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authentication problem with outlook & EV 8

Good morning, I just did my first installation of Enterprise Vault following the "Virtual Demo Environment Setup" Guide from PartnerNet. Mostly everything is working - but - when I click on an archived eMail or on the EV toolbar in Outlook 2007 I ...

Enterprise Vault Upgrade from 7.0 to 7.5 issues

I currently have a customer who is trying to upgrade to enterprise vault 7.5 from enterprise vault 6.0 We successfully upgraded all the clients to ev 7.5 We successfully upgraded from enterprise vault 6.0 to 7.0 I am trying to upgrade the custoem...

What can we do in Enterprise Vault to DELIGHT you?

Hi, The Enterprise Vault team is always looking to improve our products based upon customer feedback.  Some changes you want would be new features, some times it's just improvments in an existing feature etc. So I have a question for you.  What ...

Resolved! Public Folder Archiving Best Practices

Hi, Does anyone know if there is a public folder archving best practices guide for Enterprise Vault 7.5? I want to make sure that if you users are moving emails from their mailbox to a public folder that it will be accessible by anyone who has acce...

Resolved! user activity in browsing and restoring

Hello, I know that all of the activity is seen in IIS logs, but is there a way in counting the activity ? for example: how many users were restoring an archived mail the past x days ? 

susika by Level 3
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Inbox archiving

Hello, Is there a way too archive all email from an inbox but leave the latest 2000 email in place? We use Exchange 2007 Sp1 + evault 7 Thanks in advance Patrick

Attachments prompting for user credentials

Hi ,   When my users try to open attachments from archived e-mails it prompts them for credentials to be entered, we are using office 2007,vista sp2,exchange 2003 sp2,enterprise vault 7. Please can someone assist. Thanks,   Kunal

Backup Enterprise Vault 8.0 with NetBackup 6.5.4

I am setting up my backup jobs for Enterprise Vault 8.0, using Netbackup 6.5.4. I have created the powershell scripts to set the vault stores and index locations into read-only mode, and tested them and they work. I have created the

ISA 2006 and EV 8 - Prompting for authentication

We have configured ISA to work with Enterprise Vault 8 SP2.  Everything works from outside the network, except for the fact we have to re-authenticate to access Vault Explorer or Search.  The ISA rules are identical to the ones described in the Syman...

o0ross0o by Level 3
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search on attachment in EV 7.5? What options in EV 8?

Hello, An user that has just EV installed wants to know how she can search in her archive for attachments. I saw the option to search for an extension, but that is not really what she wants (if she already knows what an extension is). Actually my qu...

OlafD by Level 5
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Former employee's in Enterprise Vault

We have a large number of former employee's that we would like to archive.  I know we have to unhide the users from the GAL to ingest the mail.  However once the initial pass has completed can we re-hide the accounts and have Enterprise Vault continu...

o0ross0o by Level 3
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Resolved! Cannot enable analytics

I've installed DA for ev8 sp2 and when we goto enable analytics we get the following error Full-Text Search is not installed, or a full-text component cannot be loaded. but can't find what has to be enabled?

Discovery Accelerator Upgrade from 7.3 to 2007 SP5

Hi Guys trying to install DA 2007 sp5 and I get the following error during the installing process Server "enterprise vault Accelerator Manager service' (AcceleratorManager) failed to start. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to start system...