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Resolved! DA Client for Windows 7.

Hello all, Happy new year! Is the DA-client (80SP2) suitable for Windows 7? I have found it is not, but this is perhaps an settings-issue? The client does work on Windows XP, so the configuration of the databases and DA-server appears to be fine. ...

GertjanA by Moderator
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Controlling recall of files

Under Ev2007 SP6 for a Windows target we can control the recall of files via settings in the registry.  We have created an app which level 2 support can run when they need to do mass recalls of files.  The app simply changes the reg keys and restarts...

Sortid by Level 6
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new exchange 2010 with no more EV

OK, here is the situation... We're running EV version 6.5 and vaulting exchange 2003 mailboxes.  My organization wants to move forward with deploying Exchange 2010 mail servers before Exchange 2010 is supported by Enterprise Vault.  So my question i...

Resolved! DA80SP3 - no instance to connect to.

Hiyall, On the last day of 2009, the following question: I recently installed DA on 2 servers. They both have installed fine. I have set up 2 'customers' on each, and have defined a custodian group as being the journal-archives. The customers are s...

GertjanA by Moderator
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Resolved! One mailbox out of 9,000 will NOT show up in EV to enable

Hello again, I have a client that has a mailbox on exchange that will not show up in EV in order to enable it for archiving.  We have deleted the mailbox, even deleted the user account in AD, and still does not show up in EV.  There is another user ...

Restoring Emails from Offline Vault

Hi all We've lost part of our email archive due to several harddisk failures. Most of our users have Offline Vault enabled.  -Is there a way to restore the contents of those vaults back to the archive of the EV server? -What happens, if a user now ...

ctgraf by Level 2
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Resolved! Exchang Vault Store - Reporting - order by

dear all, if i run the report in the enterprise vault console (site - vault store groups - store group name - exchange vault store) there is no order by "name" or any other order, so its really hard to find a single vault by username. Is there any wa...

New Journal Vault Store

Our JournalVaultStore database is 7.2 GB and takes forever to open the saveset table.  What is your opinion on adding an additional Journal Vault Store and partition and how would I go about it?

Gwave65 by Level 3
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Enterprise Vault Recommendations

Hi all - Looking for some recommendations on the size of the following drives that are used as a system configuration example: E:\Pagefile - Windows Temp - Cache - PST Holding - PST Temp F:\Mesage Queue (MSMQ) Our environment is Server 2008 w/32G ...

Denda by Level 5
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Symantec E-Vault issue

Good day everyone...I am having an issue where my users are having a LOT of difficulty with Outlook, and we have incorporated Symantec E-Vault to store older information as opposed to using PST files or any other type, we have had this archiving meth...

Restore FSA placeholder with Backup Exec

Hello, We have restored a file server to a new one with Backup Exec. The original file server was archived with EV and FSA. Backup Exec has restored placeholders on the new server. Do we need to use FSA utility to restore / move the placeholder in ...

scaillet by Level 3
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