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Resolved! Archiving items with follow-up flag set EV 9

We are currently designing how to migrate to Enterprise vault 9.   We have a lot of users which use follow-up flags to mark messages that they need to easily locate for a follow-up action. These follow-up actions can take a long time (ie. more than t...

Lastis by Not applicable
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Migration auf neuen Filecluster, mit altem Namen

Hallo, bin in der Planung unseren Filecluster (2003R2 mit EV 9.0 Archivierung) auf eine neue Hardware zu verschieben. folgende ungefähre vorgangsweise: Neuen Cluster einrichten, FSA Agent auf diesem installieren, alle Files (inkl. Placeholder) auf de...

wolferl by Level 2
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Search on file extensions AND other criteria

Hi all, Have a customer that want to be able to search on file extensions and e.g. author. But it seems that it will not work unless you use Item Granularity Schema.

FreKac2 by Level 6
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Resolved! Restore items to original location

This should be a fairly straightforward one I hope :) I want to use the "Export archive" and "Export all items to their original locations". What will happen to items I've imported via the PST importer...will they go anywhere? I don't really want the...

rasobey by Level 5
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Microsoft Outlook 2010 and EV HTTP-Only Outlook add-in

Hi,   I am trying to upgrade our machines from Outlook 2003 with EV client 8.0.9905 to Outlook 2010 with the new EV HTTP-Only Outlook add-in (9.0.5134).  I need to do this silently and all in one install.  I have manged to upgrade both, removing Outl...

Placeholder service compatibility with Netbackup 7

Hi folks   Management pushing to get our Netbackup environment upgraded to version 7 (from 6.5.5), and from consulting the compatibility charts @ it looks like our EV8 sp3 environment is currently 'P for pending...

ianG by Level 5
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Deleting lots of things at once from an archive

Dear all, I recently imported a lot of PSTs for an individual user, and choose to keep the folder structures separate instead of merging them into one. It turns out this was a mistake. What's the best way to "reverse" the PST imports and start again?...

rasobey by Level 5
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Journal - PST and Delete

  if I were to PST out my journal by date does the utility DELETE those exported entries from the original vault? Is there a way to export and delete messages via a date range? (BTW I cant use retention policy).   Steve

by Not applicable
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Resolved! Event ID: 4141

I have Enterprise Vault 7.5 , today the EV services faild to start with this error   Event ID: 4141 Insufficient diskspace is available on drive D: for the Enterprise Vault to run Enterprise Vault will now be shut down; to correct this problem, delet...

Resolved! Check effective mailbox policy

Is it possible to check to see a specific mailbox's effective mailbox policy?  I have multiple mailbox policies who's targets are assigned by multiple provision groups.  The targets are AD OU based, so it's possible there's some overlap.  I have a us...

Autonomy connector question

  Hello, The company that I am working with is adding Autonomy to their environment and is looking to add a connector to EV. In talking with Symantec the connector is completely separate from Symantec and nothing needs to be done to the EV system oth...

Vikes_2 by Level 6
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Resolved! Add EV server to existing Site

Hi! Have installed second Ev server for Journaling task. During Configuration task service was added automatically. I have added Shopping service as well. Tried to find some documenation if Storage service has to be added to second server as well.   ...

Vlad2010 by Level 4
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Resolved! Outlook 2010 HTTP-Only Add-in Pointing to Wrong Server?

Hello all,   We are currently running an old EV 7 setup with Exchange. I recently setup EV 9 on new hardware, as the hardware that 7 is running on is old and almost end of life, so I did not want to upgrade.  I have the new 9.0 setup archiving a few ...

Resolved! What to backup and Why?

I've been reading through the administration guide for EV 8.0.   Looking over the backup requirements, I see that there are a lot of things that need to be backed up.  I'd like to know what happens if certain pieces don't get backed up. 1.  System da...

Resolved! How to view "From" and "To" fields in Archive explorer

Hi all, One of our customers wants to know if it's possible to view both "From" and "To" fields in Archive Explorer. He previously use PST files witch have been migrated to Vault. I don't see anything from Archive Explorer or Vault policies to change...

Resolved! Missing Attachments EV8.0 SP2 Exchange 2007 SP2

A third party has recently deployed EV8.0 SP2 within our organisation and we are currently having problems viewing attachments. We seem to be getting conflicting advice on whether or not email attachments shoud be viewable either via a link or any ot...

EV 8 SP4 Event ID 3402

Hi, Recently our Journaling server running EV 8 SP4 (with Hotfixes, list on request if relevant) started generating (at random) event IDs 3402, when all Journaling activity ceases and emails build up in the Journal mailboxes. EVENT ID 3204: ---------...

Resolved! Vault Store Reporting

Within the Vault Store Reporting option, their is a report which gives a summary of the usage of all archives within the vault, i'm trying to see if i can get previous weeks summary of usage if this is possible.  Or is the report just a live summary....

burtos by Level 5
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Windows 2008 R2 AD support for EV 8

Hi , Is EV 8 compatible with Windows 2008 R2 AD ?   I can only find support for Windows 2008 AD but no info about 2008 R2 AD support   Thanks.

mart_g by Level 4
Partner Accredited
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