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Resolved! MSMQ - Access Denied Errors

Hello, I'm seeing the below error throughout the day on one of my EV Archiving servers....It's referencing 'Usboev02' which is another EV archiving server in our environment... Not sure where additional/elevated permissions need to be applied for the...

Resolved! Querying Archive/mailbox size from EV SQL server

I'm trying to create a inventory of the archives in our EV environment. I'm looking for a way to find out the size of the archive related to a Exchange(2003) mailbox. 1. Is the size of the archive ( sum of size of the mails archived per mailbox) stor...

Resolved! enable -disable admin role on RBA

hi, I apllyed this procedure; i test the users ,and they can see just console but when i select enable disable wizard i couyldnt see my exchange server in the is e...

K_G by Level 6
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Resolved! Messages stuck in the MSMQ queues

Hi, I've been noticing a problem for the last two days with the queues. Yesterday morning archiving of the journal mailbox got stuck at around 6-7am... eventually I had to purge the MSMQ queues and restart the service after which it worked fine. This...

Resolved! Move Archive and Legal Hold

I was looking thru the move archive white paper that you guys posted on here and found a statement that said if a user has a legal hold (from Discovery Accelerator) on their archive, the archive cannot be moved. What I'm curious about is lets say you...

EVGuy by Level 4
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Resolved! Exchange Vault Archive Tasks

How can I tell if the exchange tasks are actually processing. With FSA the task changes from running to processing so it is easy to tell when the task is working but with Exchange the mailbox task shows running regardless. As we do not get reports fr...

ronw by Level 4
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Resolved! OWA 2010 Extensions

Hello I just migrated my EV Exchange archiving servers to new physical/win2k8 servers (keeping same host name).  Everything is working fine but when i access my OWA 2010 to access archived attachments, i see a banner towards top of message saying 'EV...

Resolved! how to find deleted shortcut

Dear all In the fileserver archive is there a way to find the deleted shortcut's , meaning if a user accidently or intentionally deleted one shortcut, is there a way to find out the deleted shortcut?   thank you  

Silvershare by Level 4
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Resolved! Failed to initialize the class CMailboxStatistics

Hello, I just migrated our EV Journal Server to a new physical server (keeping its original host name)...Journaling is working again but i'm getting the following error constantly...  I guess Symantec's online support system is still down because i c...

Resolved! FSA items open in IE but not via stub

Hi All Currently upragded to ev 9.0.2 and now when you double click on a stubb the item does not return but if you go via the search it work 100%. Server 2008 R2.   Any ideas, trying to recreate the placeholder at the moment to see if that work.

Resolved! Upgrade to 9.0.2 FSA

Hi All we moved our SQL server to a new box and we also upgraded our EV server from 8.0.4 to 9.0.2. I am trying to upgrade the vault store with the   FsaSUmmaryMigrator.exe but when we run it, it is still pointing to the old SQL server. Followed the ...

Resolved! View Tranaction History

How can I view the transaction history of a vault store? I've got a few people reporting missing items or nothing after a certain day and I'm a little concerned cause some of these users are on legal hold and they had been added to a rentention group...

Resolved! Restoring mailbox to original state after archiving

A group of our business users has been e-mail archived  and now we have to restore all their vaulted items back into mailboxes. Archiving them was a planning mistake. Using archive explorer or a restore option from search to restore all items does wo...

Resolved! Slow Backups on Vaultstore

Hi guys,   I am using the Enterprise Vault agent (7.0.1) to backup my EV site which is running 9.0.2. All other EV components are getting backed up with normal throughputs. My vault store is residing on a CIFS share on a DataDomain appliance and is c...

shafty by Level 4
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Resolved! Setup additional servers for exchange archiving

Hi guys,   Hope you can help me on this. I have setup a EV site with a single EV server running 9.0.2 and have successfully archived a few mailboxes on 2 Exchange servers running 2010 in a DAG. The DVS files are getting saved off to a CIFS share on a...

shafty by Level 4
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Resolved! Backup process query

Hi, We're currently having TCP Timeout issues backing up our EV server from a server running ARCserve and just wanted a sanity check on the correct procedure. Our method is by running a pre-backup script (via the ARCserve client agent) that puts EV i...

craig_j by Not applicable
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Resolved! EV75SP4 - No archives, still items in Usage report

Hello all, Strange issue. I have a mailbox store that does not have any archives anymore. the usage report still shows a number of items. There are indeed still items in the storage-location. Does anyone have an idea what might be causing this? Could...

GertjanA by Moderator
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Resolved! Handling permanent deleting items

Hi together, I have a question relating the "Number of days until items are permanently deleted" option in Enterprise Vault. We have a customer who has EV8.0 SP5 running and has mailbox archiving tasks and FSA tasks running on this server. My questio...

Stephan76 by Level 2
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EV 9.0.0; FSA; Some Images would be archived twice

Hello Together! we have some pictures which are archived twice. The special thing is the date of the pictures. Here is the result of a browser search: And here are a screenshot from the files on the filesystem:   You will see that the images woul...

Kai_Schröer by Level 5
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