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Resolved! Archive email until a particular date automatically

Hello.I need to archive all email until 31/12/2016.Now i have an Archiving Policy based on number of days calculated from 31/12/2016 until the day when i manually start Archiving Task.The problem is that i have to run Exchange task every day manually...

Resolved! Move Enterprise Vault to New Domain

Dear All,Following is my EnvironmentI have Ev 11.1 Which is  configured for cross forest archiving. Ev is in c Domain. I have Exchange 2007 in A and B domain respectively.Enterprise vault server is in cluster.From Manegement new domain requirement ha...

gsingh1 by Level 3
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Mailbox Partially Processed: Pass Limit Reached

Hello Vox Members,Needed some clarity regarding the EV Archiving Task Report pertaining to the status and substatus; Partially Processed: Pass Limit Reached.I am working on EV 11.0.1 (heading for an upgrade to EV12.2 in a few days), on a VCS Cluster ...

Journal search strings

Am looking to do some boolean searches across the EV journal. So if i search for "jar" or "apple" it also finds anything with the word or..which i don't want. Anyone got some experience with this and offer assistance? Also how many items can be expor...

Archive item cannot be show in Outlook's Vault

Hi,We have some new enable ev users no items show in the Vault after sync completed without error in Outlook. user login the websearch and confirm that all archvie items can be show.Checked with user that the inbox's structure is there. but there are...

Y1251 by Level 4
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Journaling mailbox task fails.

Hey Guys, I am trying to figure out why EV sometimes pulls messags out of hte journal mailbox correctly and other times just sits there and does nothing. So far, Mailbox Sync's without issue, services, tasks started. The number of items does update w...

Resolved! Migrating Closed Vault store partitions to a new storage

Hi,Our vault store partitions are on NetApp Storage. There are alot of closed partitions for all vault stores which we are planning to migrate to different NetApp Filer.I have referred to the following article:

Resolved! What happen is an archive as no Billing account

Hi All, I have a question about the Billing Account, In the following scenario what is the best way? I'm thinking of removing the billing account?We delete some mailbox (Exchange) we leave the archive (Enterprise Vault) for Historical reason, I chang...

Tonaco_pt by Moderator
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Resolved! Ev 11 to 12 Migration SMTP Configuration

Hello,We are Migrating (2008r2) EV 11.0.1 cf5 to Ev 12.0 (2012r2). Ev 11.0.1 customer using SMTP Journal. And I already Installed New EV 12.0 installed SMTP component(But not  configured both Ev and SMTP setting). Do I need to any extra configuration...

vaultlearner by Level 4
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Exchange 2016 CU7 issues?

Hi,Currently on customer site where a migration/upgrade project from Exchange 2010 to Exchange 2016 is taking place and they are running EV 11.0.1 with CHF5The consultant and customer wants to use CU7 that is still listed in pending state in the late...

HansS by Level 2
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File system archiving with HNAS

Dear Team,We have Hitachi HNAS-3080 as a file server. We want to add this storage as FSA target.I refer EV compatibility chart but not able to find any details of HNAS. Can someone help me whether this is compatible or not?I got to know that we are n...

MM2014 by Level 3
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Corrupted Data. Had to do a restore.

Hey Guys, (EV 11 CHF 5) One of our CLOSED Evault partitions became corrupted and we had to do a restore from CommVault. The backup of this partition was from about 10 days ago. We also restore an incremental as well after the full backup was restored...

Storage expiry no longer deletes archived items - EV 11.0.5

Hi, it is since October 2nd that Storage Expiry job no longer delete items. I don't understand the reason. Every day the eventlog reports 0 items deleted. Also ran it in report mode and I get the same result.I ran the query suggested in this technote...

BK_IT by Level 2
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How to upgrage ev 11.0.1

EV-Version:11.0.1 ON Windows 2008 R2, SQL 2008R2Exchange -Version : 2010The Exchange Server Need upgrade to exchange2016CU5,I check the ev scl ,EV11.0.1CHF5 can support EX2016cu5.  SO I upgrade the ev version to ev11.0.1chf5,,and upgrade the outlook ...