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outlook add in -  support for mobile

Hello,we recently installed enterprise vault into our organization.we chose to enable the outlook add-in to enable users to access their archived emails.the add-in works nicely on OWA and outlook 2013 onward (well after recent office updates it requi...

gkman by Level 5
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Attachments are not opening from within the vault.

In order to open an attachment from within Outlook 2013 I have to open the "Enterprise Vault" tab and then use the "Vault Search" feature. Approximately a week ago we were able to open attachments from within Outlook 2013 simply by opening the messag...

SQL server upgrade

Hi Everybody,I'm running EV10.4 and SQL 2008 R2 and planning to upgrade to 11 and SQL 2012, my first step is to upgrade the DB, is there any particular issue to be considered to run an upgrade in place of the SQL server from 2008 to 2012 ? tks

Resolved! move ISG members to other DC

Hello all,Does anyone has experience with the below scenario? One Index Server Group, containing 4 physical Index servers, 2 Index server in DC1, 2 in DC2.Disks with indexes are replicated from DC1 to DC2 and VV.If a DR occurrs, USL is used to move i...

GertjanA by Moderator
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Unable to archive folders

Dear All,This is regarding Enterprise Vault file system archivingWe are using EV 11.0.We have added two folders for archiving under volume. But archiving not happened for these two folders.Last time when we had open case with Veritas for similar issu...

MM2014 by Level 3
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Vault cache synchronization failed

Users Vault cache synch failling and trying /evanon VD. (Outlook 2013 with evclient 12.2 /11.0.x)Based on client log below, i think our users vault cache synchronization is failling because the vault cache is trying to use /evanon virtual directory a...

Dgo by Level 4
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Enterprise vault trial software

Hello,During the Symantec period, trial software and 30day keys were available through a special link: the move to Veritas, I have searched for an alternative incl. the entitlement portal (I can see that I...

Resolved! TransVault and EV9.0.4 - performance

Hello all, We're migrating personal archives from a static EV9.0.4 environment into Exchange 2013 using TransVault Up to 2 months ago we had reasonable performance. In the last two months numerous Exchange servers have been added, to balanc...

GertjanA by Moderator
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Delete items with no shortcut

Hello,We currently have our policy set to shortcut delete only. We are planing on re-hydrating quite a few mailbox which would restore the deleted items. Is there anyway to delete an item if there is no shortcut for it in Outlook? We do not want to r...

Large number of Event 28993 is being suppressed

Hello All,I'm running EV 12.1.0. I see large number of Event 28993 being suppressed while running archiving task. I believe it a warning message thrown every time there is an issue converting large item.I would like to know if there is a way to know ...

EVCR 12.2

Hi guys, do you know if EVCR 12.2 is available? I could not find it on box or sharepoint, I also tried the 12.1 version against a 12.2 system and it does not work

Mouse by Moderator
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Outlook Unable to retrieve archived attachments

Hi FriendsWe have an issue where multiple users compalined they were unable to retrive the attachments from the archived emai and when they restore the archive email they were able to open the attachments, can someone please direct me to correct way ...

EV 11.0.1 CHF5; MS Offcat Tool EV Add-In

Hello together,a customer perfomed a Microsoft Offcat analyze ( on several clients. In the offcat report he can see the following about the enterprise vault Add-In:The 'EnterpriseVault.De...

Resolved! Archived item suddenly not able to open in Oulook 2010

Hey guys,since some days I am not able to open an archived item on my Windows 7 Client with Outlook 2010. In the backend we are using Exchange 2013.Everytime I try to open an archived item it looks like the EV Addin is not installed. (see picture)But...

MON_AB by Level 4
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EV service account domain admin

Hi All,Does the VSA need domain admin credentials? Ours is and our security team want to remove the domain admin membership.Has anyone done this and what were the consequences?I can see why the domain admin permissions might be needed during install ...

Archive status for orphaned archive

We have a large number of orphaned archives. The mailboxes have been deleted but the archive status still show the archive as an active archive. Since there is no mailbox I cannot use a Zap. What other options od I have?