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Resolved! EV 9.0 detailed installation documentation

Looking for some really good documentation on the installation, configuration, best practices and whatever else useful regarding this product, yes I have read the typical "admin guides" and "installation and configuring" guides but was looking for in...

scj6771 by Level 3
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Resolved! The Archiving Task 'Exchange Mailbox Archiving Task for EX' could not be started due to startup errors.

Event log on Enterprise Vault Server The Archiving Task 'Exchange Mailbox Archiving Task for EX' could not be started due to startup errors.   I have installed two Enterprise Vault Servers 9.0.2 in cluster, Exchange Server 2010 sp1, SQL Server 2010 ...

karinjo by Level 4
Partner Accredited Certified
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Resolved! Enteprise Vault: Move Exchange 2010 archiving to EV 10

Hi all, We have Exchange 2010 Archiving enabled for for some users and we have just installed EV 10. Any one know how to simply archive or move Exchange archives to EV archive?  The goal is to remove Exchange 2010 Archiving and only use  EV10.   Than...

RenaudT_ by Level 4
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EV9, EV10 client for Mac OS X, Outlook 2011 not working?

After waiting half a year finally the long awaited Mac EV client for Outlook 2011 has arrived. I just installed it yesterday however it does not work for me (no login possible if I want to see mail, in calendar or contacts it does log in correct) We ...

Gwan by Level 2
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Resolved! SQL Query to get Archive size

Hello all, I am sure I have seen these kind of queries, but cannot locate them.I am (un)fortunately not an SQL-person, so I am unable to compose such a query myself... I need to get a list that shows the number of items and the size of certain archiv...

GertjanA by Moderator
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Resolved! Evault

Hi all, is there any possibility to create a policy to or something like that to setup a limit for archived data which can be bring online by a user? can't find anything.   Hope you cn help me. Cheers

Resolved! DA upgrade

We are upgrading from 2007 SP6 to EV9 SP2.  We intend to pause at EV8 SP5 for a couple of weeks to bed it in, and was going to upgrade to Discovery Accelerator 8 SP5.  This would then need to be upgraded to 9 as well in the coming weeks.  According t...

Sortid by Level 6
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Resolved! Problems setting up Domino archiving

Good Morning all, I have a few difficulties setting up Domino archiving with EV 9.0.2.   Firstly, I'm not a Domino specialist (to say the least) and my client doesn't seem to be an expert either, sadly :(   Install EV - OK Config EVDG - OK   The prob...

Resolved! How to find MessageID in Enterprise Vault

I am trying to find out if EV stores the messageId in one of it's tables.We have EV 8.0 We have a number of vaulted documents that have been moved into our document management system that unless accessed we have no way of knowing they are vaulted. As...

LynneGC by Not applicable
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Resolved! Enterprise Vault Archiving Question

We are new to Enterprise Vault for Exchange. We are migrating over data now from our EMC EmailXtender archiving system. We are Journaling and Archiving with EV. With our old system we had both Journaling and Archiving in the same database, so if a us...

PD001 by Level 5
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Resolved! Delete EV shortcuts

Hi, We have 4 offices and the offices have different EV sites though its a single domain. So in order to move users across the EV sites we used to disable him in EV and delete all EVshortcuts in his mail box. then move the user across the slow wan li...

MOQ_1 by Not applicable
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Resolved! ShortcutNotCreated - even after backup

  Size (bytes)   Policy name                          Rule name   Rule type    Archive status       Shortcut type                                       Shortcut status 111653          Default FSA Volume Policy     All Files      ARCHIVE    AlreadyArc...

Resolved! Multiple Vault Stores

I am planning the move from EV2007 SP6 to EV10.  I have a new server spec'd for EV10 using x64bit and new SAN storage for indexes and partitions.  I plan on doing an inplace upgrade to EV9, then a server replacement onto the new hardware and upgrade ...

Sortid by Level 6
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Resolved! Random mailboxes not archiving

Exchange 2007 SP3 RU3 EV 902 We're an Exchange and EV environment with roughly 8,500 mailboxes. Nearly all mailboxes archive just like I expect them to. There are a handful of mailboxes that simply will not archive. We only have one Mailbox Policy a...

Resolved! MSMQ A7 not moving. Mailboxes not synching

I noticed that my a7 queue is not going down. I have synchronization scheduled twice daily at 11 am and 11 pm. Synchronization always completes within an hour. I tried restarting my ev services but that did not help. Any assistance would be appreciat...

Leo_ by Level 5
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Resolved! Outlook 2010SP1 vault client 9.01 no toolbar for archive

I have vault enterprise server 8SP4, I have tried to install vault client ver 9.01 and ver 9.02 with outlook 2010 SP1 (windows 7), and after installation I don't see any icons at toolbar for vault in outlook. I saw that vault client 9.01 and 9.02 sup...

Remek by Level 4
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