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Resolved! Enterprise Vault 6

Hi Help! Is Enterprise Vault 6 supported on Windows 2003 Enterprise?  If it is, will EV take advantage of increased memory allocation or is EV 6 limited in some way?  Apologies for my ignorance...and thanks for help in advance. Regards 

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Resolved! Is there a known issue with EV 9.02 incremental backups

Is there a known issue with EV 9.02 incremental backups getting hung using backup exec 2010R3, When I restart EV service and try backup again it works 1-2 times after that. (full backups work fine)   Please suggest.. trying to figure out..if its a is...

Resolved! Recovery

HI All   Busy trying to perform a recover on the EV server and when I get to configuring EV it states that the SQL server was found but this computer was not listed. Repair was attempted but was not successful.   The thing is I chck the SQL directory...

Resolved! MSMQ on Cluster 2008

Ok, according to the Install doc for EV 10, MSMQ is supposed to be on a cluster drive. Whenever I move MSMQ from local disk to the Cluster new drive, it fails.   I shutdown the MSMQ service. I change the location for MSMQ Start Service and then it fa...

Resolved! Moving archives

I am using EV9 SP2 and doing a hardware refresh of the system after upgrading from 2007 SP6.  I am looking to set up a new vault store to take advantage of SIS.  I have 15,000 archives and a journal archive, 385,000,000 items in total.  I was going t...

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Resolved! PST Holder & PST MIgrator

Under the EVSIte, it requests for a PST Holding Folder.  For the PST Migrator, it requests a temporary folder. Is this the same folder or does this require two different fodlers?

Resolved! Mailbox getting Enabled for Archiving After Moving

Hello We are running on Exchange 2010 SP1 and Enterprise vault 9.0.1. There are few hundred users left on Exchange 2003 servers (old servers) which need to be moved to Exchange 2010. For some reason, when am moving those users - they are getting auto...

AKL by Level 6
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Resolved! Non-primary file group

Using EV9 SP3.  When setting up a vault store group, you get the option to set non-primary SQL file groups.  Just confirming, it is talking about upto 32 seperate sets of disk spindles for the fingerprint info?  Is this similar to the SQL notion of s...

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Resolved! EV Archiving all messages

New to EV, EV 9.2 and Exchange 2010, trying to come up with a workflow for when to archive\shortcut messages. we are looking at 6 months. question is, what happens with users email that he recieves today and deletes tomorrow, does it never get archiv...

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Resolved! EV 8 SP3/Ex2k3 - Provisioning Task

Hi all, We have been adding new users into EV for some time now, but have been noticing that the mailboxes take a good few hours to be visible in the enable mailbox wizard. We initially thought it was to do with the Exchange mailbox itself becoming a...

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Resolved! Supported EV Client for Outlook 2010

Hello, We're beginning to plan an Office 2010 upgrade (currently on Office 2007).  Is the only supported EV Outlook client, for Outlook 2010, the 'EV10 Http-only Outlook Add-In'??  Is the regular EV10 Outlook add-in supported on Outlook 2010? Thanks

Resolved! Enterprise Vault keeps Failing

Hi,  I have a laptop user who is using EV vault addin - we use EV version 8.0 on Exchange 2007 using Outlook 2003 in a Office XP suite.  The issue : Whenever the user log off from the system and then comes back - she finds that the Vault does not dis...

Rax2473 by Level 3
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Resolved! Missing permissisions

IHAC where I am doing an upgrade from 7.5 which will end in a coulple of weeks at 10.0, but this is not the problem. Durin discussion with the customer I found out, that enabling a new mailbox will not automatically grant the permissions to the mailb...

Resolved! Enterprise Vault 9.0.1 - Error on Add-in Outlook 2007

Hi everyone, I have a problem with the Outlook 2007 SP2 with Hotfix on the EV server. This error occurs when I try to opened. The Add-in "Enterprise Vault" (C:\Program Files\Enterprise Vault\EVClient\Valkyrie.dll) cannot be loaded and has been disabl...

lukassc by Level 5
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Resolved! Enterprise vault 9.0.2 server hangs with warning

Hi All, I am observing a very weired issue with my EV 9.0.2 server, the server hangs intermittently and when looking at the system logs i see below warning. Event Type: Warning Event Source: W3SVC Event Category: None Event ID: 1010 Date:  2/1...

Cdee by Level 6
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Resolved! Enterprise Vault Vault Store

What is the purpose of a Vault Store? How many would my organization need? Whay criteria should I used to create the Stores? What are the typical naming conventions for the Stores? I read the Admin Doc, but it just tells me how to create the store an...

Resolved! EV will increase OST size ?

Archive to EV can reduce the OST space? a user using EV and the OST size is 19GB and corrupt. Rebuild OST without EV the OST actual size is 11.4GB only. Please help. Thanks.