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Resolved! what is inside the placeholder

Hi! Can somebody point me to the good KB explaining what exactly is stored inside the Placeholder. If i use "fsutil reparsepoint query" i can observ the EV server path and the archive ID. But there are another stuff too... Thank you

dksoft by Level 4
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Resolved! EV9 missing AP:s after adding new FS ..

Hello ,, EV 9.0.2 and Windows 2008 R2 FS:s I know that missing AP:s have been discussed in the forum but .. After adding a new FS for archiving! FSA in report mode could not be completed for the new FS .. I have 4 rules in the Volume Policy Deny rule...

BoTho by Level 5
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Resolved! EV causing Exchange 2010 mail queues to go up

Hi Folks,   Encounter an issue recently. In the morning I realise my Exchange 2010 queue viewer consist large amount of mail queues. When you randomly double click on the mail in the queue, it state that the mail intended to goto the journal mailbox ...

Resolved! unable to change Vault Cache size

Hi, I try to change the Vault Cache size in the policy from 2GB to 10 GB, but even after Sync. the Vault Cache size is not changed... DO i need to re-create Vault Cache on the workstation? If so, how can i acheve that on 1000 computers? Thank you!

dksoft by Level 4
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Resolved! Archive Explorer EV9 and FSA archiving

Hi. Could anybody explain why the location of moved Placeholder (moved from one folder to another folder inside the archiving point) is not updated in Archive Explorer? The file is still shown in original location ... Thanks!!!

dksoft by Level 4
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Resolved! Seaching in EV without using DA

Hello,   I am wondering if there is any way for me to do a general search in EV (9.0), where I am looking for all emails in my vault, that were either from me to another user, or from that same user to me. Is there any way to accomplish this in just ...

Fooled by Level 2
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EVORT V2 available

EVORT (Enterprise Vault OWA Resource Tool) is now available to download. The landing page can be found here.   EVORT allows you to run a series of checks on your Exchange Servers. These checks help to determine if Exchange Server is correctly configu...

Resolved! How to "change" a snaplock partition

Ok experts. When EV was first installed someone had the clever idea of creating a snaplock partition. Unfortunately it didn't work well and now (4 years later) we have moved the data onto a converntonal NTFS partition. We are going to destroy the ori...

by Not applicable
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Resolved! Confirmation of “Windows Search” behaviour when “Content Strategy” set to “Do not store any items in cache” and no Shortcuts

Hello Background I’ve been looking at more “aggressive”  policies around shortcut retention. Among these is reduction in shortcut retention period (/even not having shortcuts at all). However – whilst doing this I’ve noticed what looks like some s...

AL_G by Level 4
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Resolved! Question around default email delivery on Outlook

Hi All I am busy with an EV Pilot , version 10 ,and I’m confirming EV desktop functionality   I have noticed that some users are running Cache Mode but they have configured the Default Email Delivery to PST   I know seem  issues with the Hidde...

Resolved! Enterprise Vault Cloud Journaling and Archiving

Hello All We have recently implemented Symantec cloud Enterprise Vault for Journaling and archiving. We configured a send connector to journal all messages to Symantec Cloud.All the messages are flowing and can see all the messages in Personal Archiv...

rajesh002 by Not applicable
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Resolved! EV vault store partition disk size recommendation

I am currently building a new EV 9.0 server and am wondering if there are any recommendations on partition sizes for vault stores? We currently have about 8TB of archived mail in 1 of our stores and I am wondering whether I create one 9TB lun on the ...

Fiona_K by Level 2
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Resolved! disable archiving exchange

    Hi all, I would like to disable the exchange archiving. Unfortunately the Evault was not setup by me so I’m not really familiar with the software. As I understood I have only to disabled the two tasks: Exchange Mailbox Archiving Task for "our M...

mghomer by Level 6
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Resolved! Issue with Exchange 2010 scripts

Hi All   Okay this is the first time I have seen this  ,neither the Throttling or Permission scripts will run according to the Exchange 2010 admins at the customer ,ev 10. I have attached the error , any ideas ? I am sure this is just something with ...

Resolved! SQL Fragmentation slow performance

Our SQL databases have alot of fragmentation, this is causing very slow recall times through FSA.  Our file system is located on a Windows 2003 file cluster, we noticed that the file servers were having performance issues and failing over to the pass...

Resolved! EV mails need to open from outlook anywhere ( TMG2010)

Enviornment EV 9.0.2 Exchange 2010 sp1 TMG 2010 I want to connect ev mails through outlook anywhere. We have published rules in TMG 2010 ( https). But it's not working. We have enabled rpc over http proxy URL settings in EV. Is there any other config...

akther by Level 4
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