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Resolved! Attachments Missing from Archived items

Hi All EV 7 SP2 Windows Server 2003 Exchange 2008 Well the problem is since we migrated from exchange 2003 to 2008 it appears that the attachments in our archived items has disappeared and are replaced with the properties of the attachments at the ...

Resolved! E Discovery

Dear Sirs We have received an E-discovery licese from symantec, is it for Journal Archiving or DA ? Please Advice Thank you

Silvershare by Level 4
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Resolved! Backup Modus Enterprise Vault, why?

Hi there, Probably a stupid question, but why do I need to set the Enterprise Vault in Backup Mode before backup? Because most of the time the backup is still running and in backup mode when in the morning employees already want to work, the questio...

Resolved! Public Folder Archiving of EV 8.0

Hi, Does Public Folder Archiving Option of Enterprise Valut is included on the ENTERPRISE VAULT STORAGE MANAGEMENT ADVANCED EDITION FOR MICROSOFT EXCHANGE 8.0? Thank you.

yeng184 by Not applicable
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Resolved! Adding new EV server(s) to offload existing

Hi, I have an EV server that is way overworked (not able to archive all enabled mailboxes in the available archiving window, basically). What are the steps for adding additional EV servers to offload an existing one and distribute the load? Cheers

biosphere by Level 4
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Resolved! Deplyment scanner warning MSXML ans SQLXML

Hi Folks, I see a warning when running Deployment scanner on a customers EV Server.  Environment : EV Server - windows 2003 S2 R2 32Bit SQL Server -  Veritas CL with SQL 2008 SP1 X64 Standard Deployment scanner reports: SQL Server permissions: S...

Resolved! Outlook Add In EV 8

Hi All - I am running Enterprise Vault 8.0  SP4.    I am still in test mode, and as a test I selected myself as the first user.    I am running Windows 7 32 bit, using Outlook 2007.   When I try to install the Outlook Add-in, I get a Microsoft CRT e...

Resolved! FSA Agent remote install on Win 2008

Having trouble installing agent remotely on win 2008, no firewall is on, checked the remote registry and local service and local admin is vault service account.. when I go to remote install it goes through  copying of files then access denied.. here ...

juggernaut1 by Level 5
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Resolved! DA case owner?

Can i use just one  case owner ? i have many roles and one of tehm is case creator. but i want to do,case creator can select just one case owner in the list,all of the cases owner will be same. this is possible? thanks...

K_G by Level 6
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EV, Vault Cache, Saturated Link

I have searched around but cannot find any definitive answer to this question: We have been running EV for about 3 years now.  Recently upgraded to EV8.0.4.  I have enabled the vault cache/virtual vault cache.  When users enable the vault cache, it ...

MASIV by Level 4
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Resolved! EV Vault Search Times-Out with Internet Explorer

When I use the web app to search all archives in my vault with Internet Explorer it times-out. Is there a way to increase the time-out period? Maybe though an EV registery entry or IIS setting? I haven't had much luck with Google. I have 6000 archive...

Resolved! Help OWA does not work internally or externally

Hi All, I have the following setup: One Evault server for “Mailbox box archive”  One Evault server for Journal 2 Exchange 2007 Mailbox severs ( Clustered) 2 CAS servers, CAS1, CAS2 ( NLB) 2 HUB servers 1 ISA server in DMZ All Internal an...

Hzeid by Level 4
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Resolved! If SQL is down

Hi All! What will work from the Outlook client if the SQL server is down? Are the users able to accees archived items or will the only see the body? Thanks!

Krister by Level 5
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Resolved! EV80SP4 - Move Archive - moving an empty archive problem

While testing in testenvironment, I found the following: Testing moving archives between 2 stores in the same site/directory to new archives. Moving an archive that has items - works fine. Moving an empty archive - problem. Report will show it canno...

GertjanA by Moderator
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Resolved! Enterprise vault report by email

Hi all is there any way I can schedule the reports to be send to my email daily, as far I can not see any way to configure SMTP on Vault report, or in in SQL reporting service. second question: I can not view any of Authorization Reports and Data al...

Hzeid by Level 4
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