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Resolved! Issue with DA upgrade after upgrade to EV 10 sp1

Hi All   I did an upgrade from EV 9.0 to EV 10 sp1 this weekend and it went through fine The upgrade to DA 10 sp1 failed, the error is identical to the article below.

Resolved! Index administration task disappeared

Using EV 10 with 32/64 indexes. Starting for the first time an index maintenance task, the index administration task is created. Even when you delete the task, it will be recreated again. In this case the task is gone (unknown reason) and it is not c...

pkramerf by Level 3
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Resolved! EV Exchange 2010 archiving

  Hi all,   Are you aware of any issues while archiving from Exchange 2010 SP2 mbx role with Exchange 2010 RTM CAS array? I'm only interested in archiving and Outlook functionality, excepting OWA.   Thanks, Virgil  

VirgilDobos by Moderator
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Resolved! How do I restore to a PST?

Hi all :) I have a user that needs to restore from his EV archive directly to a .pst from within Outlook 2010. How is this done? Thanks Tracy

TRP by Level 5
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Resolved! Restore emails from Evault Backup

Is there a procedure where i can test restore my evault backup? i just want to make sure my evault backup is sufficient. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

jacen10 by Level 5
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Resolved! Archive Explorer

we have enterprise vault configure for Email and File Archiving but we are facing one issue with Archive explore. Please not Email and File Archive both are configured separetely on different machines. When we open Archive exoplore with in Outlook i...

Saqib_Alam by Level 5
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Resolved! How apply different mailbox policy by the outlook folders

Hello Guys, I know that only way for assign mailbox policy for archive is using provision group. But, my customer needed to assign different mailbox policies in the same archive. He needed to apply based on the following rule: Inbox, Sent Items and D...

Resolved! EV 9 x32 bit to EV 10 x64 MSCS

 We're in the process up planning on upgrading oiut EV 9.0.3 X32 bit on Widnows 2003 to EV 10. One of the things we want to introduce is High Availability. That being said, we were thinking of migration EV 9.0.3 X32 bit on Windows 2003 to EV 10 runni...

Resolved! OVStoreSize

Hello, We are using VMware View Desktops. For this desktops I would like to limit OVStoreSize to 2 GB. I don't want to use a percentage of the disk size for View Desktops. But for physical desktops a percentage vault cache size is fine. I have seen t...

Edyxx by Level 5
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Resolved! EV 9 to EV 10 upgrade question

I am running EV 9.0.2 32bit on a physical server. Can I P2V EV to a 64bit virtual server and then upgrade to 64bit EV 9 (if neccesary) and then upgrade to EV 10 on the virtual server? Asked another way: can 32bit EV 9 run on 64bit hardware? If so, do...

Leo_ by Level 5
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ev.owa bad request

thanks for the time.  just wanted to pass this by the experts.   we are implementing exchange 2010 and are currently running 2007.  owa extensions are version 2003 on the 2007 cas servers. no owa extensions placed on the 2010 cas boxes.  in order to ...

goof717 by Level 5
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Resolved! Archive suspended for one mailbox

Configuration: Enterprise Vault Provisioning Group :  5 mailbox   Desktop Policy , Mailbox Policy  --> OK Only one mailbox (client with Outlook 2010)  of Provisioning Group does not archive automatically , only manually . Archiving Task r...

paguti20 by Level 4
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Resolved! EV Outlook Add-in Upgrade Question

Hello all, In the EV Compatibility Charts document, I see this verbiage about the Outlook add-in upgrades --   Note: You cannot upgrade from certain versions of Enterprise Vault 9.0.n Outlook Add-Ins to Enterprise Vault 10.0 Outlook Add-Ins. For mor...

Resolved! Deletions & Expiry & Discovery Accelarator

Hello Admins I had few quick questions around Expiry & deletions and how legal holds play with them (well they don't let you delete stuff - but just some insight to it) Brief background - We're running Enterprise vault with same version of...

AKL by Level 6
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Resolved! Building Blocks EV 10 SP 1

Hello Folks,   I had a quick question that I hope that someone could answer.  When USL is run, is it supposed to create the Archiving tasks on the node that is not failed?

AWMorris by Level 4
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Moving SharePoint archiving role to a new server

Hi everyone! Just wondering what the easiest way to move SharePoint archiving role from one server to a new server. Currently, I have 2 servers: Mail archving server (EV 10.0.1)Journaling and SharePoint archiving server (EV 10.0.1) I would like to mo...

Ksimir by Level 4
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Resolved! File Archiving migration

Hi everyone! I explain my case: 2 different EV sites: both contain File Archiving EV servers. Lets say EV site A have an empty file archiving server and EV site B have an archiving server with 10GB of data archived. I need to decommission EV site B s...

Ksimir by Level 4
Partner Accredited
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