Hi, Symantec Server 9.0 is hosted in Munich Symantec client 9.0.3 addin is installed on our machines in India and UK. We often get issues where the Vault keeps asking users to enter a user name and password and only after changing the login password ...

Rax2473 by Level 3
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Resolved! Enterprise vault wont archivie

Ive just set up an Enterprise vault server , and my problem is that it only archivie from the client side , i cant archive from the server side, if i turn on archive task on a mailbox from the administration console nothing happens. Any suggestions? 

hystad by Level 4
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Resolved! Large Drive to consolidate multiple EV Vault Store

Hi, I got EV 8 SP4 which I'd like to consolidate into two large drives one for Vault Store data and one for the logs. Because at the moment I'm trying to avoid using mount point and adding drives. What are my options ? Or is it best to do the upgra...

Resolved! Decommission EV - how to?

Hello, I need to decommision a legacy EV 7.5 envronment whihc includes Exc 2003 and SQL 2005.  None of these servers are needed or used in production.  I have had my EV services shutdown for 3 weeks.  I'm thinking I could just power EV down or uninst...

j-mo by Level 4
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