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Resolved! Search and export large number of messages

We get regular requests from our legal people to search mailboxes for messages that may relate to lawsuits. The messages need to go into PST files to be sent to the lawyers. In order to capture anything that might pertain to a case, the search terms ...

Resolved! Manually enable Virtual Cache on Outlook 2010

Hello, I am using Outlook http-only addin on a client with Outlook 2010.  Evault server is on version 8.04 and we are are configured to prompt user to allow them to congifure their Virtual Cache and Virtual Vault settings. I want to be able to manual...

Resolved! Exchange Forms, Clients and Upgrade from 7.0 to 2007(sp6)

Hi,    I can't find a solid answer for this - so I'll just ask flat out.  I have a client who is upgrading from 7, to 2007Sp6 - the upgrade process is fine and dandy, however when encountering the 'Distributing Exchange Forms' part, I'm wondering if ...

wandarah by Level 5
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Resolved! User unable to access archived email

Hi, We're running Enterprise Vault 7.5 and we have one user who can't access his archived emails. Each time he clicks on an archived email a window pops up asking for his credentials, he'd enter the correct username and password and the loading windo...

Resolved! General Management after adding user

We are currently running EV 8 against Exchange and are very slowly rolling it out at a client site.  I was walking the client through the process of adding a new user to EV, enabling the mailbox, and kicking off the archiving process and then assisti...

Resolved! EV Server Journal Task does not archive journal mailbox...

We have implemented a new Enterprise Vault 9.0.1 server based on Exchange Server 2007. Journaling mailbox was activated 2 weeks ago and all mails were collected since. When we activated journal archiving on system, 80% of total journal mailbox were a...

mustufa by Level 3
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Resolved! Documents for EV, where did they go?

Hello all, Is this link still valid? It does show documents, but as far as I can find, the last document is from september 2010. I know there are newer documents available. I used to scroll thro...

GertjanA by Moderator
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Resolved! EV Journaling

Hi all this is probably a stupid question but I need to change our EV Journaling so that the data is only committed to the vault once a full backup has run, currently at the moment we are journaling 24 /7 with the data being immediately commited to t...

Resolved! A low level indexing operation has failed

hi, there are many 7271 and 7235 errors in EV logs. system is EV 8.0 sp5 there is no DA or CA there are no index error,failure on index volume tool. i collect dtrace logs of index server. *{FG=255/0/0}Event ID: 7271 Search request failed. |Reason: A ...

K_G by Level 6
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Resolved! Exchange Journal Store not shrinking

Hello, We just installed an EV 9.0.1 environment for Exchange 2007 servers. We started archiving of the Journal and half of the journal is now archived however the Exchange store is not giving up the sapce used. Do we still have to do offline defrag ...

Bekir by Level 4
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EV unable to archive mountpoints

I am trying to run FSA against multiple mountpoints but this won't work. Investigation of this problem by Symantec Support gave the result that it is impossible to archive mountpoints in mountpoints. " A single mount point created as an Enterprise Va...

MAC Client

Hi All   We have a strange issues with a customer. They have a mixed enviroment of MAC and Windows. The windows users are running fine but the mac clients are having issues.   When we open an archived email everything appears to be fine but in the at...

Resolved! Vault I/O load simulator?

I am building out some test virtual configurations and was wondering if there were any tools that could simulate Vault load on these boxes?  I could easily enough just overbuild the configuration but would prefer a more balanced choice.   I have alre...

Resolved! EV Compatibility w/ x64

Hello, Can I get confirmation that the following is true: - Enterprise Vault 9 is NOT supported on Windows 2008 x64 OR Windows 2008 x32 - Enterprise Vault 9 is supported on SQL 2008 Std/Ent x64 R2 - Compliance Accelerator 9 is supported on SQL 2008 S...

Resolved! Question regarding pending archive

Hi we have recently implemented Enterprise Vault and one of our users is querying the message "This item is being archived by Enterprise Vault Do not copy, move or delete this item", what would happen if they did delete this email prior to it being c...

Enterprisevault 9 and reporting services

I am currently working with a customer that have EnterpriseVault 9 up and running, they didnt ever get reporting services to work. The Ev server is on a 64bit platform and we also wanted to put the reporting services on a diffrent server. The problem...

Resolved! EV 901 move SQL database

Hi everyone. I just upgraded our EV to 9.0.1 (from 8.0.1). The next task is to move the database from our old phisycal SQL 2005 box to the new virtual SQL 2008 cluster. I've been searching for instructions (and there are many), but could only find on...

Igs by Level 3
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Resolved! OWA logging for EV

Hi, Does anyone know where in EV 8 (SP2) one would configure logging ? We are finding on our exchange server in the Program Files\Enterprise Vault\OWA\Logging directory logs amounting to some 20GB. This was previously configured by another admin & as...

Missing items

Evening all   OK having the strangest set of problems   we moved our EV SQL DB's from one server to another.  followed the steps as per the technote and have had some strange issues. After doing so some archiving occured with out any issues then all ...

Resolved! EV 9 e BlackBerry

Caros,   Temos o Enterprise Vault 9 instalado e configurado com o OWA funcionando normalmente, porém usuários de BlackBerry estão tendo problemas para acessarem suas mensagens, pois quando o EV arquiva alguma mensagem o servidor BlackBerry copia para...