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Resolved! Enable Outlook Anywhere in EV 10 and Exchange 2010

  Hi All,   I would like to know is it mandatory to publish EV server to enable outlook anywhere?   I tried to enable outlook anywhere but i got an "couldn't process the selected item , Reason : The web server is available but is not configured corre...

Resolved! Install Vault Cache in Outlook

Ok, what is the best sequence to install vault on user's machines? In test, I added myself to a provisoning group and enabled Mailboxes for Archives. However, how would I mass deploy it and get it activated? I am not referring to packaging or GPO's, ...

Resolved! Vault Cache Port

Does anybody has an idea, which Port is used to synchronize the Vault Cache from the Server. I assume, it's 80. Does anybody know, if this is changeable? It's because a customer has a couple of small WAN-lines and they want to throttle IP-traffic. I ...

Resolved! Licensing for SQL server

Hi, I am currently on V8 with SQL 2005. I am planning on moving to V10 and upgrading to W2K8 Server R2 and SQLSERVER 2008 My question is in relation to the SQL Licensing. Do I need individual Client Licenses for our users? I use FSA & Exchange   Grah...

Resolved! Journal Mailbox not appearing

Hi All I am trying to target a journal mailbox but I am having no luck. I go through the wizard but I cannot see the new journal maibox. I have ran the provisioning task but still no luck. I though we could run a sync via the mailbox archiving task b...

Resolved! Enterprise Vault 10 - Indexes with missing items

Hello, We are using EVault 10 to Archive our Exchnage 2007 and 2010 mailboxes. At this moment EVault has 141 Indexes with 'Missing Items' (as show by the Index Volumes Browser   I would like to fix this but nothing so far seems to work. Choosing Rebu...

Resolved! Backup Script

I saw the backup scripts that is in window cmd file to put EV into the backup mode. I was wondering, has anyone converted that to a vbs? I can run the command in VBS, but the output is blank when using the the windows redirect.  

Resolved! Migrating from Windows Server to NetApp CIFS

I've been tasked with moving all our file server data to CIFS shares on a NetApp filer.  I've also need to recall all currently archived files from the vault and move the originals to CIFS as well.  My EV server is 9.0.2 on Windows Server 2003.  My f...

Resolved! Last few questions on EV ...I HOPE:)

Here are a few questions that I am hoping you can confirm or answer.   1)       We are planning on deploying SSL on our EV Server AFTER users are already migrated into the system. I know I will need to recreate the shortcuts. I plan on recreating the...

Resolved! Decommision MS Exchange 2003 - keep EV up

Hello, I have an old MS Exchagne 2003 Environment (pre-merger) with EV 2007 sp4 that was slated to be imported into our new EV 9.0 Vault. But it has been put on hold.  The plan is to keep this EV 2007 sp4 environment up and simply join the new Window...

j-mo by Level 4
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Resolved! Enterprise VAult upgrade from EV 7.5 to EV 8.0 sp1

Hello everyone,   I was wondering if anyone can guide me through this upgrade as my company is currently considering and upgrade from EV 7.5  Exchange 2003 to EV 8.0sp1 Exchange 2010. Is this true from my understanding, we can't just jump to EV 9.0 d...

EVDoc by Level 3
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Resolved! SSL SAN Certificate Requirements

Hi all Is there a document that lists the types of SSL \ subject alternative certificates that can be used to secure Enterprise Vault.   Normally I just create a list of the Subject altenative names and the certificate is created by a third party I h...

SolarP by Level 6
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Resolved! Automatic Archive do not run in schedule

Hi all,   I have a customer wihch has enterprise vault 10.0  Automatic archive schedule is set 18:00pm to 06:00 am everyday 24 hour for weekends. However, every check the system the vault store reporting shows me the users archived the last archiving...

Tumay by Level 4
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Resolved! Determine FSA Size

Hi, I've got an old Enterprise Vault 8.0 server running FSA against a single file server. I'd like to be able to check, if i restored all the items out of the vault then what would the size be? Basically, is there any way to find out how much data ...

Resolved! EVPM and Retention Policy

I created two folders via EVPM with one having a 20 day retention policy and the other infinite. My mailbox has an archiving quota when it reach 10% free out of the 250MB Exchange provides. How would archiving and rentention policy work for my inbox?...

Resolved! EV Pop-up error in a multi-domain AD environment

Hi there, Do you know if this bug has been fixed in EV 10? Unable to list accounts in a Domain Name pop-up error in a multi-domain Active Directory environment; Thanks for shari...

giuliod by Level 5
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Resolved! domain change Of Evserver

Hi, Customer company domain name changed. All of the Domain, AD, exchange will be migrate to the new implemented ones . How can I change EV domain name to new one? What will be the operation steps and risks? For example in HW chage there is a tool li...

K_G by Level 6
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