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Resolved! problem with post upgrade v11 to v12

I upgraded ev 11 to 12.1, after the upgrade I ran the Start-EVDatabaseUpgrade command.This command failed with the error Start-EVDatabaseUpgrade : 'DF_AuditTrail_info' is not a constraint.Could not drop constraint. See previous errors.Database upgrad...

noamda by Level 2
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Resolved! Index Server Group servers Virtual or not?

Hello all, seeking experience..Does anyone use Index Server Group with index servers being virtual machines? If so, is this a large environment? What is your experience with this? Would you do it again, or would you use the 'old' configuration (stora...

GertjanA by Moderator
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Resolved! Number of archived files opened by users

HiI would like to know if any of you know any method to know the number of archived files that, for a day, are demanded by the users (that is, how many daily accesses there are to archived files).Thanks and regards.

Resolved! EV12 and Building Blocks

HiHas Building Blocks changed at all with EV12? I need to create a DR solution for EV across two sites and had the following thoughts - but just wanted them sanity checked as I've not done it this way previously.This is quite a small requirement for ...

CadenL by Level 6
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Resolved! EV server and legacy Domino archives

Hi Guys,We are upgrading from EV11.0.1 to EV12.2 and I am building the new EV12 servers.  We have a number of legacy Domino journal and mailbox archives going to the time before we moved to Exhange that are still being accessed by users.  However we ...

Fremont by Level 5
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External Link for EV 11 and Outlook 2013/06

Hello all,I have problem with Enterprise Vault 11.0.1 and Outlook 2013/2016When I try to connect to vault archive trought vault plugin and my client is connected in my company network (LAN) I haven't problems, but when I try to connect to my vault ar...

szanni by Level 1
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EV 11.0.1 Search Errors -

I am getting the strangest EV search error, has anybody seen this error before???EV logs show no errors, Deployment scanner also fineI tried a reinstall just in case I had a missing .dll file, but the issue persists, This seems to be the main issuee:...

EV search error.JPG

Enterprise vault FSA licenses

 Hi all,I'm reviewing our Our EV license, for the previous quotation, it show "24 MONTHS RENEWAL FOR ENTERPRISE VAULT FILE SYSTEM ARCH AND SEARCH WIN 1 USER ONPREMISE STANDARD PERPETUAL LICENSE QTY 501 to 1000 CORPORATE". May i know what is that mean...

Y1251 by Level 5
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StorageCrawler consuming high CPU

Hi FolksI have a customer with EV 10.0.4.  One of their servers has the storagecrawler service consuming 99% of cpu.  I have added the DelOldFiles reg key and per link below but has made no difference.  The server contains the FSA agent and the end u...

sunnych by Level 2
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EVCR for EV v12.2?

Hi guys, I'm getting an error trying to run the EVCR 12.1 against a 12.2 DB - is there a new EVCR for this version required and available? Thanks!