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Hi,can anyone tell me in CA, regarding the message types, where I can find them in SQL ?What is the sql table, EVXHDR.X-Kvs-MessageType ?Thxs.

alvesse by Level 0
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Partition Roll Over

I'm trying to roll over a closed Partition, should the partition remain in the closed state or Ready State?

Enterprise Vault shortcut link

hello, We are implementing EV 14.2 with exchange server 2019 for archiving. We are creating a custom shortcut for outlook, including link to the archived item (URL), when we try to open the URL locally (internal network) it works fine. but what shoul...

Enterprise Vault 14.2 Drives

Setting up new storage for the EVault 14.2 Server. Trying to determine drive setups for the Legacy Indexes, Elastic Search Indexes, Vault Store Partitions, MSMQ, and Vault Cache. I just had an open case with support and was told the legacy Index file...

EVPM and Remote Powershell

Hi Guys I need some help understandig why EVPM fails on my remote powershell session.When I launch the command directly on the server. It processes the mailboxes but when I launch it over a remote pssession I get:Creating privileged MAPI session ...E...

Recall failure from EV9.0

Hi We have an out of support EV 9.0 version, maintained for Legal purpose, it has been working fine, recently we started facing issues for recalls. While we perform a search and recall from our DA, it recalls only Partial items. (eg: 475424 successfu...

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Kamal_SA by Level 3
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EV Calendar archive

 We have EV 14.2.3 and Outook2016. We have recently enabled Calendar archive with Attachment Stripping and facing the below issue  If we strip attachment, the end user can’t open the attachment due to an error – but it works fine if you open OWA or u...

Kamal_SA by Level 3
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Resolved! Strange Error Msg during archiving: V-437-2776 with DelAttachFromMsgAndProcessShortcutBody

Hi Folks, I run EV 14.1 and do Exchange archiving. I get the above Error a number of times during the archiving run of an Exchange 2016 server (part of an DAG), and there is nothing to be found about this one on the support web site... The event log ...

bert_geiger by Moderator
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DA upgrade question

We are on 14.1.3 now, when I upgrade DA can I install 14.2 and then 14.2.2 and then upgrade DBs directly to 14.2.2? or do I need to upgrade to 14.2, upgrade DBs, then upgrade to 14.2.2 and upgrade DBs again? Thanks

Resolved! Exchange Archive Task "scheduled" reports not there...

Hi folks, I am running EV 14.1. When I do a manual, e.g. "Run now" of the Exchange archiving task I get the proper RunData/html/csv etc. files in the Reporting folder of the appropriate Exchange Server. But when a scheduled archiving task runs the ap...

bert_geiger by Moderator
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Enterprise Vault 11.0

Getting this error when installing Symantec Vault 11.0 for Exchange EnterpriseVault requires Lotus Notes 8.5.2 and above.Any thought on how to get around this error?

Exchange Mailbox Archiving Task targeted passive DB

Hi everyone,I have 2 exchange servers, server A has all DB mounted and server P hosting all passive copy. In enterprise vault "Exchange Mailbox Archive Task" for server P under target. there is single DB listed there. How do I "target" this to "Excha...

Slow archive performance with Outlook 2016 on EV Server

Hi,Outlook 2013 is going end of life in April 2023. Because of that we try to update the Outlook version to 2016 on our EV Servers. After that we have a massive drop in archive performance. With Outlook 2016 we can only archive 10% of our mailboxes i...

Get-EVArchive does not list manual permssion

Hello, Using the PowerShell cmdlet Get-EVArchive to retrieve what archive a user has access, but the command does not return the archive with manually set permission. I'm doing something wrong? Does anyone have this issue? We are on Enterprise Vault ...

Tonaco_pt by Moderator
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Resolved! Database Upgrade problem when updating EV 14.2.1 to 14.2.2

When executing the Start-EVDatabaseUpgrade script after upgrading from 14.2.1 to 14.2.2 we are getting the following error message. Obviously, the StoreIdentifier column is missing in MemberTable_000.Any idea how to fix that issue?PS C:\Program Files...

MRB6754 by Level 2
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