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Cannot force vault mailbox

I'm stumped over a mailbox vault again.  I have a user that somehow got a 120 GB mailbox.  I have to get it vaulted.  I've tried to force vault it many times and nothing.  Their vault store is empty.  I've disabled/re-enabled them for vault.  I disab...

File System Analyzer

Hello,Could someone please attach the Enterprise Vault file system analyzer here?Also, does the latest version support Windows 2016 and SQL 2014/2016 and Exchange 2016?Thanks,

Qual by Level 2
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Number of EV servers that can be installed...

HelloI would like to know if there is any limitation on the number of servers with Enterprise Vault that can be installed in an organization. I do not know if at licensing level the only thing to keep in mind is the number of mailboxes/TB to be archi...

Script to create vault store partition and indexes....

Hi,In our environment we have almost 50+ EV servers and we facing issue when backup running almost 40+ Hrs in 3rd week.We are following the best practices to close the vault store & Index partitions almost in second week so we control the backup wind...

EV 11.0.1 using SMTP - Custom Filter Rules

Hi ! (sorry for my english, i'm french speaking)i'm new with EV 11.0.1 and I need to implement SMTP.  Actually we are using Exchange, this server drop the mails to another server called "B" and EV grab the mails from this server "B".  We want remove ...

SearchFolderManager and error 8004011d

Hi, I am currently at a customer and he got a lot of processing errors.In cause, some mailboxe get folders with more than 40K items (some have 100K+). I then tried to run the searchfoldermanger on one mailbox to test but no can do. I get that error P...

The_Boulon by Level 5
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FYI 12.0.3 available

Hello all,Just noticed release 12.0.3 is available.See for more information

GertjanA by Moderator
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Resolved! Remove Exchange 2007 servers...

HiWe have a mail platform with Exchange 2007/2013. We are going to delete the Exchange 2007 servers (all mailboxes are already in Exchange 2013) with the help of the following note: Article.TECH50256When doing s...

aaguilar by Level 4
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Moving Archive Points in File System Archiving

Hi,Working in a Windows 2012 R2 environment which is on an MSCS Cluster with 8 File Server Roles on 2 Physical Nodes. The  FSA Agent is 12.1.2 while the version on the EV Server is 11.0.1.CHF5.Would like to know, in an environment which has many Fold...

Resolved! Services hosted - move/delete these.

Hello all,I have the following 'issue'.This is an EV9.0.4 environment, hosting both Journal and Mailbox archives.There were 32 physical servers, 16 production, and 16 DR servers (Building block configuration)Each server has it's own alias.This enviro...

GertjanA by Moderator
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Resolved! Mailbox & Journal archiving

Hello Everyone I am looking for Mailbox & Jounal Archiving. But I am not sure what I should get in Enterprise Vault?If I buy Email Managenmt will it cover that?  I have 2 mail boxes so do i need 2 X EV Email Mgmt ?

Enterprise Vault SaveSet Decompression error

Hi All, We run into a problem at one of our clients. if a user tries to retrieve an item that was archived by EV. The following error is reported in the event view. Note that this has affected a large number of itemsCurrent version installed 11.1 CHF...

LanceMa by Level 3
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Move Archive Questions

Does EV “Move Archive” support moving from Centera archive to an archive that uses HCP streamer.Does EV “Move Archive” support moving from Centera archive to an archive that uses EMC (ECS) streamer. (below is something that was pulled from an Symante...

Windows 10 Mail-App and EV12

I have a client who is currently using EV12.1.1 for Exchange 2010/2016 Journal & Mailbox archiving.They have a requirement whereby a number of mobile users with laptops running Windows 10 need access to email, and the email will be subject to EV Arch...

SYM-AJ by Level 5
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