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Resolved! EV File Archiving Error

Hello All I am struggling to archive a particular folder, I have shared this and added as a volume, the problem is when i run the archiving task and check the log it shows as 'Access Denied' I can confim this share has everyone share level and NTFS r...

Jun1or by Level 5
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Resolved! EV for Internet users

hi,       we have our EV server in our datacenter with private IP address so how can i make it possible to useable for my internet mail users who access thier emails remotly, do i need pulic IP for EV???

mumair109917 by Level 6
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Resolved! FSA Placeholders

We are using EV 9.0.2 and i have an issue in recreating FSA Placeholders. The original Fileserver (Server A) was using EV FSA to archive data 2 years or more old. This server suffered a hardware failure and was put out to rest due to its age.  All da...

Resolved! Archive deletion question

What is the best way to delete multiple redundant archives? We have several hundred that have not been used for several years and they are taking up space that we could do with. I am of the understanding the only way to do this is via a SQL script ? ...

GTK by Level 6
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Resolved! The message file could not be found - EV on 64BIT

Log Name:      Symantec Enterprise Vault Source:        Enterprise Vault Date:          1/2/2012 11:05:32 AM Event ID:      2297 Task Category: Agent Client Broker Level:         Warning Keywords:      Classic User:          N/A Computer:    ...

Resolved! Items Archival Rate Report not present

Hi there, A quick question. Have you ever come across with a situation where the Items Archival Rate EV Report is not shown? I'm using EV 9 SP1. Thanks for your help.

giuliod by Level 5
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Resolved! Shortcuts not being created

When I manually archive an e-mail, a shortcut (stub) to the archived item (in the folder in which the newly archived item resides) is not being created. My Exchange Desktop policy is set to create shortcuts. The items are being archived correctly (I ...

Resolved! EV integration with RSA SecureID

Hi, Do you know if it is possible to integrate EV with RSA SecureID, so when you connect to OWA via RSA to be able to use EV icons/functionality? Thanks.

giuliod by Level 5
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Resolved! Failed to get the document from the Storage Service.

Guys, could you please help? Symptom: - User tries to restore an e-mail with attachments and gets the error "GetOnlineAttachmentFileSize  0xc0041b0f" - I noted the following event IDs on EV servers when user tries to restore : 6835 ( Failed to extrac...

joaomino by Not applicable
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Resolved! Has anyone ever refreshed FSA placeholders to a new SAN?

We will be using HDS to migrate SAN data from one array to another.  We have several TB's of FSA placeholders that will have to be migrated.  The migration process is done behind the scenes on the arrays.  The copy is done on a block by block basis f...

tluncefo by Level 4
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Resolved! Enterprise Vault SQL search query

Hi, We have had a ridiculously high archiving policy for many years in our company which stood at not archiving anything for 2 years. We are now addressing this and have started to bring this down to a much more sensible level. We have a lot of users...

Tifosa by Level 4
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Resolved! Enterprise Vault V9.0.2 Aborted Index Volume Update

When using the Archive search Tool users receive a message saying "Searching is not available for this archive" So i thought I would attempt to rebuild the Index for this Archive. When attempting to do this I get this error in the Event Log: Event Ty...

Resolved! EV Lotus Domino question

Does EV expiry use the DeliveredDate and PostedDate fields to calculate expiration?  Can someone direct me to the documentation that identifies this?

Resolved! Questions about publishing OWA external URL - Enterprise Vault

Hello Members, Enteprise Vault 9.0.2 In publishing OWA external URL 1.       Can we use a wild card SSL Certificate? 2.       If we cannot use a wild card certificate on the EV server what does the common name of the ssl cert need to be?  Does it ne...

mes by Level 2
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mias by Level 4
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Resolved! Is EV still working if lose connection to SQL server?

Hi, We have 5 EV Servers that run all services for Exchange + FSA archive, 2 SQL Servers. SQL1 will hold the DIR DB + All other DB for 3 AUS EV servers(AUS Site) in 3 AUS cities. SQL2 will hold all DB(except DIR DB) for NZ EV servers(NZ Site) in 2 NZ...

Resolved! Archive Folder and Shortcuts missing from Outlook

Running EV8 and mainly Outlook 2002 (we know the two arent supported - the site is a mess we inherited) Some users are reporting that shortcuts are missing and that their archive folder and sub folders are also missing from their Outlook folder list ...

ricp by Level 4
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Resolved! Index problem in ev 10

Hey I have a problem none of my archive any items index but there is plenty of archived item in the archive. When I trying to make a rebuild it just come whit is output in the generated log Rebuild archive started at 05-01-2012 14:35:23              ...

mias by Level 4
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