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Resolved! OWA 2010 problem

Hi   We have an exchange 2010 environement with EV 9.0.2 installed. It almost work as it should exept for OWA. When logging on to the OWA server as any other then the current loged in user, We can se buttons and archived mails in OWA, but when openin...

Resolved! Missing archive explorer

Hello all, We are facing an issue with the archive explorer on outlook.  Let me explain the details, "Whenver I restart the computer in the morning I miss the archive explorer in my outlook.  The only wat to get it back is by resetting the enterprise...

nagekart by Not applicable
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Resolved! Index Storage Clustering

We are soon going to migrate our EV servers to new servers. Most likely we will be spinning up a primary server, with a second server standing by for HA. We have the ability to have our indexes (stored on a SAN) presented to both servers. The idea be...

OWA Search Archives strange issue

Hi All, I'm facing a strange issue when clicking on Search Archives button within OWA (exch 2010, ev 9.0.2), I'm getting a blank page with a text line like below: 0 [OWA URL] [mbxserevername] [mbxsereve...

giuliod by Level 5
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Resolved! Snaplock partition with EV exchange mailbox archive

Hi All, Scenario: We setup EV10 for exchange archive with NetApp snaplock, we set the retention on the volume is infinite and EV retention is 3 years,.After mailbox archive, the archive mail can still delete from on Inbox, Could anybody know what the...

Kingkcube by Level 3
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Resolved! Enterprise Vault - This item is offline

I have this message from EV when I click on one of my email that i want to restored. Is this normal ? the icon beside my email shows a blue arrow in front of the clock. The status shows - this item is being restored by Enterprise Vault. I can still o...

yeow_km by Level 5
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Resolved! Any one installed the the Sp3 for EV 9

Hello People, Has Any one installed the the Sp3 for EV 9, if yes can you please let me know what are the chagnes you have notice in terms of performance of server end users experince etc etc.. I have tried to search on web about it but havent foun...

Cdee by Level 6
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Resolved! Reporting services in big EV environment

Hi all I have an environment of 15 servers in VCS cluster, when 7 nodes are active nodes, one directory. SQL on 2 nodes where directory and 5 EV DB's are on one SQL server and the rest of EV DB's are on the second SQL server.   My client is intereste...

Resolved! Upgrade EV 8.2 to EV 9.3

Greetings: Can I upgrade EV 8.2 to EV 9.3 x86 version?. Currently running EV 8.2 in MS Cluster 4+2 nodes. Can the outlook users with EV 8.2 client work with EV 9.3 backend or I have to update the outlook EV client ?   Thanks, Sam

Resolved! How to close pst files automatically. what do people do?

Hi   I have reached an obstacle migrating PST files into the EV system and i was wondering what other people do to get around this.   despite the policies previously in place we have literally TBs of PST files held locally on user's workstations as w...

Resolved! EV FSA Agent compatibility question

Hello, I am facing a bit of a mess here, the company that I am working for only allows certain file servers to be changed on certain weekends of the month. Needless to say I have several file servers runnning an old version of the EV FSA agent and ha...

Vikes_2 by Level 6
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Resolved! Backing up Enterprise Vault server WITHOUT SQL

Hi all. We have Enterprise Vault 9.0 sp2 and Backup Exec 2010.   We have one centrally located SQL server in one geographic location and a number of Enterprise Vault servers in various other geographic locations.   The design works well, has worked f...

Resolved! Unexpected behavior while archiving exchange-emails

We are testing exchange-archiving on an Enterprisevault 10 Server and we are experiencing unexpected behavior with this. Our mailbox-policy uses the archiving strategy "Based on age" and the strategy value (Archive items when they are older than) is ...

Resolved! Question around Hotfix

Hi All Does anyone know if there is a Hotfix for this article instead of manual intervention   Thanks