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Resolved! Programmers Guide

The document called "Setting Up Exchange Server Archiving - 8.0" makes reference to another document called "the Enterprise Vault Application Programmer’s Guide". I've looked around on the Symantec site and have yet to find it. Does anyone have a lin...

Resolved! Is it possible to script a Move Archive operation ?

Hi, We finally determined that the proper procedure to move a user's mailbox and vault is the following:   Disable Archiving for the mailbox on the source EV server.Remove the user account from the AD group used for provisioning on the source EV serv...

Resolved! Messageware and Enterprise Vault

We can't get Messageware on our Exchange 2003 Bridgeheads to work with Archive Explorer in Outlook Web Access. AS per Symantec, this is not supported. Has anyone been able to get these to work?

Resolved! Behavior of "move to" button in Mail form

Hello forum, if you want to move a shortcut in outlook you basically have three ways of doing so: Drag-/Drop the shortcut in the desired folderRight Click the shortcut and select "move"Open the Mail and select "move" from the buttons on the mail form...

Simon_B_ by Level 6
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Resolved! Enterprise Vault 10 Server Settings Migration Wizard?

hi, before this wizard,when we want to change EV server HW ,we used DR senarios and this TN.   i read the this wizard document,i have some questions; source server will be 9.0...

K_G by Level 6
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Resolved! Backup question ...

Say we have EV 8.0 on a clustered SQL server for the metainfo with the archived items residing on two Centeras (real-time replication, not in govt mode) and used only for Exchange mailbox archiving. Only a few TB of archives so far. That design is OK...

BruGuy by Level 6
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Resolved! Delete on recall

We are using EV FSA 9.0.1 and noticed that delete on recall feature is no longer available in this release.   Is there any way to identify the archived files that do not have a matching placeholder in the file system and delete them from the archive?...

kboorgu by Level 3
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Migrating mailboxes to new Exchange Server

I have a customer that has moved mailboxes from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010 without first disabling the mailbox for archiving on the Vault Server.  No archiving has taken place since the start of the migration of mailboxes. They are currently on E...

Resolved! RestoreShortcutBody registry key

I have enabled the RestoreShortcutBody registry per article below for a few pilot users (5 users) but technote doesn't tell you how to verify its done processing. I noticed there are reports generated under Program Files (x86)\Enterprise Vault\Report...

smlopes by Level 5
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Resolved! Enterprise Vault and Domino Server

I just setup SQL backups for the Enterprise Vault SQL Databases and I'm still getting this error in EV. I'm using EV 9 with a Domino Server. The people who setup the servers original never setup any kind of backups of the servers.   Event ID 41008 Ne...

Baron164 by Level 6
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Resolved! EventID 2256, 3305 on my EV server

I have the following eventID on my EV server windows event viewer. EV status is okay. But I get this window saying the exchange mailbox task for exchange server is not running. You must start this exchange mailbox task before you can enable or disabl...

yeow_km by Level 5
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Resolved! DVS utility in Enterprise Vault.

we are in the process of migrating our Vaultstore from one storage to another storage. due to limitation of copying data from CIFS->LUN we are using Robocopy to copy 2 TB of data to new storage. Copy is completed and i want to make sure that all data...

EV icons not showing up on Outlook 2007 SP2

Dear All, I have an issue where the EV icon does not show up on the user machine. The account has been provisioned for a long time and this only happened when the EV client is recently reinstalled on this user's new machine. I have re installed the e...

Resolved! Splitting FSA and Exchange Archiving

Hi, I currently have a VM that runs EV 9.0.2 and we're looking to migrate the tasks from this server (FSA and Exchange archiving) to two different physical servers. We will need to use new computer names on the servers, but we can utilize CNAMEs. I w...

pwm11 by Level 3
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Resolved! EV9 SP2 Issues

Quick poll - Anyone seen the following issues with EV9 SP2 when using Centera (or any other storage) Items stay in Pending - restart of storage service or backup mode cycle clears issueIndex and Storage errors (event IDs 6796 & 7264)Items-on-hold err...

Resolved! File permission problem with Centera and Enterprise Vault

Background: My company has been using EV 9 and EMC Centera - we have used this configuration quite happily for about 3 years (not EV 9 obviously - its been upgraded since we first put it in!).  The purpose of using file archiving is purely a for capa...

rancey by Not applicable
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Resolved! OWA 2003 can´t open archive Document.

Hi,  If Try to open an archive Document in OWA 2003 it ask for my credentials, if use archive explorer work´s fine.   401 - Unauthorized: Access is denied due to invalid credentials. You do not have permission to view this directory or page using the...

Tonaco_pt by Moderator
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