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Admin service will not start: Access Denied

Hi All,I am do am doing a new installation and all the pre work has been done, installed the software, rebooted and tried to start the config. Config stated that that the admin service has not started. I open the propertise of the admin it states tha...

Rdosramos by Level 5
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Resolved! Enterprise Vault Archive Permission Report

Is there a SQL query or command line query or report happy to take options to export permissions assigned to all archives?We have a scenario whereby were doing some AD group housekeeping, so want to report what groups are used for archives before del...

Resolved! delayed shortcut creation

Hi,I do not remember how the follwing is done:mailarchiving immediatly but shortcut creation after a couple of month...was this even possible?  

CConsult by Moderator
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Index for file placeholders

Hi, we are using EV for archiving file servers with placeholder option. Users don't have an option of searching files vie EV serach. What happens in our case if indexing volumes are deleted or lost? Can users still access files via placeholders? 

Bothari by Level 3
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Resolved! Get-EVARchive for primarysmtp or LegacyExchangeDN

Hi,I've just tested the new EV 12.3 and the new introduced remove-evarchive Cmdlet. I want to delete all archives with no connected user mailbox in EV automatically by task. I will get the list from my identity management (smtp address / dispayname)....

FLX by Level 4
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Notes error: unable to find path to server

Hi Folks,One of our user is having strange issue. While opening any archived mails from Lotus notes, some mails open with attachment with out any issue but some mails from the same mailbox fails to open giving "Notes Error:Unable to find path to serv...

Mithun by Level 1
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Resolved! Mailbox Archives for Ex Employees

We have EV 12.0.3 for Exchange 2010. We have Ex Employees archives that are no longer needed and they are showing in the console mailbox archives with just a SID for these accounts. Is there a way to mass delete these archives in EV?  thanksPat

Outlook forms get deleted regularly

HiI made a change to the Desktop Policy for a customer (Advanced > Outlook > Deploy forms locally > Delete) for a test.Policy is changed back to "Always" now but i got feedbacks from users that forms still are missing in Outlook.The problem occurs on...

Quick way to populate vault cache?

HiIs there any quick ways to populate a users vault cache without having to synch over the network?We have a single remote user with a very large archive that we want to enable for vault cache. The user is 'very' remote and can't get a fast link onto...

CadenL by Level 6
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