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EV9.2 - importing PST's in Journal mailbox - usage.asp difference

Hello all, I am tasked to import lots of PST's into a Journal Mailbox. These PST's originate from another archiving system (EMC MailXtender), and need to be imported for legal reasons. The PST's are checked, and the number of items in them is noted. ...

GertjanA by Moderator
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Resolved! FSA Archiving Volume with NTFS Mount Point in a Folder

I have a file server volume that is archiving fine. Recently I had to add some extra data and as the volume was reaching its 2TB limit (32 bit server) I created a folder and mounted a new voluem using NTFS mount and allowed data to be placed on this ...

ronw by Level 4
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Resolved! Which mailbox account to be used on Enteprise Vault Server Outlook profile, either System Mailbox Or EV Service Account

Hi,   We are configuring new EV 10 server and in the process of pre-requistes. There are two mailboxes to be created system mailbox and vault service account both with mailbox. which account to be used on EV server outlook profile. ?  

backupforsure by Level 5
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Manual archeving not working for some of the users

Hello, We have an issue with the manual vaulting. It is not working for some of the users. When try to archive the mails manually clock will run for some time and it will go back to the old stage I did reset the client. Reinstall the software verifie...

Shaice by Level 3
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Resolved! EV client-driven PST migration and VDI users

Hello Are you aware of any issues while using client-driven PST migration with VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure)? The PSTs are located on the VDI machine. There are no errros on the client trace, however the files don't appear on the VAC and the m...

giuliod by Level 5
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Resolved! Enterprise Vault Backup Options

We backup our EV by using Backup Exec on a seperate server which then de-duplicates it to a local drive. The backups can take days. I am aware that collections can sometimes help since there are hundreds of little files to deal with. But I've heard t...

Resolved! Importing EFS encrypted PST files

We are running EV 9.0 sp3 and Exchange 2003.  Our users "my docs" folder that contains the PST files are encrypted with MS EFS.  Is there a way I can import these without creating a network share or doing client-driven migrations? Any suggestions wou...

katyk724 by Level 3
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Resolved! Being prompted for Credentials

I am using EV 10.0.1 and IE 8 & 9, I am being prompted with User Credentials when I click on a shortcut, or any EV button in Outlook.   1) I did select to Add to local Intranet in the EV Desktop policy. 2) I verified that the server that is prompting...

Resolved! Enterprise Vault Outlook Icons

Hello, I am looking for a detailed description for the icons EV drops into Outlook during the archive and or restore process. For example, I know this is archived: This is pending archive: But I've not come across this one previously: Is there a l...

Question about event id 3411

Does this really mean that my EV server lost contact with the GC?   An error has been reported by ConfigureMsgService. It may be due to a problem contacting a Global Catalogue Server. Exchange Server: MyExchangeServer Mailbox: SMTP:EVSysAccount@mydom...

Leo_ by Level 5
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EV file archiving change File server

I use  FSA archiving server A Partition Z . the file archiving is well.  now I change the Partition Z Mapping to the new server B, use the same EV server to archiving the Partition Z. the TASK run report is warning ,and on file archiving Summary by v...

zhangli by Level 3
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Resolved! question about joining domain

Hello all, We have Exchange 2010 SP2 UR2 (one CAS and one mailbox server) We are looking at implementing Enterprise Vault 10.0.1 (in test first and then in prod). In test environment, we are planning to install EV and SQL on one server (since it is ...

Enterprise Vault EVPM Script Question

I have the following EVPM Script, which runs, but there is not "action" taken on the Inbox, Sent Items, or even the Managed Folder: [Directory] directorycomputername = Server sitename = Site [Filter] name = 90DayFilter CreateShortcut = true Dele...

ganthony by Not applicable
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Resolved! Enterprise Vault - Moving Accounts between Domains / EXCH Servers

I have a configuration whereby I have two Windows domains (A & B), each with an exchange 2010 environment (X & Y).  I have users in Domain A using exchange on server X, and over time I will be migrating them to Domain B using exchange on server Y.  I...

SYMAJ by Level 6
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Trying to connect to Discovery Accelerator API

Hello Everyone, I'm trying to connect to the Discovery Accelerator API but keep getting the following error when I call the GetConfigurationData() method. Here is the code i'm using to connect. DiscoverySoapClient c = new DiscoverySoapClient(); c.C...