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Resolved! PST import - Multiple entries found for mailbox

Hi,Got a wierd one here. Running EV11.0.1 and there used to be a mailbox and ev mail archive called "education". The mailbox was deleted 12 months ago when the role went ouside of our organisation but the archive was not deleted. Now the role has ret...

Swipe by Level 3
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Resolved! Archive Provisioning Criteria

Hi Community,With Enterprise Vault obviously we can have provisioning groups based on AD Group / OU etc. but when that is used what is the underlying criteria for determing what in that Group / OU should have an archive provisioned against it?.Does i...

Resolved! FSA - query to count files in an archive

Hello Everyone,I have an old EV9.0.2 (I know, I know...super old) environment that I'm trying to restore ALL of the files back to a Windows Server.  Just want to get the data out of EV.I noticed that if I look at the Vault Store Usage report OR perfo...


Hi All,My situation is: we have been running Exch 2007 for some time and had EV all nicely provisioned (NB the initial deployment was before my time with the company).We have recently deployed Exchange 2013. I added the new Exchange box to EV and pro...

Kaspersky Network Attack Blocker

Hi, I found out that the Antivirus Team update our Kaspersky Antivirus and added a Network Attack Blocker module, The logs show that it capture some comunication with our service account.   Does anyone know if this can break in any way the Enterprise...

Tonaco_pt by Moderator
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Script to automate the FSA task?

Hey All, I was just curious if anyone had a script to automate the FSA task for EV? Or if someone could help me out with the syntax needed to create the script. Let me know if you need more information.  Thanks,Trevor

error from archivied file

Hallo,we have a problem from our new enterprise vault:We have one staff member, she have permission from the mailbox from her chef. Her chef have moved archivied msg.-objects in a folder. But she can't opened the moved files. The is a error-message "...

Resolved! Enterprise Vault Index service started then stopped,

I have an issue in Enterprise Vault Index service, That it started then stopped, From Event log and Dtrace, I found that this is a solution When I try to install  Enterprise Vault Indexing R...

Integrated Search Fails

Hi Guys,Recently I have migrated Hardware to Windows 2012 from Windows 2008 in version 11.0.1 HF4.  All works fines archiving, retrieval, standard Search (/enterprisevault) except integrated search in both notes client and console (search archive) of...

Daniel_R_ by Level 5
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2 issues when Unarchiving

HelloWe are trying to un-vault our mailbox's but are running into issuesWe are using the option "export archives to their original Mailboxes"but we are finding that it is restoring emails that the user have deleted years ago.also it is not restoring ...

Resolved! Indexing Service Server High Availabity(HA)

HI allMy Enterprise Vault environment is has follow: Two Windows 2008 R2 Server (Microsoft Cluster), with :2 Cluster Group (One for Enterprise Vault 10.0.4 and the Other for SQL Server)The EV Cluster Group (Server) as Storage, Tasks Controller and sh...

Tonaco_pt by Moderator
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Resolved! Another EVConverterSandbox issue...

Hi together,I have a server here which has repeating performance problems. In the Daytime there where a lot of EVConverterSandbox.exe (15+) processes which use overall all processor performance (RAM is ok). As far as i know this process converts the ...

Jakob by Level 5
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Enterprise Vault Timeout in Outlook 2013

Good morning,I have what I hope is a quick question.   I have a handful of users who when searching Enterprise Vault within Outlook 2013 they recieve the following error as soon as they select any folder withing Enterprise Vault.  "Your session has e...