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Resolved! Exchange Archiving Task gets stuck at ConfigureMsgService

At creating a new Mailbox Archiving Task the Task stucks at creating the MSMQ-queues. I tried it a few times and everytime the last line in a dtrace was: 2516    12:54:25.852     [3500]    (ArchiveTask)    <6152>    EV:M    CMailboxHelper::CPAS() - C...

hil-ger by Level 4
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Resolved! Deployment Scanner error

Thank you. When I run deployment scanner (ver 9.0.1), I find a notice: The user DOMAIN\admin does not have the required permissions (including 'send as' and 'receive as') on the following Mailbox Stores and Public Folder stores on HCM-CCR-MAIL.DOMAIN...

ndt by Level 4
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Resolved! Can´t find enable user

Hello,    I using the for archive all object in a mailbox, and when doing this step " Within the Vault Administration Console (VAC), right-click on the EV Archiving Service/Task ...

Tonaco_pt by Moderator
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Update offline vault not complete

We have made a new laptop with win7 for a user, and run "update offline vault" on the new laptop. This runs with no problems and say´s all up to date. But all emails have not been placed in outlook 2003, some are there and some are missing. Have run ...

csc_fs by Not applicable
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EV9 Install OWA2003

Whilst attpempting to install OWA2003 extensions on the front-end server the install failed.  After a few troubleshooting steps we decided to unistall the extensions.  Now, OWA does not allow any user to log-in on the front-end server.  Back-end work...

WiTSend by Level 6
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Resolved! Enterprise Vault PST Migration Retention Question

My default PST Retention policy is 7years.  When I import a user's .pst file and they have emails that over 7years old...Will the messages be immediatly deleted or does the "EV clock" start at the date of injestion into the EV DB?

CCCIT by Level 3
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How to change Directory Service in Enterprise Vault

We have 4 global clusters connecting Production to DR site .  Production site : Journaling – 2 nodes (active+Passive) replicating index and EV databases to the DR site (SRDF+Centera)FileServer Archiving - 2 nodes (active+Passive) replicating index an...

Dalcero by Level 3
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EVService Account Permissions

We are having a problem with the EVService Account and what level of Active Directory Permissions it needs   When removed from the Domain Admin group it stop's all journalling and mail archiving   even though it's got full permissions within the exch...

Resolved! Archive Disabled Mailbox

Hello, Can I archive a Disbaled Mailbox in Active Directory? Sometimes I create AD's accounts only for have a mailbox to recieve mail, and I want to archive it.   Thanks!

AG81 by Level 5
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Resolved! EV Index issue

Hi,   I am implementing a new EV 9.0.1 server (mailbox archiving from Exch2010SP1). All went fine , no erros, no problems, ...   Though, some strange thing came up while testing the index search functionality. The system is setup with "full" indexing...

RVD by Level 5
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Shortcut deletion on a shotcut deleted.

Hello all, Suppose policy is to create shortcuts, and shortcuts are to be removed 23 months after creating them. When a user deletes shortcuts in Outlook, they move to the 'deleted items' folder. When the user does not empty 'deleted items', the shor...

GertjanA by Moderator
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How does archiving process work?

Hi all, hoping someone can help here   I'm having really inconsistent results when it comes to the archiving process. Sometimes when I enable a user, after a short while the mail items begin to archive without a problem. Other times, nothing seems to...

EV merge two sites

This is the situation:   Our customer has two different EV sites in their domain. One in Stavanger and one in Aberdeen.EV site in Aberdeen is archiving from different Exchange servers which are located off-shore (oil platform rigs).Bandwidth between ...

EV Public Folder archiving mails with Custom Forms

I have a customer where would like to archive Public Folder. The mail they would like to archive use "Custom Forms" with customized metadata. Will EV archive the forms and the customized fields and will it be possible to search on this fields?

Resolved! Hello, I want to upgrade EV

Hello, I want to upgrade EV from 8.0 to 9.x too. How can I download EV 9.0? Do I have to buy new license or still use my old license. Thank you. ndt.

ndt by Level 4
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Event ID 8390 every 2-5 minutes

Evault version: 8.05 EVDA Version: 8.05 OS: Win2k3 Ent sp2 Hello, I am getting the following Event ID 8390 on my Vault server every 2-5 minutes. The EnterpriseVault.DirectoryConnection object reported an error.   An outgoing call cannot be made sin...

DonS_ by Level 3
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Resolved! Administering different EV versions from a single VAC ?

Changes to the work environment have me currently in one domain with EV8.0 also administering another trusted domain with EV7.5.  They are completely seperate instances, but I was wondering if they could be administered from a single VAC.  Is this po...

ratty by Level 3
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