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Resolved! eVault for outlook 2007 - check propeties

Hello I have eVault set on my Outlook 2007 system that is part of a domain.  We have a GPO set that enables "outlook anywhere" which I have found disables the ablitiy to check/change your eVault properties to include archieve settings.  I would like...

Resolved! few questions on version 8 and the new version 9

At the moment we have version 7.5 of Enterprise Vault, together with Exchange 2003. 1- What annoys the most of the users is that you can't search in Outlook and EV the same time. This is possible in version 8, as people told me here. One other optio...

OlafD by Level 5
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Resolved! Restore of Archive Problem

getting events 2216 and 6190 Event Type:      Error Event Source:   Enterprise Vault Event Category:            Retrieval Task Event ID:          6190 Date:                1/8/2010 Time:                7:41:52 AM User:                N/A Computer:  ...

rouute by Level 6
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FSA & Items Accessed Report

All, In the Items Accessed Item Report 'Number of Individual Users Accessing Items"  is always 1 for an FSA archive. I suspect that this migh be product design. The only user that accesses items is the VSA account for the File Server accessing the ...

Mark_Ludgate by Level 6
Partner Accredited
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Resolved! EV 8 Bulk Archive Moves...?

We are still using 7.5 in our organisation. I am aware there is an archive move feature in version 8, but is it possible to bult move archives from one server to another? I would like to do some load balancing of the numbers of archives across our EV...

EV & Exchange 2010 Support

Yesterday, we published a Blog post to explain where we are with Exchange 2010 support, I'm sure this will become an FAQ on this forum so please read / subscribe to the Blog article.

Glenn_Martin by Level 6
Employee Accredited
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Resolved! Enterprise Vault 8.0.2 - Archive mail attachment only?

I'm using Windows 2003 server R2, Exchange 2007 and EV 8.0.2 Can I config the EV archive mail attachment only? The mail body message never change to shortcut link, only attachment change to shortcut link after archive. Thanks all professional

samli by Level 3
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Deleting messages from Virtual Vault

Hi, I'm running EV 8.0 SP3 for Exchange archiving.  I've deployed the Virtual Vault, and I'm allowing the users to delete messages from their archives.  However, I've noticed that if a user deletes a message from his/her Virtual Vault and does a VV ...

Adding to existing index location

currently have 5 index locations for EV 8.  Is there a way to simply add index locations 6 7 8 to the existing ones?  Everytime i go to add it creates index locations 1-8......

juggernaut1 by Level 5
Partner Accredited Certified
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Event 4223

I started seeing this warning in the event viewer every 10 minutes today: Authentication is currently being delayed due to a suspected brute-force attack. Number of failures: 55 Delay period remaining: 9:12 (mins:secs) During this period users will...

Anyone Using

FSA - specifically Version 8 SP3 my organisation is thinking of buying into this technology but my Head of Service wnats to talk to someone that is using the product already and we can find no-one. Please PM me if you dont wnaat to make a public pos...

Resolved! Unable to delete archived messages

Hi All, I have a company wide issue where users are unable to delete archived messages from their Outlook client. It suddenly started occurring after a server reboot and I have run out of ideas. I've searched these forums and Google but no to no ava...

DaveW by Level 3
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Resolved! not part of a provisioning group

Hi can one help out on this Event id is 41133 Apparently all mail boxes are in provisioning group and we would like archiving this mail box and can any one please tell me how to index single mail box "The Exchange mailbox provisioning task found e...

EV8, Lotus Notes, SQL2005 Enabling Users

I have several users that were already enabled, since they were disable I cannot re-enable them.  I get unknown error and asks to continue to next user.  When I skip those users it enables others.  How can I get those users enabled?

Restore from basket is really slow

Hi, i tried to restore some emails from EV shopping basket, but it is really slow. it recoved about 20 emails in 5 hours. the emails are no bigger than 1MB each. also i started getting the below error on my event log when i started the restore: I ...