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Resolved! OWA with Exchange 2010

All,   We are currently running 9.0.1 and currently deploying Exchange 2010.  When we have installed and setup owa for the 2010 environment I have noticed archived mails with embedded picture don't display and a message states the message "Not all th...

Resolved! windows storage server 2008 R2 essential

Hi, I have a windows storage server 2008 R2 Essential File Server. Can I implement a EV FSA environment? Is it supported? Looking at the EV Compatibility Charts dated March 2011 I didn't see  Does anyone know if/when Symantec will begin to support th...

favumb by Level 3
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Resolved! Accessing other users archives

As part of an IT Security investigation I have granted an IT security user access to multiple users archives. I have done this in two ways. Granted permission at exchange level and synchronised the mailboxes successfully for current live users and at...

Resolved! Search url and INotes (Dwa)

Hi all, I have install EV on a Notes 8.5.1 cluster... all work correctly execpt just the search throught Inotesbutton.   Openning an archive from inotes work (the recall work) but when i try to launch the ev search, an error occured because the EVDG ...

Jechar by Level 5
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Resolved! Symantec EV 9 File Explorer issue

Our compnay recently installed EV 9 in indows 2008 R2  server operating system. i facing three isseus with vault server below.   Automatically login after first logon (after entering  vault url  directly opening file explorer with who logged previous...

Resolved! Unable to bring Enterprise Vault services online

Hi, I have created N+1 VCS cluster for Enterprise Vault 9.0 There is VCS 5.1SP2 installed and configured on both systems. Service group is created and generic services are linked to the respective resources. Apart from generic EV services, all other ...

Resolved! Quick Question - Rename a file archive

Hi Folks,    My FSA is very rusty, and my VM Lab is down at the moment so I can't test - but are there any issues renaming a file archive (to avoid for instance, duplicate folder/archive names)?  I assume it works just fine. Just looking for confirma...

wandarah by Level 5
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Resolved! Migrating from Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2010

I had a few questions on moving from an Exchange 2007 server to Exchange 2010. I have read through the white paper explaining this, but needed some further clarification. We are currently running Enterprise Vault 9 and archiving from Exchange 2007. W...

Resolved! Testing Connection : HTTP connection failed (status 0x12)

Hello all, When I look at "Vault store information" ( after ctrl+shift+click on a ev button), on the "Testing Connection" i have the following error "HTTP connection failed : https://XXX (status : 0x12). I try to understand what this error stands for...

hkadoun by Level 4
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Resolved! Netbackup 7 Vstorage with Enterprise Vault

i have enteprirse vault 8 server running with email archiving and the netbackup agent backup via network is very slow . 50 Gb about 8 hours.   It is possible to use netbackup vstorage to backup the entire VM machine ( EV store , Indexing and SQL DB )...

demo4119 by Level 6
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Resolved! Outlook : language version

Hello All, I have a question about the Outlook language version I need to install on EV servers:  does it have some sort of impact or is it recommended to use the english version? Thanks

hkadoun by Level 4
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Resolved! Unarchiving multiple emails at once

All, I am trying to 'unarchive' 800 emails so that i can send them to a client.  I have been told by my it help desk that the only way to do this is to open each email individually (thus unarchiving it) and 'save as...' an outlook message file'.  Unf...

colliwag by Not applicable
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PST folder only visible in Archive Explorer

Hello I haven't experienced this before; my imported PST files is visible in a "PST Files" folder on the root level in Archive Explorer, but not in Outlook.  I have scrolled through the admin guide and the forum, but haven't found anything about this...

bjorn_b by Level 6
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EV 9.0.1 Status Critical

Hello Friendzzz, I was Looking at Symantec EV Console (9.0.1) and in the Status options under Directory on EV server i see that i have 3 Critical Alerts, of which one is for, New Itmes awaiting Backup or replication. 41008 There are 89843862 saveset...

Cdee by Level 6
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Outlook forms

Hi all We have a end user that cannot see her forms at all. We recreated the profile, used different forms versions but still no luck. We even created the Profile on a different computer and the EV server and still no luck. All other profiles work ...

EV ingesting PST files

hi, we are looking to ingest PST files into EV8. The EV server is physical and the Exchange 2003 server is virtual. The process doesn't seem to start. Are there any issues we should be aware of or knowledge articles you can advise we can look at ? An...

PST Ingestion

I'm am experiencing a very slow pst rate of ingestion on my EV servers.  They are currenlty virtual, however I have implemented EV in a virtual environment in the past and have not see this slowness.  The server is ingesting PST's at a rate of 100MB/...