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Resolved! mailboxes can not be sycronized

hi, i am using EV 9 with Exchange 2010 my clients are ussing Outlook 2010 when i want to sync any mailbox its can not be sync can some one tell me what i have to check??

mumair109917 by Level 6
Partner Accredited Certified
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Resolved! How to send welcome msg to user other than system mailbox

By default, when enable/disable mailbox, EV will send a welcome msg to user using system mailbox, is there anyway to change the sender to another mailbox name? Our system mailbox name is like system-%servername%, which not very user friendly.  Thanky...

patriot3w by Level 5
Partner Accredited
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Resolved! Disk space saved

Is there any way to see through the operating system on a hard disk from which I'm archiving what is the actual occupied space? Thank you very much. Regards.

Resolved! FSA Placeholders with wrong URL

Hi all, We've done a move of both an FSA vault to a vault server in the same site, as well as restored the FSA placeholers to a new File server.  FSA has been installed on the new Fileserver and Archive points created. I can retrieve files from Archi...

Resolved! Vault Cache recovery to archive

I have a user with an archive that is "gone" from EV.  I have her complete vault cache as well (*.mdc and *.db files).  Is there a way to import her vault cache back into her archive, maintaining the original folder structure?    TIA,

WiTSend by Level 6
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Resolved! audit viewer

Hi, I have to analyze ev audit. auditing is enabled. when i give the user archive id and evadmin user it goes to not responding state. you have any way to get these results from audit viewer or directly from sql?

K_G by Level 6
Partner Accredited
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Resolved! External and Internal Emails

I need a solution to archive email internal email messages to a archive named "Internal" and External emails to archive named "External" in the enterprise vault from journal mailbox..   I know I can use Default Filter Rules.xml file but can some one ...

Resolved! Migrating Enterprise Vault 9 to 10

Hello, Now, I have a EV9 server running on Windows Server 2003 R2 32Bit, and I want to migrate it to a new EV 10 running on Windows 2008 R2 64bit server, How to do? Is there any best pratice?   Many thanks. 

A_W by Level 4
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Resolved! Deleting Folders in EV 9.0

How do you delete multiple folders in EV 9.0? I believe that I read once that the email had tobe deleted and then the system would automatically delete the folder. Is this the only way?

Resolved! Indexed items

Hi, I have a couple of questions. I'm looking at the amount of e-mail messages users' have indexed, and one user - 115,000 items in their archive (range), yet only 47,000 items are indexed. Can anyone explain why this might be? Also, we currently hav...

Resolved! EV not browsing

hi, so many time i disscuss about to available EV for my internet user i have visited so many forum for that solution all they told me that i have to publish EV site what should i use the site address to publish because when i brows my ev locally "ht...

mumair109917 by Level 6
Partner Accredited Certified
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Resolved! How can I see which policy a mailbox is a member of?

Hi Everyone, I have an issue at the moment, I've got three Enterprise Vault policies running. Rank 1 - PolicyName1 - Default - Archive everything older than 5 days Rank 2 - PolicyName2 - Not Default - Archive everything older than 3 days Rank 3 - Pol...

Resolved! EV SQL Backup

I have a EV site which archives almos 450 GB data daily basis.   We take INDEX and STORAGE location offline via powershell and take snapshot of these Storage locations.. Meanwhile we start SQL backup but it can take quite log time. During SQL backup ...

Resolved! Mailboxes not appearing

hi, i have created some new mailbox on my exchange 2010 server but when i try to enable those mail boxes from EV server i didnt found any of newly created mail boxes in the list

mumair109917 by Level 6
Partner Accredited Certified
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Resolved! Enterprise Vault eDiscovery: receive alerts on specific words

Hello, I have a customer that has EV 10 installed and working. Now the customer would like to receive email alerts on specific words or sentences that are present on journaling mbx mails. For exemple each time a mail that is archive and include the m...

RenaudT_ by Level 4
Partner Accredited
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Resolved! Question around Browser Restore Limit

Hi All I have always believed there is a hard coded limit of 5000 items at a time that you can restore with the Browser Search   Today I found this article ,and it says " there is no limit "  What am I missing ? The customer is on EV 9.0 sp2 http://w...