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Resolved! EV 9.3 and mailbox size

Greetings: Can EV 9.3 archive larger mailboxes, i have a mailbox whose size is 10GB, whenever I run the Sync process it shows me mailbox size as 4194303 , the mailbox quotas are shown as on the mailbox, but not the mailbox size. Wodering if EV can ar...

Resolved! PST import and export error

Hi, I’m trying to import PST to a vault, failed with critical error. Below is the error message. Log Name:      Symantec Enterprise Vault Source:        Enterprise Vault Date:          3/28/2012 3:44:52 PM Event ID:      6742 Task Category: Migrator ...

Wilson_H by Level 4
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Resolved! Re-Archiving Error

Hello guys,   i need help ASAP with EV10 and Exchange 2003. the enterprise vault configuration is as follow mailbox policy - archive zero days with no delete the original item and no creation of shurtcut the purpose of the ev is just for indexing and...

Resolved! EV Client - Outllook disconnected

Hi, We have an issue with the EV Outlook client, where we cannot open the archived items in Outlook after coming online from a disconnected state. The workaround is to restart the Outlook.  Do you know whether this is because of the client plugin whi...

giuliod by Level 5
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Resolved! EV Audit information retention

Hi there, Are you aware of any (automatic) way of reducing the EV Audit DB by age. For exemple, if I only want to keep the audit logs for 6 months, is there any way to set this up from the EV side? Thanks.

giuliod by Level 5
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Resolved! can't access sql reports remotely

it's not technically an EV issue but since it's preventing me from installing DA reports i thought maybe someone else on the board has run into this. basically, SQL and SSRS are installed on the same server. it's a single server with a single SQL ins...

AndrewB by Moderator
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Resolved! EV 9.02 Event id 3419

saw this thread with no resolution. anybody come up with a fix.   i have this same issue and can get around it by bypassing the F5 load balancer and pointing my EV...

Resolved! Fighting Journal Delete and transaction history

Good morning my connected comrades.   I have a series of problems that I have been fighting (non personal ... all professional) and was wondering if there was any advice that someone could offer. Content was added to EV via API and due to a defect in...

Resolved! DOMAIN\username and password prompt with EV Search on OWA 2010

Hi I had an opened thread on this a week or so ago and thought I had it cracked, but it's no longer working I followed the details in (kindly recommended by Tony) Is there any log files (perhaps in IIS) that I ...

KeirL by Level 6
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OWA 2010 with EV10 Link translation

Hi I think this topic has been covered previously, but I did get a bit lost in the technical detail :o) My questions is bascially is it possible to configure the embedded link that appears in the shortcut preview pane (using the banner for customised...

KeirL by Level 6
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Resolved! Unable to add RSS Feed For Forums

Hello This is just a quick wondering but if anyone else is facing issue with forum feed page? The IE gives below error:   An invalid character was found in text content. Line: 247 Ch...

AKL by Level 6
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Resolved! OWA access and outlook anywhere access

hi team, i have publish my external ev link to ISP, like how can i link it to my owa and outlook anywhere? my environment is as below:- exchange 2007 ev 9.0.3 outlook 2007

Resolved! Help with an upgrade path to 10.0.

We are currently using Enterprise Vault Version:, and I would like to bring it up to date.   We Would actually like to bring this server up to date, and then migrate all the data(~4TB) to a new server.   The reason for this is the luns wer...

dfiore by Level 3
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Resolved! EV 9.0 Reports Discrepency

Hi, - When i ran Vault Storage usage summary report in Enterprise Vault SQL server reporting services it was showing size as approx 6.5 TB. But when i check the size of the two drives we host Store partitions the total drive size for both drives is o...

Resolved! getting error 6578

hi there, i have ev 9.0.1 running on a server 2008 r2 and an exchange 2010 since a week i get error 6578 every time mailbox archiving task is running. i can also force this error by running shortcut processing on the specific mailbox. warning 2270 is...