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Failed to update

Dear,   What will this error message mean. Event ID 20546 Failed to update the "Delete archived file when placeholder is deleted" cache. The archived itm wil not be deleted when its placeholder is deleted.  

Richard67 by Level 4
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Vault Cache Server View website and Cache location

Hi @ all, my problem is referenced to the forum discussion of Hans Peeters: We have the same Problem, that PST FIles will stay in the Vc...

Resolved! EV 8 Documentation

Hi all, I have been trying to collect useful documentation on Enterprise Vault as i have need to come up to speed on the product. So far i have checked out the files listed here:

Resolved! EV8 Sizing Estimator

Does anyone know where I can download the EV8 Sizing Estimator? I've looked all over PartnetNet and IQ and I can't find it :\

Outlook 2010 full client RPC over HTTPS

I have not seen any updates as to the status of getting full use of the eVault add-in using Outlook 2010.  I thought there was discussion of moving the functionality of the DCOM client over to the RPC over HTTPS but it seems to have died.  I have alr...

Tmoe by Level 3
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Retrieval Task error

Hi, Our Enterprise vault 2007 SP3 server has stop archiving items.  I have followed Symantec support articles to delete the archiving task and change the system mailbox however it did not help. Since I have done that, I am now getting the following e...

EBK by Level 4
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Resolved! Enterprise vault 8.0 and outlook 2010

i have 2 users using outlook 2010 on windows 7 prof not able to archive or restore from enterprise vault. version of EV we are using is 8.0. it always hang there when the use do a restore from EV.   EVservice send an alert to the user Your vault is n...

yeow_km by Level 5
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EV icons/button missing on OWA page

  Hi,   I am new to EV, Exchange and IIS server.  I have installed exchange 2007 with OWA extensions in one server and EV(I believe its 2007)on another server - all are windows 2008 and IIS 7 servers   My requirement is that I need to run OWA applica...

Cluster Config Fails on all MSCS Clusters

Enterprise Vault 9 SP1 trying to configure clusters.  We've sucessfully configured single servers and pushed the FSA agent to the clusters (using the virtual server names) but on each cluster, we walk through the Cluster Config wizard, select the gro...

Kellino by Level 4
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Resolved! Additional EV Archiving Server

Hello Folks,   I have installed a new EV server to hold some of the 'Mailbox Archiving Tasks' from the existing EV server. And i want to use the existing VaultStore to be used and maybe same or different partition.   The problem here is that i can't ...

Resolved! EV 9.0 archving errors

We have started to get the following series of errors reated a number of times each evening (but especially late in a run): Event Type:    Error Event Source:    Enterprise Vault Event Category:    Archive Task Event ID:    3411 Date:        26/0...

Troubleshooting FSA reporting

All, My company recently upgrade to Enterprise Vault 9.0.1. I'm currently researching some problems we're having with FSA Reporting. I'm unable to run a reporting scan on our target file servers. I get an error when trying to enable data collection: ...

Resolved! Provisioning Task failed during group processing

I am having an issue with my Vault installation.  The provisioning task has stopped working.  I can run it in report mode without any issue but when I run it in normal mode I get the following:   The Exchange mailbox provisioning task failed during p...

Resolved! Enterprise Vault with share or generic mailboxes

Hello I have an issue when trying to connect with OWA on a generic or share mailbox on which there is a Security group permission When I'm connected with OWA on this share mailbox which is archive enable, I haver an error     The archived item is cur...

Resolved! IWA (integrated windows authentication)

Have an issue in owa 2010 where I don't see EV "store" or "restore" , Search, Archive explorer and cannot retrieve archived items by double clicking.I can open the shortcut and I can retrieve by clicking the link(configured with link.) The strange pa...

Merv by Level 6
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