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Resolved! Problem migrating a PST file

Hello, I've got a problem migrating a certain PST file : The first time i tried,  the event log gave a error that the mailbox was not part of a privisioning group. What happened was that this user's mailbox had been moved to a Exchange server on a ...

Resolved! Archive Points??

Hi Folks, What are Archive points exactly? After the archive of a drive on a file server we're seeing the following in the log: Summary by volume \\servername\u$ Estimated space saved after archiving (MB): 18922.82 Policy name Rule name Rule type...

Resolved! PST Migration

I am currently testing the PST migration process in a test environment. I had a quick query regarding the process. When the collector task runs, it makes the PST file read only. When this happens users are not able to access the PST file. I was under...

Centera Migration - while it is running

Hi People, Hope you can way lay some fears...currently running the NTFSCenteraMigrator tool... Collections enabled on the Centera Partition....I've selected small date range via the migrator tool CLI...should equate to about 20gb... (note that I a...

Hucky by Level 3
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Resolved! Archiving of Exchange Mailboxes after export

Hi All I have a customer ,on EV 8.0 sp1 ,where I had to export  some EV archives back to Exchange .I now have all data back in Exchange ,I deleted and recreated the EV archives and kicked off a Run Now for these selected Exchange Mailboxes to archive...

Public Folder Archiving Strategy & Documentation

Hello, If I set up a Public Folder as an Archiving Target in the Exchange Server Container that has the replica of the folder in the VAC – will its subfolder that is located on other Exchange Servers than the parent, be archived? Must there be a PF ...

Cherub by Level 2
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EvenId 2270 during ShortCut Processing

Hello, we have EV 8.0 SP1 with EX 2007 SP1 on Win 2003 SP2. During ShortCut Processing I get EventID 2270 for one Mailbox: Ereignistyp: Warnung Ereignisquelle: Enterprise Vault Ereigniskategorie: Archive Task Ereigniskennung: 2270 Datum: 23.06.200...

Weasel by Level 5
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Resolved! Error Running EVPM Script

Has anyone seen the following error when trying to run a simple EVPM script.  I am logged on as the Vault Admin while running EVPM to execute the .ini  file saved in unicode. I tried more than one script file and they all come up with the same outpu...

Resolved! HELP.......Enterprise Vault Sites and Multiple Datacenters

I have a questions regarding Enterprise Vault Sites and Distributed Data Centers. I''m trying to give as much detail as possible so forgive me if some of it is irrelevant. We are a Global Organization with two large Datacenters, one in the U.S. and...

gluppy by Level 3
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Resolved! EV 7 index location is full

The drive used for index location is getting full, so we closed the old drive, added a new drive and opened as a new index location.  It has been done several months ago.  However, EV keeping using the closed location.  Is it because existing archive...

Gogeta by Level 4
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Resolved! Speed up archive export to PST

Hi we are migrating our users to a new domain. There wi´ll be an exchange 2007 server on the new domain and the users will have new AD user names and new mailbox aliases. On the old domain we have an Enterprise vault mail archiving (exchange 2003) W...

"Abnormal error" on PST migration

I am having a terrible time with the PSTs from one user. He has 11 to import, a total of 4 GB. I want to import half with no shortcuts, and the other half with shortcuts. I am using the Scripted method. I am generating the INI files using a vbscript...