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Resolved! Archived vs real size

Hello. Is it possible (without EV Reporting installed) to determine what the real size is of archived mail? Thanks.

GertjanA by Moderator
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Resolved! EV9 and Ex2010 SP1

As 2010 SP1 is now going to be released in beta in June, when are we likely to see support for EV and 2010? 4th Qtr? Or will EV9 support 2010 without SP1?

powlot by Not applicable
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Resolved! Change link name

Hey it is possible to change your url address for the ev server, so it creates links with a new name and archive explorer and search refers to a new address eg old http://ev.domain1.local two new http://ev.domain2.local I just think it's the site al...

mias by Level 4
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Resolved! EV 8SP3 - ArchiveBit problem

Hello All We are using netapp device for primary archive repository, so all file don't have archive bit reseted by backup process (snapshot methods). It was not a problem until now. Now, we are using TSM (DR550) to move old archive to secondary dis...

Josserand by Level 4
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Resolved! Issue with Offline vault

Hi I am facing an issue with offline vault As I open my outlook and it try to download mails to vault cache but it is unable to download and ask for username & password consistently. Same is happening if I access my offline vault Previously it wa...

Exporting 200 archives to PST

Hi, I need to export over 200 users archive to a PST.  What I am wondering is if (1) Can this be automated? i.e I have the list of AD names... (2) Can we remove the shortcuts in the mailbox as we export? We cannot restore directly back into the us...

Minke by Level 4
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Archive Explorer and parentfolderrootidentity set to null

Hello, Recently I have had several issues with FSA data not showing up properly in Archive Explorer. I opened a case with Symantec and we found that the parentfolderrootidentity for several folders were set to null when they should have been set to t...

Vikes_2 by Level 6
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Resolved! Backup Scripts for TSM Tivoli...

Are there any Enterprise Vault backup scripts that work with TSM (Tivoli)? I am looking for backup scripts that put the index locations and archives in “Backup Mode” before a backup runs and takes them out of “Backup Mode” when the backup completes....

Resolved! Automatically delete archives when they become empty?

Is there a way to have EV automatically delete an archive when it becomes empty?  We keep emails for 5 years.  When an employee leaves the company, I archive everything in his/her mailbox to EV, then keep that archive for 5 years.  During that time, ...

Deleting original PST after migration

In my PST Migration Policy settings, in the Post Migration tab, the option to delete the original PST is grayed out.  Can someone tell me why this option isn't available?  I'm creating the migrated item shortcuts in the mailbox.  I'm running EV 8.0 S...

Can't open archived item in OWA

Hi everybody I have a problem with opening archived items in OWA. I have EV 2007 SP 2007 SP3 working with Exchange 2007 SP2. The infrastructure is separated to two large locations. SEV servers are in one site and Exchange server I have problem with i...

Ralfeus by Level 4
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Resolved! Upgrade from 7.0 to latest

Hello all,  I have some few questions that I would like to clarify before doing any work on this, I have been handed a project to do some upgrade of our vault and in the same time virtulise it as well. I was wondering if there is a way we could ins...

mouradb by Level 2
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Resolved! Unable to retreive from notes archive **Please Help**

Hi all, EV 7 SP5, Windows Server 2003 Standard We have encountered a problem on our EV server today with lotus notes archiving.  All users are unable to retrieve archived items.  The client throws an error about "unable to open the NSF database" bu...

Changing the vault site alias?

Hi, we need to update the external owa url for the enterprise vault service. Currently, if you access the archive within owa from external, you get redirected to The vault site name is also called

vmds by Level 5
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Automatic dropbox archive solution for Thunderbird users

Hi Everyone, Our Organisation uses half Windows and half Linux.  A bulk of our userbase uses Mozilla Thunderbird 2.x & 3.x as the default Mail client. From my understanding there's no plugin for other mail clients other than Outlook and Entourage, wh...

alogic by Level 4
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Resolved! Weird annoymous emails appear in IMAP Thunderbird client

Hi Everyone, In our environment we're using Exchange 2007 SP1 & Enterprise Vault SP3 A bulk of our users are using Mozilla Thunderbird 2.x & 3.x as the default mail client,  I received EV message with no sender or subject in Thunderbird. There's an a...

alogic by Level 4
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Resolved! Restore Email

Hi, Kindly clarify. If we manually restore email from Enterprise Vault (either from Archive Explorer or Outlook) will it delete the messages from EV database as well?   Our policy is to keep all emails in archive and we want to restrict the users fro...