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EV DA Upgrade

We are planning on upgrading EV DA and EVault to 12.2  Currently DA is at version EV is at version DA and Evault will be moved to new servers as well. I've read that DA can run at a higher version than EV.My plan was to move...

Resolved! EV 11.0.1 Outlook Add-in Search Vaults button

Hi all...I am preparing to upgrade from 11.0.1 to 12.  To do this, I need to get my user community familiar with the changes in search.  Currently, my test profile is setup on the new search and I have the Search button enabled on the toolbar. My iss...

gwind1 by Level 2
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Resolved! User Permissions to other archives

I have a strange issue in EV12.User "A" can see the archive for another user "B" through the web archive view. However in the console and the shell it doesn't appear that those permissions exist.Is there another place that permissions can be set or c...

TJensen by Level 4
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Resolved! VSA Exchange Permissions

Looking for some confirmation.... If we are only journaling with EV, does the VSA need the extensive Exchange permissions to all mailboxes that would be required if we were arching? Or would it just need those permissions for the journal target mailb...

Tank1 by Level 3
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Undo FSAUtility restore operation?

Hello,I was troubleshooting some archived files that would not open as habitual. When I tried to restore the folder on which the files were using the FSAUtility command, it would end with the following error message:"Error: The path \\fileserver\d$\p...

voxg by Level 3
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Powershell or SQL to get Size of each Archive in EV

Hi - We are using EV 12.1 and I have successfully run the following to get Disk Totals on our NAS for each Store.Get-EVVaultStorePartition | select @{N='Store'; E={$_.VaultStoreName}}, @{N='NAS'; E={$_.Location}}, @{N='Total_GB_Free'; E={$_.TotalQuot...

Resolved! Enterprise vault Not Archiving mailboxes

Hi AllNeed your assistance on this one as I can’t seem to resolve the issue and have tried almost everything.I have users that are based overseas some mailboxes archive but others don’t. What I have found is that Enterprise vault is hitting the mailb...

LanceMa by Level 3
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Resolved! SMTP Holding Folder - disk corruption prevention

Hello all, Seeking advise/solutions. When using SMTP archiving (EV11/12) you need a holding folder. If the disk which has the holding folder corrupts, you risk loosing data. If a journal message is send by SMTP it 'disappears' from Exchange, and gets...

GertjanA by Moderator
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SQL 2016

Is EV 12.0.1 compatible with SQL 2016? Or does it need to be upgraded to 12.1 first?

EV Archive Shorcuts in Outlook takes time to disappear

Hi,Good day to everyone.We created Mailbox Policy:*Do not Delete original item after archiving*Do not Create shorcut to archived item after archivingAbove was Untick under Archiving ActionsSymantec_Enterprise_Vault_11_0_1_CHF5Is there a way to fixed ...

Resolved! EV URL inaccessible after IIS changes

Hello guys,We've recently changed the setting "Allow unlisted file name extensions" under "Request Filtering Settings" in IIS, and since then the Enterprise Vault webpage cannot be accessed.We don't want to allow the unlisted files hence we don't wan...

Exchange 2013 CU19 with EV11.0.1

Hello,We have EV 11.0.1 CHF5 and for now this version is not compatible with the last CU19 for Exchange 2013.Do you have any idea if this version will be compatible?Thanks.

Backups jobs and maintenance jobs

1) Using BackupExec, what configuration do you use for backup? A one-off job? Or separated?A:2) In SQL maintenance tasks, do you make full backup of the databases as well?7A:3) And in maintenance tasks, do you create separate tasks or a unique one?A: