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Question Regarding Vault Store Partition Permissions

We are creating Vault Store Partitions. (On a Netapp Filer)    After creating the partition, I browse to the physical path and check permissions. "Everyone" has full rights.   It's my understanding that only the VSA should have Full Permisions to the...

Resolved! Questions to EV 10.0.1 Upgrade

Hi there, I am planning to prepare the upgrade from EV 9.0.1 for Exchange to 10.0.1. and have a few question. The first question is about the index locations: The ugrade guide describes, that in EV 10.0 the indexing has changed to 64Bit and that it i...

Resolved! Enterprise Vault Apply Policy

This probably has been asked before. We have a default EV policy that is applied to all users. We have created a seperate policy that we want to apply just to one or two users. How can this be done?  Also, does their email that was previously archive...

Resolved! Can it break something to just like that delete domain and tasks?

Hi, About this article Can it break something to just like that delete domain and tasks? Or can that be done without any possibility of nasty problems from doing it? Something I...

Sani_B by Level 6
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Enterprise Vault 9.0.4: Important Please Read

We discovered an issue with EV 9.0.4 (GA on 6/20/12, last week) - any customers who have already installed or upgraded to it will need to take action. We released a Late Breaking News (LBN) alert and have published a related technote. The existing 9....

Resolved! Adding second EV server to existing EV site

Hello!  We're looking to possibly add a second EV Server within our existing EV Site. We have a single EV 10.0.1 Server running against an Exchange 2010 DAG with two mailbox servers, with all live mailboxes on the primary mailbox server in the DAG.  ...

Resolved! Free Up Index Space - Journaling Archive & Retention.

Hello All This forum is second part of below showm forum. Kindly open same for quick background: We're running Evault and as discussed on above fo...

AKL by Level 6
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Missing EV add-in

Hi Experts, Yesterday, we want to test out push the agent through manage engine, we tested 3 user and 1 of the user have this issue, some of EV add-in button is missing.     what i have done is, i already use the resetEVclient.exe , i already uninst...

hisyamIZ by Level 3
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Resolved! Late Breaking News for Enterprise Vault 9.0.4

Late Breaking News for Enterprise Vault 9.0.4 Updated: 2012-06-28 | Article URL A serious problem has been found with the current 9.0.4 release and it has been temporarily withdrawn from circulation while we in...

AndrewB by Moderator
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Resolved! Delete Orphan Shortcut

Hello All I have shortcut deletion configured along with delete orphaned shortcut. Archived Emails are being deleted when their retention period is over but orphaned shortcuts in Outlook are not. Will you please assist me on how i can proceed to trou...

jacen10 by Level 5
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Resolved! EV 10 and Domain Migration

What would be the process to migrate EV from a single label domain (abc) to an FQDN (abc.local)? Enterprise Vault for Source and Destination are the same Build and Server Version: for Source Is Update Rollup 4 for Exchange Server ...

LTNelson by Level 3
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Resolved! PST import into EV 7.5

Hello, We have subscribed for Cloud base EV and one challenge we have for maintaining Existing PST data Question is if I implement Enterprise Vault without Exchange Server, can I import all PST data into EV 7.5 SP6 and is it accessible to EV console ...