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eVault API Help in retriving sharepoint items

Hi, I am developing C# .NET application with the help of eVault API to retrieve sharepoint items that are archived. I have installed eVault runtime and imported the ContenetManagement API in my solution. However, I did not find much help around codin...

What do YOU want to see and discuss in this group?

We want to ensure this Group is useful to you - let us know what topics you'd like to discuss by starting your own discussion threads, start a blog entry, ask product questions, SharePoint questions, post a video or submit an event that you want othe...

bmarkey by Level 3
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Resolved! Problems accessing archived items

Hello to all, I have a big problem to accessing archived messages. Accidently, with no interaction in Evault server, i found that i dont access neither archived items, also a newly archived messages (Messages with attachments) and the following mes...

Resolved! Policy to disable the AutoArchive

Dear all, Where can i found the policy to disable the function in Outlook Autoarchive with Symantec Enterprise Vault 8. I found the function in Enterprise Vault but that is when we are import PST files so i hope that we can do it with a Policy ...

PST migration time

Am I right in thinking that the following PST file (which was 7Gb) finished its migration process at 23:15, or was the finish time when it failed to reset the read-only status (08:17)? PST Migrator Task Report File: C:\Program Files\Enterprise Vau...

Error while opening an archived item in Outlook

Hi, I am facing error while trying to open archived items in Outlook but the entire message opens only after showing a error window. Meanwhile I see an error and a warning is logged in the event log of the EV server. I am pasting the error and the w...

Ntfs to Centera migration

Hello All, I'm right now starting a migration of few Tb of Data  with partition on SAN disks to a partition on the Centera ones.For this purpose I'm using the ntfstocenteramigrator tools delivered with EV ( our actual version is EV8 SP1). The transfe...

OWA Access OK but RPC over HTTP is KO

Hello, It seem that there is pprobleme accessing archived email throught Outlook client congigured to use rpc over http My OWA access work properly :  double clicking an email let user acces to the original email. Using RPC over HTTP outside the dom...

ElGringo by Level 6
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EV 8.0 archiving very slow

Recently we had our EV 7.0 installation (2 EV servers on a 3 node Microsoft cluster) upgraded to EV 8.0 (SP3). The installation went to plan and everything has continued to work. Except for a matter of speed. Previously we could, in our 5 hour archi...

Resolved! EV and ISA

Hello, I need to configure ISA2006 to make OWA working with EV. I tried to use this technical article but it does not work for me... I guess that I should have make mistake somewhere on ...

ElGringo by Level 6
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Resolved! PST Migrator Tas

All - We have a shared "D$" drive on our VCS cluster within an active and a passive node. Everything is functioning appropriately, except PST Migrator Task. When I try to create the Migrator Task, it wants a "Local" folder for the migrator task to m...

EVHolic by Level 5
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Resolved! Unusual provisioning group behaviour

A users mailbox became dormant/disabled at one point, and as a result entered a 'disabled user OU'. This made it fall into an EV provisioning group which then archived it off with a 0 day policy, all shortcuts deleted. User subsequently came back, a...

ianG by Level 5
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Resolved! Defrag on Index Locations

Hi All The performance guide says this is recommended as one of the steps to ensure performance ,just stop the Index Service so you don't conflict with updates Is this still the general consensus ?

Resolved! Archive stuck in "Marked for deletion" state

Hello everyone, I have been migrating test archives from an old vault store to a new one. Everything is running smoothly except when I delete the archive from the old vault store, it stays in a "Marked for deletion" state. I've looked around the for...

Server driven PST migration

Just started the first couple of users as part of our PST migration project and hit a few issues. The first user had a few smaller PST's (approx 500Mb) which the Migrator Task handled fine, but then there was a 7Gb file which run for so long that it...