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Resolved! how do I delete a test file vault store archive?

We have tested the file-archiving but now needs to delete this. Here is what I have done so far. 1. Deleted the file-server 2. Deleted the volumes 3. Deleted the Archive (under Archives > File System 4 Marked the Vault Store Group > FileTestArchive ...

Resolved! Enterprise Vault 8.0 SP1 and ASP.NET 2.0

Can someone verify for me that ASP.Net 2.0 is only a pre-req on on a Windows 2003 x64 version server trying to setup Enterprise Vault? I know that ASP.NET version 1.1 comes with Windows 2003 and needs to be installed as an option with IIS.  But I do...

Resolved! Retention Category

Hi, Where I can delete a retention category because with the right click does not appear a delete option ? Thanks GP

Gonza by Level 5
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Resolved! Creating Folders With EVPM

After a user is enabled for exchange archiving we use EVPM to create a set of folders with preset retention categories. Right now it's a manual process once a week, we identify the users that were enabled in the past week, lookup their DistinguishedN...

AndrewB by Moderator
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OWA Extensions not working properly

Hi All,        I have installed Enterprise Vault 8.0 for Exchange Server 2003. Everything is working good with Outlook able to view shortcut icons of archived items, Menu options in Tools Menu, Archive and Restore Button. But facing issue with OWA 20...

Patil by Level 3
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EV requires authentication to access attachments

Hi, Currently, if some of our users try to access mail through Outlook which has been archived to EV and has an attachment, they are asked to enter a username and password.  If they cancel this box, the email is returned wiothout the attachment.  If ...

Resolved! Can't find a user in Vault to enable their mailbox.

Hi, Having some issues finding a few users. The first one I am trying to enable in Vault has had a mailbox for months. He is in a child domain but I can see other users on the same domain and on the same mail store. - When I try and do a sync for ...

Resolved! Items remain pending in mailbox

EV 8.0 sp1 Centera Remove saftey copies immediately after archive When I run the Mailbox archiving task the items remain in a Pending state. When I run a PST import the imported items go directly to a fully archived state. Why are the mailbox items...

Resolved! Event ID 6287 on EV Server

We had a crash in our systems where we got a mismatch between our database information and the saved files(DVS files). The database lost info about the saveset for two weeks. Everything archived before and after this period is ok, When users tries t...

kigga by Level 3
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Client Driven PST Migration - Ready to copy

Hi, Testing PST Client Driven Migration for test user. There is no PST locater task - assuming its not mandatory. PST Migrator task shows 6/9/2009 2:11:08 PM Number of retries after a networking error: 7 6/9/2009 2:11:08 PM Delay time before a ...

fasoy by Level 4
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Resolved! Archiving / Journaling

Just double checking, but you can run user mailbox archiving (for space reasons) and concurrently run journaling for compliance, eDiscovery, and records request searches by legal staff correct ? 

Bobc by Level 4
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Installing Enterprise Vault 8.0

I am installing EV 8.0 on a Windows 2008 Standard 64 bit SP2 Virtual Machine. When I run the deployment scanner I receive the failed message "IIS hotfix 949516 is not installed. This hotfix is required in order to run Enterprise Vault web services. S...

Resolved! Unable to enable maiboxes

Hi, I  just implemented an EV 2007 (v.  7.5), and i have problems enabling mailboxes. at first try i have successfully enabled all mailboxes. then, I disabled all of them for company policy s sake. since then, when I try to enable a mailbox, the foll...

Resolved! EV8 - BCC Journaling

Wondering with EV8 and the BCC Envelope journaling do you still need to run exejc Read through the 2 main documents and no mention of it

Resolved! Pst import - need advice

Hi, This year we will need to import PST FIles for a customer of us in EVault. The license will soon be bought, but meanwhile we need some information. (We already have EV running...) For giving management an overview of how much time it wil take, ...

BartP by Level 3
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