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retrieval of savset failed

hi guys i have accidently delete the dvs on the evstore and when i doing a search on the journal account it keep prompt me the event id  7083 storage crawler and event id 7288 index server. Please advise me how to clen up the missing dvs on the evs...

demo4119 by Level 6
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Resolved! Archive Explorer embedded in Outlook - keep navigation pane

Hey Folks, I am looking for a way to keep the Archive explorer embedded in Outlook and also keep the outlook navigation pane on the left side. The usual setting is, that the Archive explorer hides the Navigation pane in outlook. and shows it again w...

HolgerM by Level 4
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Resolved! Move Vault stores to a different EV server

How do you move the vault stores to a new EV server? I followed this technote - - but I don't have anything in the EnterpriseVault directory because it is a new install. I can't find anywhere how to...

Resolved! Delete Archives messages with no shortcuts.

We have implemented a retention policy and users have started cleaning out their mailboxes. This means that some users have already deleted shortcuts to vaulted items from 2 years ago without deleting the associated vault item. I did enable the delet...

Resolved! Exchange Domain Servers group contain EV servers

Hey all, I have a few different EV enviorments...some v8.0+ and some still in 7.5.  I noticed today that all of the EV 8 servers are members of the Exchange Domain Servers group in AD.  This group usually only contains Exchange servers and they are ...

Mnereng by Level 4
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Resolved! Backing up a full vault store partation in EV8.sp3

we use CommVault to backup EV and last week one of mailbox vault stores on the EV server filled up and rolled over to the new store. with the backup CommVault sets EV in read only backups incremental Monday to Thursday and full on Friday. the full s...

LouisD by Level 3
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Resolved! Input around EV Storage Expiry impact

Afternoon All I have a customer who when they enabled Storage Expiry realized that some Journal data had been incorrectly stamped with the wrong Retention Category .The result is that 2.3 Million items have been deleted off Centera and the Journal...

Resolved! Disable File Archiving for individual directories

Product: Enterprise Vault 8.0 SP3 File Archiving Can somebody advise me about the best method to disable archiving for some directories within a Volume that is already being archived. The Volume has one Archive Point.

wkuiper by Level 3
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Netbackup 7 and EV 8

Anyone using Netbackup 7 against EV 8? Our backupteam has upgraded to Netbackup 7 and want to upgrade the clients to the new ones. Any thougts about that or experiance? Thanks! Krister

Krister by Level 5
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Resolved! Vault cache not enabling

Hi I've upgraded from EV 7.5 sp6 to EV 8.0 sp4. I've enabled vault cache and virtual vault and in the policy it's user decide. But no option is turning up under tools->enterprise vault. And in the client status it says vault cache never enabled, dis...

Resolved! Welcome message Event ID 2297

Hi Everyone,   After reading the "setting up Exchange Server Archiving" doc, I've set up the EnableMailboxMessage.msg but when I enable a new user's mailbox, he doesnt receive the Welcome message? The instructions aren't very detailed. Am I missing a...

alogic by Level 4
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Resolved! DA - No Searchable Vault Stores

All - I've just installed DA (8.0.3) server with the customer/custodian manager/configuration database without any issues. I have "EVADMIN" with the "Discovery System Admin" priviledges and I gave "Discovery System Admin" all of the permissions in D...

EVHolic by Level 5
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Resolved! Strip attachments to non-shortcut items

If I turn on the mailbox policy setting "Strip attachments to non-shortcut items," I know that the attachment item will be removed and a link to it will be provided in the archived Calendar, Task, etc item.  But what happens to the attachment item?  ...

Resolved! Monitoring Web App (EVOM) minimum permissions

Hi folks Following an EV 7.0sp3 -> EV 8.0 Sp4 upgrade, the account we used to log into the Monitoring Web App (EV Operations Manager) has somehow lost permissions to do so, and we just get a webpage telling us: The account you are using does not h...

ianG by Level 5
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Resolved! EV support for Outlook 2010

We need an EV Outlook add-in service pack or upgrade that works in Outlook 2010. Your Enterprise  Vault 9 product , not due until the end of the year, is far to late for us to wait. I am rather shocked that a company such as Symantec would not have ...

wildman by Not applicable
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Resolved! EV 7.5 SP3 - EV 8.0 SP4 Cluster Upgrade

Hi All, I am looking into upgrading two EV Active/Passive clusters to 8.0 SP4 from 7.5 SP3. I have been looking at the upgrade notes for such a configuration and it seem straight forward enough. The confusion I am getting though is with regards to t...

Centera Replication Speeds?

Hi All, Could those of you that use Centera please help me out here.  I would like to get a rough estimate of average Replication Speeds. We are seeing 600/700KB/S on a 48 node cluster and are informed by EMC this is normal. So could you please pos...

Wayne_Humphrey by Level 6
Partner Accredited Certified
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