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Resolved! Failing reporting service can be a problem to migrate

Hi,I have a customer with reporting services for EV 11. They want to migrate to 14.2. This reporting services seems to be in a failing state, I don't know the details but I think is something involved to the SQL server for this reporting service. I t...

Disarchive email box

Good morning,is there a way to unarchive all emails saved in an email box? I mean an authomatic way, not  manually. Thanks

Outlook with EVS plugin + F5, TMG, HMA

Hi gyusMore authentification models ( TMG, F5, SSO, HMA) are working with external access to Outlook with EV plugin. But after correct login to Outlook and continuing  with open some options of EV plugin the logon is needed, again.  ( checked for F5,...

PetrHanz by Level 4
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Enterprise vault planning

Hi All,I asked to create an HLD and LLD for one of our customers which have 2x Exchange servers with more than 20000 mailboxesand as per book, each enterprise vault server should only handle 5000 users max and only 1x archiving task per exchange serv...

Regarding Database fragmentation levels

HI, I have email and file archiving server, most of time the below message will show in admin console that EV mail archiving DB have database fragmentation levels, may I know which table meet fragmentation levels and fix it?==========================...

Y1251 by Level 4
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Resolved! Unread/read property status in the archive

 Hi guys,Mailboxes are  archiving by API ( Desktop policy)  and by SMTP journaling. EV 12.5. 1 How is  possible to display  the flag read/unread of a message in archive ?        May be in EV search - customizing view or SQL query. ?2 How I can change...

PetrHanz by Level 4
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Archive calendar item in EV

Hi,Kindly be informed that we would use EV to archive calendar items for users, May I know as below?If we enable archive calendar and archive recurrence meeting has been archived, is any impact further meeting?If recurrence meeting has been archived,...

Y1251 by Level 4
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Resolved! EVPBA is quarantined

In certain environments EVBPA.exe might be quarantined as in the example below, where CylanceSvc quarantined EVBPA302.exe as soon as it was extracted. You will need to work with the customer to either disable Cylance or whitelist EVBPA302.exe or defi...

redacted_EVBPA qurantined by CylanceSvc.png

Custodian manager - Standalone POC

Do we have solution for installing or continue using custodian manager if we backup Directory DBs, DA dbs and custodian manager settingsVersion: Enterprise Vault Discovery Accelerator 10.0

Arun_K7 by Level 1
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Upgrade from EV 12.4.1 to 12.5.3

Hello all,My question is: our EV database is very large and probably Start-EVDatabaseUpgrade cmdlet will not work correctly. Why? Use EVVaultStoreDBSelect count(*) from JournalArchive where BackupComplete = '0'Use EVVaultStoreDBSelect count(*) from J...

Include attachments in powershell Export-EVArchive

Hello together,I have a question regarding the different between the powershell cmdlet Export-EVArchive and the export via console.We figured out, that there was a missmatch from the results when adding a daterange, because via powershell the attachm...

Resolved! Outlook Version from Office 365 subscription

Hi,is it possible to install a outlook version from the office 365 subscription on the ev servers?I think, the outlook versions from o365 are slightly different to the normal outlook version from a normal office package. I can´t find anything about t...

[Fresh Install] error creating vault directory

hi all,Iam facing this issue while creating the vault directory for the first time in a standalone server.required permission is assigned correctly on both EV server and SQl server.No events logged on both SQL and EV server   


custom search field

Hello,I would like to know if any of you as a list of all available custom search field. I know how to add a custom field in the search columns but I need to know all the available values ( like keys for outlook categories) for an item.I need to know...

Resolved! License of EV 14.2 valid for 14.1?

Hi Folks, I need to "downgrade" from 14.2 to 14.1 because I use Backup Exec 21 for protection, and that does not support the new flex index and snapshot structure with its EV Agent (although the SCL suggests it - but it's not true). As I am not in pr...

bert_geiger by Moderator
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Event 3492 is logged by the Mailbox Archiving Task

Hello,I just have 1 question.We are getting lots of Event 3492, we followed the instruction in this post Event 3492 is logged by the Mailbox Archiving Task.My question is can I run this for all mailbox? what happens if I do?Thank you for your support...

Tonaco_pt by Moderator
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