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View archive permissions of all archives

Hi, Is there a way to view the permissions of uswers on all my Vault archives at once? I know I can use the Permission Browser, but this show only one user at a time. I am using Enterprise Vault 6.0. Best regards, Chiel Varkevisser The Netherlands

Chielv by Level 0
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Domain renaming what happens with Enterprise Vault

Hello, We are planning to rename our domain during this year. The plan is to create an additional domain and to move the applications one by one to the new domain. I am wondering what consequences we have to expect with EVault. We have one Ente...

Resolved! Retrieving all Archived files

Hi, Do you know if there is a way to retrieve ALL archived files from Enterprise Vault Archive in one go. At the moment we are having to use the Enterprise Vault Archive Explorer and manually select the contents of each folder to restore to its origi...

JohnWWT by Level 3
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Mass restore items or move items to other Vault?

Hello, Maybe someone can give me advise on this: We have the following situation: In our company we use a email archiving system that is used by people to archive/store mails from their Inbox to a public folder accessable by their department. Wha...

Resolved! Duplicate Items in Virtual Vault

Hello there Have  just implemented Virtual Vault for a small number of users as a test. A few users are complaining that a few items are duplicated in the vault Can anyone please advise the cause of this

Resolved! Report Service on EV Server Issues

All - we are running on Windows 2008 SP2, EV 8.3, Sql Server 2005 SP3 (Reporting Service) on the EV the server. I can access the other virtual directory (eg. http://evserver/enterprisevault) but when I try to access the http://evserver/reports applic...

EVHolic by Level 5
Partner Certified
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Resolved! Outlook Add Ins + Citrix/Terminal Server

We have an EV 8.0 SP3 server running on Windows Server 2008. Everything works fine except on Outlook (2007 SP2) clients on our Citrix servers (Windows 2003 SP2). When Outlook is loaded after logging in, no buttons will be loaded but the archived item...

LilWashu by Level 3
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Resolved! Enterprise Vault Agent for NetBackup

Hi, I have a question for anybody who is using the Enterprise Vault agent for NetBackup.  When using this agent, how do the index locations and vault stores go into backup mode?  I've read through many symantec docs related to  Enterprise Vault agent...

EV 8.0 Architecture (Exchange)

The company I work for just purchased EV 8.0.  I am new to this program (just did a trial install in a lab), and there is no budget for training.  I'm currently try to size my environment so it's setup properly. Where I'm becoming confused is the ov...

Meg_G by Level 4
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Resolved! Import .PST to new archive

Hello, Is there a way to import a .PST file and create a new archive for it.  The scenario being our company aquires another one and they provide .PST files.  Not all the employees are coming to our company but we need to have their email available....

darrenh by Level 3
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Resolved! Virtual Cache\Vault using network drives

All, For security reasons we would like to store the virtual cache on a network drive (using either UNC or mapped path).  I am familiar with the limitations with storing PSTs. Has anyone done this?  How about while using Virtual Vault? Thanks Joe

JosephRodgers by Level 4
Employee Accredited Certified
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Resolved! End-User Export from Vault Question

My employer has recently adopted Vault.  I understand why IT is motivated to use Vault but the rules that have been set up as far as how and when emails are archived from Outlook is inconsistent with our office's work flow and timeframes for some pro...

DisG by Not applicable
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Resolved! Need help composing a SQL query

I am a basic SQL Query operator at best. I ca't seem to wrap my brain around nested queries or the like! I want to run a query that will do the following: - Context is the ArchiveFolder table in the Directory database - Get the RootIdentity from Ar...

Resolved! PKI - Exchange 2007 - EV80 - Journaling

Hello all, A question I cannot truly find an answer on. We plan to use PKI in our infrastructure in the future. Can EV then still archive messages from the journalmailbox, are these completely indexed, will they be ' researchable'  using DA? Does ...

GertjanA by Moderator
Partner    VIP    Accredited Certified
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Enterprise Vault Clients 8.0 Sp3 and EV 7.0 on server

HI All, We are about to do an in-place upgrade from 7.0Sp1 to 2007 then up to 8.0.  Is it possible to roll out the new client to all users prior to the upgrade?  Is this supported and has anyone tried this sucessfully? Thanks Ally

AllyT by Level 3
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Resolved! SQL Collation Latin1_General_BIN

Hi, A customer is wants to move his EV db's (from SQL2000) with Collation Latin1_General_CI_AS to a SQL2005 with master collation "Latin1_General_BIN". I know how to change collations for the EV Dbs (based on the Symantec support docs) but i'm not su...

HermanDV by Level 4
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Resolved! CA 8.0 - historical ad-hoc searches NOT possible?!?

We have been journaling for 6 months and have now installed CA.  Having installed CA and created the appropriate departments, we find that we cannot run ad-hoc searches prior to the creation of the department in CA even though we have historical data...

Trojenz by Level 4
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