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Resolved! EV mailbox messages

Hi At a customer site there is an issue where the mailbox messages are reported as not being able to be sent - the old 2297 and 2298 however when we go to the EV system mailbox account, within the INBOX are the messages ! however they are already 're...

adebola24 by Level 5
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Resolved! EV client 9.0.2 with EV server 9.0.3

Hi, I'm planning upgrade my existing EV 9.0.2 to 9.0.3, all of our users currently using outlook 2010 with EV plug-in 9.0.2. Is the EV server support lower version client connection (including both outlook plug-in and owa extension) ? Thanks and wel...

Vision 2012 Las Vegas who is planning on attending

All,   Who is planning on attending Vision in Las Vegas this year? It is being held at the MGM Grand from May 7th - 11th.  Here is a link to the site to register Many of us on Connect never get the opportunity to meet ...

Liam_Finn1 by Level 6
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Resolved! Enabled 3000 Mailboxes for Archiving - Archive Backlog

Hello EV Admins This forum is in continuation of below forum: Basically I configured environment so that all new mailboxes are enabled for archiving by default ex...

AKL by Level 6
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IBM HSM to EnterpriseVault

Hi all Has anyone had experience replacing HSM(IBM) by Enterpise Vault? I need more informations about how to make this replace.   I don't have space to reclaim all data archived by HSM, then I think of something like. - Stop HSM archive - Install EV...

tocals by Level 4
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Resolved! Download Items from Vault - Network utilization

Hello All We are working in our environment to ingest all PSTs into enterprise vault. One question that came up which was bit tricky one to answer is "How much bandwidth will be consumed when users will try to download items from vault rather than ac...

AKL by Level 6
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Resolved! Large ammount of Savesets

Can anyone help me.   We have several Enterprise Vault archiving servers. Most of the wok fine, but there is one with a large ammount of saveset (close to 7.000.000). Off course the event viewer now display a lot of 41021 and 41008 event-id's. I have...

Resolved! Question on Backup Mode

Hi All I am busy with an EV server move to new H\ware   The VS and Indexes are about 1.20 TB that needs to be copied to a new LUN that will eventually use the same Drive letter as before.   At this customer the copy ,they wont restore , can take 24 h...

Resolved! 90SP2, event 4231 - Attempted to stop all active requests in the thread pool (InstanceId = [2]).

Hello all, On the journalarchiving servers, I notice an event 4231 in the Symantec EV log. Attempted to stop all active requests in the thread pool (InstanceId = [2]).  Total active requests attempted to be stopped = [19]. Total pending requests re...

GertjanA by Moderator
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Resolved! EV owa 2010 extension is not working

Hi, I hv Exhcange 2010 SP2 with EV 9.0.2. I found that the EV owa 2010 extension is not working. When I login to owa( both premium & light ver), there is no EV menu and unable to read the archived email. The archived email's attachment will show as "...

Resolved! Is there a way to Exclude *wav files from the Journal Archive?

Voicemail for our company will soon be stored in the mailbox with *wav files, and I dont these messages to be archived by our journal mailbox.  All voicemail messages that I need to exclude come from a particular email address. This may be an easier ...

CCCIT by Level 3
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Resolved! EV DRC install

There ise a EV 10 deployment. We would like to create DRC EV site and we woul like to have actual live EV site replicated to DRC site daily using storage layer replication My plan   SQL Logshipping to DRC SQL (Has to be same named SQL servers) Same n...

Resolved! Mailbox permission not descending to archive - Outlook 2010

We discovered an issue where updated permission on a hidden Exchange 2007 mailbox did not show correctly with an Outlook 2010 client. Permissions were changed using Exchange Management console (grant full access) and waited one day for provisioning a...

JoWiDa by Level 3
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Resolved! How to Journal

I am configuring Jounraling, but have a few questions:   1) If I want to Journal a Provision Group's mailbox, how is this done? Do I need to create a new Archive Journal for EACH user? I am currently using the EV Mailbox since it has the appropropria...

Resolved! deleting a fileserver in EV8.0.5 which no longer exists

Hi we have several FSA targets which need to be removed from EV 8.0.5, one of which is a target which has been decommissioned - and we are now wanting to remove the target in EV - however it appears that EV is complaining that the target no longer ex...

adebola24 by Level 5
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Resolved! synchronize folder permissions

Hello all. We are using EV.9.0.2 for archiving MS Exchange mailboxes (2203/2007/2010).   Some users delegete rights to one ore more folder directly out of their Outlook client. So as example they give rights to folder "\Job" under "\Inbox" but not fo...