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Resolved! service pack upgrade. Empty msmq?

Im currently planning on upgrading Enterprise Vault from the original release to sp4. I have the upgrade documentation ready but im wondering about one part of the upgrade process which is emptying the MSMQ queues. How do i do this? We have about ...

total_noob by Level 4
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File System Archiving Migrate Archive

Can FSAUtility be used to migrate File System Archives from one Enterprise Vault system to another and if so, what's the syntax for doing it? I know it can be used to move the Placeholders but what if I want to keep the placeholders in the same place...

Scott_Riser by Level 4
Partner Accredited
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Domino/Exchange setup

Did some looking, but can't find much info on an environment containing both Domino and Exchange servers. 1.  Would I need separate EV servers for my Domino tasks and Exchange tasks?  Or could I run tasks for both off of one server? 2.  Can my Domin...

Next Version, when and what

We have been waiting on the next version to be released. We also want to know the specifics of the compatibility requirements, What OS’s it works with, SQL versions etc. v8.0.x was prety much Windows 2003 SP2+ and SQL 2005 Std if you wanted everythi...

event id 6578/4171 abnormal error fsa archiving

Hi, I am getting the following errors on my Enterprise vault file archiving server event id:6578 abnormal error object: cconverter reference: iic/if event id: 4172 abnormal error occured with the memory mapped stream object name: c$2$dst reference:...

Celtic by Level 5
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Resolved! Change Storage Expiry Setting in Archive Properties

is there an option for a script to set/clear the setting for "delete expired items from this archive automatically" on individual archive properties (advanced tab)? I have a list of people who have unlimited retention for items stored in EV.  I have...

MASIV by Level 4
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FSA not arvhiving everything

Hi, I have noticed on one of our custmer sites that the policy for file archiving is not working as expected. The policy states archive modifed over 2 years ago. However not all files are been archived by the policy. I think it may be mostly files in...

Celtic by Level 5
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EV 7.5 detached directory database

I detached the EnterpriseVaultDirectory database in prep for moving it to a new SQL server but it disappeared once detached! I have searched the SQL server to no avail - any ideas? I can restore it but would prefer to find it and continue with attach...

PST Migration not working i think

I have had this running and working a few days ago, than had an issue with the migration of a few PST files, and sorted that out and it started working again, so i have manually started the PST migration task to run now and when looking at the log i ...

burtos by Level 5
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Issue with Journaling Connector - EV 8 Sp2

OK, this is a fresh installation of the Journaling connector.  My client and I have performed these steps from #302829 document from Symantec's site: I have been through some of this document: -          Checked tblVaultSamples – there is no data -...

Resolved! MSMQ location best practice

Hello, I know that the Symantec best practice for the location of the MSMQ directories is not on the system volume, but I haven't been able to find out why. I'm distributing my EV site over several VMware servers and would like to keep the disk use...

Resolved! Exporting Archived items back into the Mailbox

Hello, To allow a transition from Exchange 2003 to 2007, I am in the process of exporting everyone's EV archive back into their Exchange mailbox (Enterprise Vault will be retired, and then freshly rebuilt at some future point.) When exporting t...

rnt123 by Level 5
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Cannot archive-enable a mailbox

Archive-enable fails with Event ID 3139. Synchronization for this one mailbox also fails with Event ID 3136. I deleted the mailbox's archive from the vault, removed all entries of that mailbox from SQL and then ran provisioning, but I still cannot ...