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Resolved! E-mails not showing in archive explorer

Hey folks,   I have a user that has a good amount of e-mails in her archive but they do not show in her Archive explorer, she only shows about 10 emails there.  However I can go to the Archive Search and she has a ton of emails there, is there a sett...

Resolved! after upgrading to 9.03 journal task gives 6469 error

I have a problem after upgrading EV from 8.02 to 9.03. exchange journal task item count incresing journal task is working but exchange side journal mbx item is increasing . after admin servis restart it starts to decrease but 1-2 hours later again sa...

K_G by Level 6
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Resolved! Valkyrie.dll failing to load

I have a user getting the infamous "The Add-in "Enterprise Vault" cannot be loaded and has been disabled by Outlook," and I can't figure out how to fix this. I tried running fixmapi and ResetEVClient, but that didn't help. The user does not have ESM ...

Rander by Level 2
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Resolved! How big index disk before split?

Hi! I use EV8.0 for arcive exchange stuff. I will migrate a lot of new user in to this soloution so i wounder how big I can let the index disk become? and how I should split the index disk in to 2 volymes, is it possibul? performence loss? The index ...

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Announcing the New 'Archiving and eDiscovery' Community!

We are happy to announce the launch of two new communities of Symantec Connect: Backup & Recovery  and  Archiving &eDiscovery.  These two new communities are a result of splitting the existing Backup and Archiving community to better support our user...

Turls by Level 6
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Resolved! re-installing ev caused harddisk access deny

Hi expert,   for some reasons, I  need to re-install the EV and EVDG in the server because I need to expand the harddisk size, previously, we have domino 8.5.2 (domino installed in c:\program files(X86), and data installed in d:\), EVDG (evdg install...

Resolved! Upgrading EV from v8.0 SP4 into v10 caveats ?

Hi All, I'd like to know what are the caveats or the upgrade steps when upgrading version 8.0 SP4 into version 10 ? My current Outlook 2007 SP2 and Exchange Server 2007 SP1 will stay the same as it is not yet upgraded to 2010. Cheers, Albert

Resolved! which provisioning group is the active

Hello to the forum. I have the following situation. We create a new provisioning group and add some users for this target. the new group has a shorter age for archiving mails. But it doesnt work. Question, the users are member from the Whole Exchange...

Resolved! How does EV handle multiple AD sites in same forest?

Hello, We have two buildings, A contains 66% of our users and B contains 33%. Right now, all the servers are in building A and we've EX 2003 with EV8.0. Single forest, single domain, single Exchange organisation and single AD site. When we move to Ex...

BruGuy by Level 6
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Resolved! Open Archive Via OWA 2010 Working very slow

Hello, We have Enterprise Vault 9 sp2 ,2 Mailbox Server with CAS\HUB (Exchange 2010) when The customer install Service Pack 2 to Exchange server it`s  take a lot of time to open archive  Via OWA 2010 what can I do to resolve the issues ? Thx Ronen  

Resolved! Enable Outlook Anywhere in EV 10 and Exchange 2010

  Hi All,   I would like to know is it mandatory to publish EV server to enable outlook anywhere?   I tried to enable outlook anywhere but i got an "couldn't process the selected item , Reason : The web server is available but is not configured corre...

Resolved! Install Vault Cache in Outlook

Ok, what is the best sequence to install vault on user's machines? In test, I added myself to a provisoning group and enabled Mailboxes for Archives. However, how would I mass deploy it and get it activated? I am not referring to packaging or GPO's, ...

Resolved! Vault Cache Port

Does anybody has an idea, which Port is used to synchronize the Vault Cache from the Server. I assume, it's 80. Does anybody know, if this is changeable? It's because a customer has a couple of small WAN-lines and they want to throttle IP-traffic. I ...

Resolved! Licensing for SQL server

Hi, I am currently on V8 with SQL 2005. I am planning on moving to V10 and upgrading to W2K8 Server R2 and SQLSERVER 2008 My question is in relation to the SQL Licensing. Do I need individual Client Licenses for our users? I use FSA & Exchange   Grah...

Resolved! Journal Mailbox not appearing

Hi All I am trying to target a journal mailbox but I am having no luck. I go through the wizard but I cannot see the new journal maibox. I have ran the provisioning task but still no luck. I though we could run a sync via the mailbox archiving task b...