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Resolved! Archiving accross forest question

Hello, We are about to migrate our exchange org into a 2010 resource forest. As part of the process we are thinking about doing 1 of these 2 things. Leave the EV server where it is, if so i presume we will need to disable all of the mailboxes within ...

Resolved! EV 9.0.1: Insert archived item into an email

Hi, I have EV 9.0.1 installed. Some users are used to compose emails referring to previously sent emails which they then insert as items into the mail they are composing: - New Mail Message - Insert - Item If the item (email) being inserted has been ...

Resolved! Enterprise Vault 6.5

Hi, One of our customers run file system archiving in enterprise Vault 6.5. Does anyone know of a utility to recall files in bulk from stored archives in this version of Enterprise Vault? Regards Trond Katnosa   

TROKAT by Not applicable
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Resolved! Exchange 2010 Journaling PendingArchive Part

Hi All We have enabled journaling for a customer and we are seeing a large number of PendingArchive Part messages in the outlook profile. EV server is 9.0.3 and it is on a windows server 2008 R2 SP1, 8 CPU (2.4GHZ) 24 GB ram, 64 BIt, VMware server.  ...

Resolved! question?

In Exchange DAG environment; I have 3 exch. and 3 system mailbox. In daily failover and move operation ,all of the system mailboxes goes to 1st node second and third node have just user mbxs -In this senario ,2. and 3 . server archiving still using w...

K_G by Level 6
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Resolved! Question on Trigger File

Hi All   I have a customer on EV 9.0 sp3.   Every night they stop the EV Services and run SQL Maintenance and Backup EV. They don't put the Services into Backup mode for this window period but actually stop  the EV services.   They also use Tivoli fo...

Resolved! Restore File System in EV

Dears, what is the procedure to restore archived files system in EV, I have archived around 10 GB from File system and Am going to restore all at the same time, what are the need steps to do that and then stop all File System archiving Tasks.   Thank...

Resolved! finding out the age of stub files in mailboxes

Hi All   We're considering turning on Shortcut cleanups to remove stub files in Exchange mailboxes to reduce the number of items stored in same, while discussing how to balance this with the disruption/confusion it might casue having to refer users t...

Resolved! EV 7.5 Change of domain and SP5 Installation problem

Hi, we have an old EV 7.5 server that we wish to join to a new domain to provide access to some old mailbox archvies. I have joined the server to the new domain and am using a new service account on the new domain. I have changed all the service acco...

Resolved! Where to discuss operation of the Forum Mechanism itself

Being fairly new to Sym Connect I have some questions regarding the way the forum applications works. The help button goes back to this forum home page and there is no help there. Where would be an apporpriate place to get the help I need   Thanks Tr...

Trafford by Level 4
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Resolved! Throttling Policy

Hello, We are right now using EV9.0.1 and I read that if I plan to update I'll have to re-apply the throttling Policy (ps1 data) from the new SP as they change it. My question is what did they change ? as right now it is rather open as there is no li...

Resolved! Can anyone help me?

Hi all,  I have question for you. On vault store search screen there is a vault tab. It comes empty. I knoe there are some technotes for this issue but I cannot find them. Can any one help me?

Tumay by Level 4
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Resolved! EVPM to use with folder icon option?

Hi I would like to use an EVPM script to disable the archive of contacts user. the problem is that the users are spread all over the world, so one user contact folder is called "contacts" ans the other ones folder name is "Kontakti" according to the...

Resolved! FDI Error = Cabinet not found

Hello... we have 2 evault servers with  v8 sp5   with Building blocks implemented. we have configured  the migration of partitions to move CAB files older than 5 yeas to a 2nd storage ... we a user tries to access one of archived item which is older ...

Resolved! Restore and archive unable to work from web login

unable to archive emails from web using internet explorer however same account i configured in outlook then i can archive emails manually but from web its not working pleasee tell me how can i resolve this issue. from web i can read archive emails an...

mumair109917 by Level 6
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Resolved! Display policies assigned to mailboxes

Display policies assigned to mailboxes is not listing "provisioning Group" "Desktop Policy" everything is none  why? i have ran provisioning task but no effects and when try to syncronize that mail box i didnt found in the list kindly help snap shot ...

mumair109917 by Level 6
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