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Resolved! License information

We have a 250 user licences for enterprise vault for Exchange. This number corresponds to the number of active users we have. In addition to this number we have a number of disabled users which we would like to archive too. What I was looking to know...

Resolved! FSA install - .Net Framework Question

Hello,I went to install the FSA client onto our main file server, and got the below message. 'Failed: .Net Framework 2.0 SP2 not installed' Can I install a later version (e.g. .Net 4.5) or does it have to be the one specified? Many thanks 

Bar_JB by Level 3
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EV11/CHF5 indexing issue with Repository.xml file size

hi teamjust curious to see if anyone out there has previously encountered an issue with the Repository.xml file reaching its hard limit of 2GB? The result of this is that EV fails 1000's of indexes before stopping, then it won't come back online.I ha...

PC-OZ by Level 2
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EV 12 large number of savesets

Hi all,We are using Ev 12.0 with Win 2012 R2 at a customer.1 Exchange1 VaultStore1 Journalmailboxunder 100 Email-Usersand some special mailboxes with a lot of system mails.After a server crash we are facing issues with savesets that will built up (cu...

CConsult by Moderator
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Resolved! Installing EV 11.0.1 HF5

Hi,I have recently upgraded our ev servers from version 10.0.4 CF4 to 11.0.1We only use EV of Exchange, and there is 2 different sites,one on servers 2012 and the other on server 2008 R2.I now need to put on 11.0.1 HF5, i am just wondering do i need ...

MIgration to a new file server

Hi, I am in need of moving my file server to new os. All the shares are residing on SAN LUN and I plan on keeping the same server name and IP (only hardware and OS will be changed)Would this procedure work1) Install new server2) Shut down old server3...

Bothari by Level 3
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Resolved! Migrating A EV Enabled File Service - Would this work?

Hello everyone,I have a Server 2003 File Server with EV FSA enabled, which i need to migrate off our network asap - like this weekend. It has become problematic, freezes during the day - not to mention of course being out of support.We are currently ...

Resolved! Virtual Vault for new SMTP Archiving users

Hello,we used Exchange archiving the last 10 years but now moved to the EXO Cloud with our mailboxes.Therefore we now have to do SMTP Archiving. For our old users that already had Exchange archive, Virtual Vault is fine in Outlook and showing correct...

Andy297 by Level 4
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Resolved! problem with post upgrade v11 to v12

I upgraded ev 11 to 12.1, after the upgrade I ran the Start-EVDatabaseUpgrade command.This command failed with the error Start-EVDatabaseUpgrade : 'DF_AuditTrail_info' is not a constraint.Could not drop constraint. See previous errors.Database upgrad...

noamda by Level 2
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Resolved! Index Server Group servers Virtual or not?

Hello all, seeking experience..Does anyone use Index Server Group with index servers being virtual machines? If so, is this a large environment? What is your experience with this? Would you do it again, or would you use the 'old' configuration (stora...

GertjanA by Moderator
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