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Reporting Issues

Hi I'm running EV v8 SP1 and can no longer get into the SIS Reduction Storage reports.... I can see the Details Usage report, but if I try and run the "SIS Reduction per Vault Store" nothing appears on the page and it eventually times out. Also if I...

OWA add-ins causing problems with WebDav

Dear forum members, At the moment, I'm experiencing problems with an fresh installation of Enterprise Vault 8.0SP1 - OWA add ins on a Exchange 2007 server. After setup the web.config file for debug the following issue is seen in the log: -6-2009 ...

Icento by Level 3
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Resolved! Services stop after a backup

Hello, For some reason the EV services stop on the weekend and I have to manually start them on Monday morning. The backup is done on Sunday using the TSM client version 5.4. At this point I'm guessing that the backup is not restarting the EV servic...

Resolved! force index rebuild

hi, i started force index rebuild operation and it still rebuilding 45 days left. i know rebuild operation time changes with index size,length ...etc but i saw 5-8 days index rebuild operation at most! this is normal? it say that still rebuilding. (n...

K_G by Level 6
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Resolved! EVConvertorSandbox Module and DEP?

Hi Folks, Keep receiving a message from Windows Data Execution Prevention app telling me that "To help protect your computer, Windows has closed this program. Name: EVConvertorSandbox Module Publisher: Symantec Corporation" Any idea what this is? U...

Resolved! EV 8.0 & virtualization via MS Hyper-V

Hi, Does anyone have any info on the combination EV 8.0 <-> MS Hyper-V ? One of my customers is a possible EV rpospect but is very tight to Microsoft solutions, including virtualization, i.e. virtualization platform used is MS Hyper-V I know that H...

RVD by Level 5
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Resolved! EV - FSA Backup Procedure

Hello All, I am new to this and need help... What is the best way to backup the Targetted File Server and the Enterprise Vault server if we have NBU and DO NOT have the SQL Agent at the moment? Please advise. Regards, GauravAditya

EV8 SP1 Install

After installing EV 8 SP1, the storage service will not stop and failover correctly. I have to reboot the node to failover cluster. any ideas as to what the problem is? ms w2k3 cluster sp2

rouute by Level 6
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Resolved! Event id 8229

Hi, I just installed ev 8.01 with sql 2005. When I try to open the console, ask me the directory service computer but never find it. In the event viewer the id 8229 appears. I just read the and uncheck the line...

Gonza by Level 5
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Resolved! Inavalid placeholder file for some archived items

 I noticed I'm getting some invalid placeholders in my reports.  It has the icon indicating it's a shortcut, but when I open, copy, or modify the file the icon remains indicating it's still a shortcut.  I believe it's not a shortcut at all because of...

Purging A5 queue?

We're having some issues, and Symantec support has suggested us to purge the A5 queue as it has like 6000+ items in there. He says it's safe to do so. I thought that you should never ever purge the queues manually?

Retrieving SSID from database

I have pulled entired vaults outs of the database using a bulk tool.  We have discovered missing items and I need to reteive all SSID by vault from KVS to compare with my database which stores SSID in this format 556000000000000~200701171246270000~0~...

Jen1234 by Level 2
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How to know mailbox size reduction

Hi, I am archiving user mailboxes using EV. To find the size reduction of mailbox, I am checking the mailbox size before and after archive. I want to know is there any report which shows....  (0) Amount of space saved for that mailbox because of E...

Client driven migration stops at "migrating"

Hello, When a migration process stops while it has the status "migrating" , could this be because the user has logged of or shutdown  his computer? Maybe the process can't finish beacuse EV needs access to his local profile to remove the PST? Will ...

Resolved! manually re-link vault to mailbox

hello, Somwtimes when i account get a new GUID (when it's recreated or something), EV sees rthis account as a new mailbox and does'nt automatically link them because the GUIS is different. With this reg-key "SynchInMigrationMode", i can make EV link...

Client driven PST migration

hello, I just performed a test client driven PST migration with a small PST file but i have a question : - The db file is not in the holding folder anymore - in the file list, the status is set to "completing" - in the general tab of the properties...