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Resolved! Event ID: 41200 File System Archiving Task

Maybe I have not done enough searching, but I can't find anything on this ID # anywhere. I am running EV8 (Server 2003 R2) and Sql 2005 (different boxes of course) The path it is refering to, stops at C:\Program Files\Common Files\SYSTEM\MSMAPI\1033....

calval by Level 3
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Resolved! lowering exchange mailbox quotas

We have been migrating from Lotus Notes to Exchange.  We have also now been rolling out Enterprise Vault for archiving.  We set quotas in Exchange to 2.5 GB because we knew that until Vault was in place some of the migrated mailboxes with our new ema...

Resolved! EVPM not working as expected

Hello All, I have a client that is running EV version 8 and is using the EVPM to set up specific archiving for folders, and it's not working as expected.  He is trying to archive to a specific folder her created and set the day count to "0", but wil...

Script help

Hello, We are running low on disk for our vault store partitions and need to add more, the issue is trying to figure out how much to request. I am hoping that someone may have a VB script or a method that might help. We have exported the list of arch...

Vikes_2 by Level 6
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Hi Guys, We have installed EV 8.0 recently and before we take into production , i wanted to know if there is any kind of reporting tool with dashboards or something like that for reporting to management that comes with it or symantec provided separa...

archiving did not work for a lot of users!

Hello all, yesterday i've enabled a lot of users in ad and EV This morning, i look at them and they ware not archived. I have a lot of this issues and no errors in the event. i do not understand why this happend. All settings are correct, the same ...

loko32 by Level 5
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Resolved! Enterprise Vault Shortcut Problem

Hello Guys, We have problem with Ent. Vault 8.0.1 : After a few days from deleting user's archives and following recovery procedures with BackupExec Agent for Enterprise Vault for MS Exchange shortcuts for user's emails are not created in MS Outloo...

vdzh by Level 2
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nombre de license Enterprise vault

bonjour, je voudrais savoir pour un serveur Exchange 2003 et  1000 boites mail, j'aurai besoin de combien de license Enterprise vault, et a quel prix? j'ai cherché sur le site de symantec mais j'ai trouvé la reponse. merci pour votre aide. bonne ...

EV-fred by Level 2
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license for enterprise vault 8.0

hello,  I have one Exchange server 2003 and 1000 mailbox, it is necessary how much license and it for me cost how much. or I can find information?, I sought on the site of symantec but I did not find my answer. thank you for your assistance sorry I...

EV-fred by Level 2
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Resolved! Outlook client crashes with Metconv add- in

Hello, does anybody have a clue here how to troubleshoot the following error.  "an error has occurred in MetConv.txt file! Please view the MetConv.log for more information" This error occurs after the installation of the EV client when the outloo...

adnila1 by Level 3
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Disk Space

Hello, I have been deleting old archives from the Vault and have noticed that the amount of disk space used does not appear to be getting any smaller. Do I need to do a defrag of the drive or is there something I am missing? Many Thanks

Event ID 13360 SQL Error

Hi everyone. Has anyone ever seen this error before? The odd thing is that the user is blank which if that is true i would expect the sql to deny the connection. Any ideas? Event Type: Error Event Source: Enterprise Vault Event Category: Storage O...

Event ID 6578, 3055 - errors

This pair of errors is showing up only for a few specific mailboxes. We recently upgraded from EV 2007 SP5 to EV8 SP1 so I don't know if it's related. We're archiving from Exchange 2007 SP1. Strange thing is that the mailboxes in the 3055 errors aren...

AndrewB by Moderator
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Problem Fowarding and Archived Message

Hi,   I having problem with outlook 2007 when a User tryes to foward and archived message IT Forwards the Original Message but is kept in the Outbox folder. How could help me with this? Thanks,

Tavarua by Level 3
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Theoretical question - full disk on EV server

OK, looking to validate an assumption I made based on this article, Enterprise Vault (EV) services fail to start with the error: "The Enterprise Vault Archiving Service for EXCH1 service on Local Computer started and then stopped." (http://support....

Event ID 40980 - error

I have file archiving scheduled to run for 2 hours each night. On occasion it doesn't run and I get the following error: Event ID 40980 The folder attributes for the folder: \\?\UNC\\D$\Public could not be accessed due to the fol...

Zapping a Mailbox for Event id 7263

Wondering can someone help me with this one. Which says to zap the mailbox and then i read this one So I have a couple questions. 1.  Why can...

Resolved! Server move/migration

Folks, I've got  a pretty significant EV migration on my plate, and hoping that you can help out... We currently have 2 servers, in the same site, running EV8SP1 in a building blocks configuration. We're doing mailbox archiving only to a Centerra. ...