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users getting continuous pop up window

Hello Team,User is being prompted for credentails after enabling Enterprise vault addin, Also sync is failing with error (Server too busy). A snippet of Client logs are attached below:05/02/2018 10:54:22.901[10936][H]: IDispatch::GetIDsOfNames("Messa...

IMAP access to archived mail

Hello,As the question is coming my way, I configured my account for IAP on the EV servers and opened it in Outlook via IMAP.I can see in  all folders some mails appear as unread ( which is theoretically impossible as we do not archive unread items).C...

PST Migration - Does it Vault

Hello,Sorry might sounds a silly question. But does EV look at creation date of the item or import?So, if we import 2Gb of data into an Exchange mailbox.For argument's sake, we have a 1-month retention policy to Vault email.The imported data dates fr...

Resolved! EV 12 and SMTP Journal Archiving Rules

Hello.  Does EV 12.x SMTP Journal Archiving have the ability to implement archving rules?  For example, do not archive if subject starts with “Automatic reply” or “Read:”  Or email has a MESSAGE CLASS = Report.IPM.Note.IPNRN?I am running EV11 CHF 5 a...

Remote backup script

Hi All, we need to set the backup mode of the VS from a remote serverwe have 6 Enterprise Vault (11.0.1) installed on  Win2012r2 and 2 SQL with windows 2012we have used the script below:C:\Windows\SysWOW64\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe -pscon...

Resolved! unable to create imap account

Dear All,We have successfully created IMAP server and enabled one user for IMAP accessWe got notification mail to configure account details. However, while configuring the account in outlook we got error incoming server name won't accepted and not ab...

MM2014 by Level 3
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How to resolve missing items in index?

 There are actual missing items. However, no Index is failed. Rebuilding has been done.What can be done to fix this so that there is no more missing items shown in Index Volume Browser?I hope we don't have to use the EVSVR tool for this?Environment: ...

mart_g by Level 4
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Storage Queue very old items in queue

EV 11.0.1 on W2K8 R2;Short description: the Storage Queue has items that are more than 5 months old and are never deleted. so how can I clean that queue? The message/event Id is 29057:"A problem was encountered while trying to process a saveset in th...

bert_geiger by Moderator
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Resolved! Changing Vault Cache Settings

One of my users wants to chane their Vault Cache settings that they set when the first-run wizard ran. I can't figure out how to do that. I've removed and reinstalled the EV plugin (and removed the local data).Specifically the user wants to change th...

TJensen by Level 4
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EV 11.0.1 Items missing from single day

Running EV 11.0.1, exchange 2010 sp3.I have several users who cannot restore messages from a single date.  In the Event logs I see event ID 6882.  Message is Unable to complete retrieval request Reason: The system cannot find the file specified. (0x8...

gwind1 by Level 2
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Resolved! MS Outlook - Is it really a requirement?

Hello. I am running EV11 CHF5.  Journal and SMTP journal archiving plus FSA.  No mailbox archiving.  Is MS Outlook required on the EV SMTP archiving task server? Regards,Tmurray1 

Resolved! Move Indexes

Greetings all. I am running EV 11 CHF5.  I have eleven EV servers in the site and one server for DA.  We have been using EV since 6.x I believe.  All EV servers have the storage and index services running.  I recently created a new archive (for SMTP ...

Resolved! How does EV get/colllect the Email in Exchange?

Hi everyone,I just wondering how does EV get/collect Email in Exchange,Does it use MAPI? Does Vault Store diffrent to SQL Database?Hope someone can enlighten me.It will help me a lot.Thank you in advance. Regards,Ton

Resolved! EV Server consolidation

HiHow easy\practical would it be to consolidate 6 EV servers into 1 or 2 EV servers?The scenario is that I have 6 EV servers that are archiving 6 windows file servers and this seems a little overkill. I think this was initially installed this way to ...

CadenL by Moderator
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Resolved! Coexisting EV 10 and EV 12

Hi, We are planning to upgrade EV 10 to EV 12. I know in one directory database we cannot run 2 versions of EV. But, how about create 2 directory in one active directory? Is it possible 1 exchange server archived by 2 EV server? I ask this because Th...

MSI_iqbal by Level 5
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Exhange 2016 CU8 and Enterprise Vault 12.04

The exchange admins wants upgrade the exchange servers to ex2016cu8.The compatibility charts marks this CU8 as pending. Is there a release date already known?the veritas Vault version is still 12.04, will this work?best regardsAndré 

Resolved! Retrieving archive size for multiple users

I need to retrieve the size of current archive for around 360 users.I understand that usage.asp can be used for this, but the users are on random vault stores and going through all of them individually would be time consuming.Is there an SQL query th...

Move EV to new domain

Hello Folkswould like to know if anyone has successfully tried EV Server migration tool in below scenariohave Standalone EV setup (archiving tasks) in domain A/Forest A with another seperate Index server (index volume size = 2TBs)SQL 2008R2 on sepera...

Dgo by Level 4
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