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Vault Cache/Offline vault

All, We are currently using EV8 SP3 on a Windows 2003 SP2.  Our messaging platform is Exchange 2003 SP2 with the clients using Outlook 2003 SP2. We currently have a issues will all of our clients using Off line vault we get the error below; ' sr...

Resolved! EV Client with Windows 7?

Guys, Has anyone got any current views on how combatible EV Clients are on Windows 7, outlook 2007/2010? I have seen some old posts with RC's, but would like to know about how things look today? I have checked over the compatibility charts and th...

Resolved! Mixing EV server OS's

Im just planning an upgrade to our EV infrastructure which will involve adding an second server to ease the load of the FSA archiving that we will be implementing.. Currently the first server is running 32bit W2k3... Would i have any issues creating...

Col_G by Level 4
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Viewing others Archived Items on Different Servers

Hi I have one AD Domain, spread through various cities in Australia. We have two instances of Enterprise Vault Installed, one in Sydney, and one In Brisbane. The instances are both separate from each other, apart from that they are on the same AD ...

LeeEV by Level 2
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An Apprpriate RPO fro Vault Store Databases

Can anyone comment on an apprpriate RPO for Vault Store databases? what is the impact to the archive environment if a database retore has an RPO of say two weeks ago? How can the lost data from such a restore be recovered or is it lost forever?

mitcher by Level 4
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Resolved! Individual archive technical limits

Wondering if anyone knows of a technical limit to the size and/or number of items in an individual archive. For example, I have come across an individual archive that is 44GB in size with 787,000 items. Is there any cause for concern? Should it be di...

AndrewB by Moderator
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Resolved! How to automate "Store in Vault"...

Hi Forum, Does anyone have any URLs pointing to any references re calling "EV" functionality from VBS?  I want to automate the "Store in Vault" button funtionality.  i.e. create an end-user script that trundles down the email folder structure and ...

sdo by Moderator
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Resolved! Outlook Forms-Not the usual

Hi there have tried all the usual things. reset ev client, re register forms, delete extend.dat and frmcache.dat only one user affected by this. he has outlook 2007 and we run ev 8.0 SP3. he has been here for years, recently upgraded to office 2007 ...

TheCrow by Level 4
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Resolved! Missing attachments after Email Archive

Hello All I have ran in to some problem, yesterday I setup a retention policy to archive anything older than few months and some users are now reporting the attachements in the mail is missing. When I checked this the file is replaced with EAS and t...

Jun1or by Level 5
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Missing OWA Icons

Hello All We recently had an issue where icons were missing for all users in OWA, I removed the backend and front end extensions and this seems to fix the issue. However I have one particular user when logged in OWA icons are not there, I can see th...

Jun1or by Level 5
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Resolved! HTTP connection failed to EV server

We still appear to have an issue that when user's mailboxes are first enabled for archiving they get prompted for credentials. In the vault information log on the client, we get the following however you can browse to this location via IE without is...

Resolved! Possible EV upgrade issue

Hi All I have a customer that we are doing an upgrade to EV 8.0 sp3 from 7.5 sp3  this weekend I have  a concern around something that may cause as issue They have 3  x Mailbox Archiving Stores and 1x Journal Store Each Store has between 6-8 partitio...

Resolved! How to enable SSL on Enterprise Vault

Hello, Guys do you have some experience or solutions to how to enable SSL on IIS directories for Enterprise Vault machine - any step-by-step guide or articles... ? So, i need this operation on EVault 8.0 SP3 ver. to change HTTP 80 port to HTTPS 443...

Protecting INDEX Locations

Hi I am working on a very large installation of EV for archiving and Journaling EMAIL - we expect in excess of 150,000 accounts over the next few years. We have been advised by the BA's that FULL Indexing is required for both user and journal archi...

mitcher by Level 4
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Resolved! SQL assistance gathering EV information

Since there are no canned reports that can provide this information - are there any SQL gurus who could help write a quick query (2008 sql) that would provide summary information by vault user on the total number and total size of email that will b...

Resolved! SQL CPU Usage is at 100%

The archiving service was running against a remote SQL server, and EV was causing it to run at 100% CPU.  The EV services had to be stopped as it was killing other SQL operations.  They are running EV 7.5.  This just started yesterday, and no change...