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point OWA to a new EV server

I've looked through the pdfs and don't see how to change the EV server that OWA uses. I had a pilot/test setup which worked and now want to change over to a new, real use setup. Can someone point me to the correct manual or technote that lists the p...

Won't Archive

I have a few users in our environment that have the pending vault icon on items in their outlook but the vaulting never commits. This happens both with the 90 day policy in place and on items that the user attempts to vault manually. This does not af...

Resolved! Invalid Journal Reports - delete?

Hello all, On some journalmailboxes, I have several items in the Invalid Journal Reports folder. These items cannot be opened, or converted to an item Outlook can open. Can I remove these items, by selecting them, and doing a shift+delete? Thanks,...

GertjanA by Moderator
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Resolved! Client Driven PST Migration Packet Size

we have that pesky pst chunk out of sync while migrating the pst files via client driven. SP4 will automate the "work around" but as of right now Symantec has no idea what is causing this. So can anyone tell me what the packet size is for the pst f...

rouute by Level 6
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Resolved! Journaling Task - System Mailbox not found!!

EV 8.0 SP3 on Win2K3 with Exchange 2003 Under Target, I added Exchange Server. I am trying to add a new journal task, while running the wizard, it is not finding the system mailbox. System mailbox exists with "Send As" and "Recieve As" permissions ...

Resolved! SQL 2008 express and reporting services

I've installed SQL 2008 express as my SQL database for EV. Running the deployment manager it complains that the SQL reporting service is not installed. I've download report builder, which appears to be the correct software for SQL 2008 but after inst...

Monitor Index repair

Hello, I launched the reparation of one of the archive journal index 2 weeks ago and today, it's still running. That does not surprise me. But I'd like to know if it exists any tool, log, or anything else that could give me any information about ho...

ZeNick by Level 4
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Best way to disable backup warniings?

Using a Netapp Filer Replicated across datacenters.To my knowledge, there is no connection from the Filer to the Storage Crawler, that clears the watchfile table like Centera. Since we will not be backing up the Filer, that means warnings everyday th...

sleddog by Level 5
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Resolved! Backing Up a Closed Partition

Hello to all, This is my first post at this comunity. Before posting it, I've read others posts, but they haven't solved my doubt. In my product scenario I have one Vault Store with two partitions. The first is now closed (it has about 70 Gb of infor...

AG81 by Level 5
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Resolved! De-duplication of imported messages

I've spent the last coule hours scouring the forums and my understanding is still a little foggy on this.  If someone wouldn't mind making a contribution to my education I'll certainly apprecaite it :) We have a product that takes Blackberry SMS & P...

Resolved! Unable to Create Journal Archive

Hi All EV 8.0 SP3 is installed. Duing the run of Configuration Wizard, succesfully created Journal Vault Store and Partintion. While creating Journal Archive, using Wizard, it found the indexing service for the new archive default server. After puti...

Resolved! EV9 Beta Program

Hello Chaps Anyone know when the EV9 Beta pprogram is due to start, are Symantec looking for volunteers to test as they did with EV8. Would be interested in help out. Many thanks Pat

Resolved! Disaster recovery and archived items

Hello everyone, Just a short question about disaster recovery and archived items. Suppose an environment has "Immediate Archiving" turned on. During the day the Enterprise Server burns out and is unavailable. The Archive store is located on a LUN (...

Journal Mailbox on 2007 exchange and ' read receipts'

Hello all, I have currently 4 Exchange 2007 journalmailboxes, being handled by 4 journalarchiving servers. I initially had a complaint of users that they received an ' this item has been deleted without being read'  when asking for a read-receipt,...

GertjanA by Moderator
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