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Shortcuts moved to non-archived mailbox

Hi All. We have EV2007 (7.5) for exchange 2003. I have come across a problem where archived mailbox users are moving their shortcuts into a non-archived team mailbox which other team members then cannot access. Is there any way of giving them access ...

Resolved! Folder based shortcut retentino period

EV 8 SP3 - Our users want to create 3 retention folders with retention of - "1 year, 5 years and 10 years" which I have created with EVPM. Now they would like to keep the shortcuts in - 1 year folder = 6 months long 5 years folder = 1 year long 10 ...

evinfo by Level 4
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Resolved! Accessing EV operations when users are in roaming mode

Hi to all, and regards, We have a customer that is evaluating to buy Enterprise Vault for their Lotus Domino 8.0.5 platform. They have a headquarter and several branch offices (about 15). Users in roaming mode, (I mean, users that are not connected ...

Goltrek by Level 4
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Resolved! Cannot enable any mailboxes

Hello, I read past forum discussions on this matter but nothing seems to work.  I have a test lab running EV8, Exchange 2003, SQL 2005, and an XP client.  All of the services are running, and I am able to see the mailboxes and select them for enabli...

Resolved! How do I get message sizes in Discovery Accelerator

I've run a number of simple searches using Discovery Accelerator 8.0.3 but I cannot figure out how to get a total size of all the messages I found. In the Review section I see the Size Filter but it only lists the number of messages between certain s...

Merge two orgs to new

Here is the situation: Two companies are merging with different archive solution. 1 has Quest archive and other has EV.  Both companies have their own forest and domain with their own exchange 2003 orgs. We are in process of creating new Forest and d...

Resolved! Strange errors with EV 8 - assistance appreciated

Hi all, I've inherited a client with an EV 8 install that is displaying some strange behavior. Environment: EV Server (Win 2003 Ent SP2, EV 8.0 SP4, does Exchange Mailbox archiving and PST migration) SQL Server (Win 2003 Ent X64, SQL 2005) Severa...

biosphere by Level 4
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Resolved! Delay Recall of any Archived item in EMC Celerra

A few words about EV infrastructure. MSCS 2008 A/P, ev 8 SP3. FSA Target server EMC Celerra. The recall of any files on an EMC Celerra device has been found to be slow. Please see the following configuration in celerra device: DART 5.6 fsHome2: ...

GeorgeM by Level 4
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Resolved! Run Now on archive task should enable New mailboxes?

Hi all, I just want to make sure that so long as a user is ready to be enabled, i.e. you /could/ manually enable them from the wizard, that performing a "Run Now" on the appropriate archiving task should automatically enable that same mailbox? Only...

rasobey by Level 5
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Resolved! EV upgrade from Version 6 to 8

Hello Every one, I work for a large organisation with 15 thousand mailbox subjected to email archiving. We currently have EV6 SP5 installed and i am planning to upgrade it to EV 8 SP3. I am doing the case study on this updrage and would really appr...

danny22 by Level 2
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Cluster a Physical server and Virtual server for EV

Has anyone tried Physical to Virtual Clustering for EV? I'm looking into doing a Microsoft cluster between a Physical EV server and a Virtual EV server. The idea is for fail over. The Physical will house EV but by clustering it to a VM if the Physi...

Liam_Finn1 by Level 6
Employee Accredited Certified
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Resolved! Archiving leavers email once they have left the company

Just looking if there is an way to do the following, automatically archive a users email who have left the company I have set a leavers provisioning grp within EV pointing to an OU in AD.   Is there any other things i need to setup and check or is th...

burtos by Level 5
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Archiving from Hitachi NAS (HNAS - Bluearc head)

Hi, Is FSA archiving can be confiured for HNAS? HNAS successfully added as target and volume is created but gives access denied while creating archive point. For somehow on one volume archivepoint created successfully (i dont know how but atleast...

Ash by Level 3
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Resolved! How do you get Uncategorized Email

Hi All Okay I ran some SQL queries to look at what data has been categorized with what Retention Categories Across the various Vault Stores the customer has about 300 million items and out of those about 50 million according to SQL ,which I trust , a...

Resolved! EV 9.0 OS Compability

Hi, Many of my customers is wondering when EV is supportet to install on 2008 R2 or similar.  Does a compability list excist for EV 9.0?

OWA/Archive Explorer/SSL in EV 8 SP3

Hello - I have 2 questions regarding OWA/ArchiveExplorer/SSL. 1. Currently when we are testing our external OWA, archive explorer keeps going to "http://" rather than "https://". Can someone tell me what we need to change for Exchange 2007 and EV8...

evinfo by Level 4
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Resolved! How do I setup a specific folder to always be archived?

I'm setting up EV mainly for the purpose of consolidating a large number of PSTs for every user. The general Exchange Mailbox Policy will archive all mail after 1 year of age. After all of the PSTs are imported into the vault, I want there to be as s...