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FSA local recall .bat question

Hello, A while back I was given a .bat file by support to recall placeholders locally from the file server rather than recall using FSAUtility. I am able recall to standard placeholders without issue but the .bat will not work for hidden files, does ...

Vikes_2 by Level 6
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Resolved! Virtual Vault cache requirement?

Hi all, We're getting ready to begin the rollout of Virtual Vault to some test users, and the question came up as to how we deal with Citrix and/or thin client users? Obviously these users don't have a local drive to cache to, but we have enough user...

Moving to Exchange 2010

I'm planning to move from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010.  I'm currently using v8.0 but will be on 9.0 before going to 2010.  Since Exchange 2010 does away with single instance storage, is there a concern that the archive will grow significantly duri...

"Retain Items Forever", turn on\turn off

Question from a  fairly novice EV user.     Cur Ver 9.x For a retention Category, we want to turn on the "Retain Items Forever" config option   which we understand will prevent  Storage Expiry and archive email removal  under that category. Question ...

Exporting Archive permissions

Hi,   I know it is possible to use permissionsbrowser to view the permissions on a mailbox archive and the sub folders and how to use ZAP and EVPM to wipe the permissions and start again. Whqt I am after is a way of exporting the permissions on the a...

Enterprise Vault PST Migration Wizard

I've copied a load of PST's to my EV server and I'm using the Wizard to import them. However it seems to be pot luck as to whether the Wizard can identify the PST owner from the permission of the file. The PST owner has full permissions on the PST bu...

Paul_E by Level 5
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Resolved! 1 Mailbox, lots of Exchange Transaction logs

I'm seeing a weird issue.  One particular mailbox being processed by EV, yet nothing is being archived, BUT, and here's the big problem, about 1.5 GB of Exchange transaction logs per hour are being generated for the database that this user is in. Not...

Korbyn by Level 5
Partner Accredited
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ev 9.01 http client deployment

Hi   We have a new EV9 architecture we will be moving users to (from EV8) and utilising the move archive utility. As part of this migration i think we need to get the clients up to ie7 to support ev9's client as well as deploying the ev9.01 client (e...

EVMan by Level 4
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unable to delete enterprise vault server

Hello,   I am trying to delete an enterprise vault server but it fails ... it say Failed to delete computer "EVexchJrn" from the Directory The object reported an error Any idea ?

ElGringo by Level 6
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Resolved! A1 queu

Hi! We run some situation here where Exch 2003 server was decommitioned. Mailboxes moved to new Exch 2010 server. A1 queue for old Exch 2003 server has more than 100000 messages in it. Tried to cancel pending items to 0 in policies, but archiving tas...

Vlad2010 by Level 4
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Resolved! How to stop a scheduled run ?

Hello, I got a question from the exchange responsible : How is it possible to stop a scheduled run fro an exchange server ( 2010,2007.2003 :6 entities ) when they have a problem on this server. We are using EV9 and what you have to know is that for h...

Resolved! Disable Archive Explorer delete button EV 8.0.4

Hi   In an enviroments where in the site settings we've allowed deletion of files, I've created different policies, and only users on a specific groups will be able to delete items from their VV. My problem is that in archive explorer the delete butt...

Orphaned shortcuts are not getting removed.

Hi All,   I have been noticed that the Orphaned shortcuts are not getting cleared from the mailboxes. I did test this trhough deleting an archive, changing the registry key manualy on the server etc but nothing helped.   If anybody can shed some ligh...

Ameen by Level 6
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Changing Retention Category Question?

Hi everyone, I'm hoping somebody can help clarify some questions regarding retention categories. My company will soon be upgrading to EV v9.0, currently on 8.02. My company currently has one default retention category set to indefinate retention. The...

PMicken by Level 2
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Resolved! Enterprise Vault Error On Multiple Servers

Event Type: Error Event Source: Enterprise Vault Event Category: Storage Crawler Event ID: 6760 Date:  11/25/2010 Time:  8:00:59 PM User:  N/A Computer: <EDITED>-SEV03 Description: Error from EMC Centera FPLibrary Function call: FPXMLTag.Ge...

Resolved! Shortcut is not created when archiving in Outlook Anywhere

Hi I have enabled and configured Outlook Anywhere and published Enterprise Vault web application on ISA server. I can open archived items and restore them. When I archive any item it's archived (I can see it in the Archive Explorer) but the shortcut ...

Ralfeus by Level 4
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PST Export and import to outlook

Hi,   for a customer i am busy creating a work path for movings mail form one organization to another. In the current one they have a Exchange 2003 and EV 8.0 setup.  In the new one they only have a Exchange 2007 setup. What we want to do is Acrhive ...

Disabling Indexing

Hello, Is there an option to disable indexing?. Also, will there be any impact other than losing the search capability when idexing is disabled.

ecrgvp by Level 4
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